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  1. Apparently manual connection now works.. https://servers.armakoth.com/
  2. Well the Arma Gods have rained their blessings .. not Ryan Blessings ... over us Linux users :D And it makes us so happy, I mean "Screw windows 10 and their facebook ways!", Linux for ever and ever and ever.. Vulcan API and all that niceness. that said.. The damn Server Browser doesn't work on 1.82, and I did verify my data, and it did work properly on 1.80, all other Steam Linux games work properly.. What is going on? Can anybody help? Does it work for other Linux users?
  3. jonekone

    Public Beta

    Wow nice, can you make a tutorial? =)
  4. Arma3 is updating on my Linux Steam Right now.. 4.8 GB of data.. lets see if the Bohemia Gods are mercifully edit 4.8 not 4.4
  5. Very exciting! =D Thx bohemia gods Or possible.. not so good.. it started for a long time and it's reporting it as 1.76
  6. I quest it's time to plea the great god of Bohemia to actually release (read push build button) 1.78 version of Arma3 for the Linux guys... I mean after the hotfixes obviously :D but... well i don't know what else to say.
  7. jonekone

    Startup Parameters on Linux, ver 1.70

    How do you know this? Where do we get this list?
  8. jonekone

    Windows client on linux server, odd behaviour

    Maybe post this to
  9. jonekone

    1.76 Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome

    Yeah I will thx :) Also i know Sa-Matra so he will fix my cocups.. But back to my level 75 again.. Nomore level 5 =D
  10. jonekone

    1.76 Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome

    Where did you load your profile files? I should do that 2. Edit. Found it. ./.local/share/bohemiainteractive/arma3/GameDocuments/Arma 3/ Also i'm running Xorg Nvidia, if I push alt+superkey the key works as intended.
  11. jonekone

    1.76 Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome

    Woah it's so good to be able to play on real servers... You guys must bring this experimental build to bar with main branch.. I mean Guys Don't screw me after this taste of actually being able to play on KingOfThe Hill servers with more than 2 enemy players.. I don't have Windows. End of line! Anyways Few small issues.. "SuperKey" takes me back to Desktop on Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome (On Sa-Matra missions it is used to view info on other players) Solved super key issue by switching gnome superkey settings left to right Opening door with Action menu is... Maybe it's my own keybindings... I have to do furder investigations (Default action doesnt activate) Solved by rebinding keys. Voice chat doesn't send data to other players, i can hear others the automatic microphone volume thing works i believe! But nobody can hear me. Dunno how this was solved but it works now. (restart maybe, or trolls didn't answer to me :D) (or the 500kb update) The game settings configuration changes don't save. It Default every time I log on to a new mission(server) or restart game. I think it was due to file coudn't be saved by game (accessed) Edit - Redefining issues as PARTLY FIXED by configuration changes. I will make bug reports on bug tracker asap..
  12. Hey, it seems not all startup parameters work on Linux, when I put them on steams set launch options. Is there a way to confirm what launch parameters are working and active? -world=none -nosplash -skipIntro -enableHT -hugepages -noPause -loadMissionToMemory -noLogs https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters How do I know they are not working? "skipintro" doesn't do anything
  13. https://epm-gaming.co.uk/Home/Rcon
  14. Depends on the mission file's you want to run... Linux box is cheaper than Windows native boxes... Then there are Virtual machine "boxes" that offer cpu/memory/windows.