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  1. I couldn't find any information on this somewhere, is there a way to disable Battleye loading? Trying to run a private server with a friend but having issues due to BE - I tried editing the config file to have Battleye = 0; but it resets itself to a value of 1 every time I launch the server. I also tried adding it to the Additional Parameters section in the Performance + Scripting tab in the server profile aswell, this just makes it complain about a duplicate line and refuses to launch instead. With TADST as an example you could simply just untick a Battleye option in the client, which was incredibly handy for this situation - however FASTER doesn't have the option and I don't believe there are any launch parameters to disable BE with either
  2. vastiny


    This is abit iffy though, as the script in the wiki for this goal gives the player 1 banknote no matter who kills the zombie, also not really very co-op friendly :P
  3. vastiny


    Thank you, didn't think to look for a blacklist option in the modules - is it possible to accomplish this with a building's variable name instead so that the same buildings already placed on the terrain aren't blacklisted? If not then the classname blacklist will do, it's a rarely used building on most terrains anyway.
  4. vastiny


    Is it still possible to exclude a hand placed building from having furniture and loot spawned inside of it? I remember seeing a code for this somewhere ages ago but I can't find it, if it's still possible I'd love for someone to provide the code, also suggest putting it on the "Tools for missions makers" page on the Ravage wiki
  5. vastiny

    Vortorsk Terrain

    What program did you use to generate the heightfield? Never seen that of a good looking renderer for heightfield generation programs before
  6. Thanks for this, have you considered turning this into an addon so it runs on any mission played and not only self-created ones?
  7. vastiny


    @haleks Do you have any plans on making configureable bandit camps? As of right now the code for Bandit camp triggers on the wiki spawns Independent side bandits, this messes with some missions, where for example the player is playing as the Independent side and the mission maker uses the OPFOR side as bandits and other sorts of hostile survivors and BLUFOR as another hostile side
  8. vastiny

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    Remove the comma sign after the last entry at the very bottom where it says "uns_men_USMC_68_SCT", ]; it should say "uns_men_USMC_68_SCT" ];
  9. vastiny


    Weapon paintjobs when? Lookin' good. Can attachments accumulate rust over time aswell? Something interesting to see alongside that would be if the optical lenses got some dirt smudges buildup on them aswell over time
  10. vastiny


    Anyone have the classname for the Banknotes item? And preferably all the other Ravage-added items :) Ravage wiki doesn't have a page for these
  11. vastiny


    Dynamic loading of furniture...
  12. vastiny


    I also personally recommend MrSanchez' headlamps, customizeable range and update rate, and lets you wear it in the NVG slot - so you can keep it out even if youre holding a weapon, unlike a handheld flashlight http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=930264602
  13. vastiny


    Oh that sucks that you lost it, tbh I would pay actual money for someone to release a fixed up version of iBuild that can be slapped into a mission either by script or by mod with modules to tweak settings. I recall trying to get it working myself half a year ago to no avail, as I have no clue how to set up all that stuff as a dude who just hosts my own from-home dedicated 3 player server for my friends to play on @HeroesandvillainsOS This so much, I played Exile about 2 years ago and loved the crap out of the building system, after that I found iBuild as the only similar standalone basebuilding mod, that isn't tied to any huge mod already
  14. vastiny


    @haleks Have you got any sort of base building element planned for the future, or do you not prefer to delve into this area of features? Something like the seemingly broken iBuild would be absolutely amazing to see
  15. vastiny


    Is there any way to pre-place traders with the editor or are we limited to editing the random spawn chance for them?