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  1. wattywatts

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    In the game, the 4-5km is the max. zeroing range for the cannons. Max. effective range (to hit a tank-sized target from front) should be 2-2.5km. At 4+km, it's more practical to shell enemy infantry with HE rounds while being out of range of their AT weaponry, rather than precision shooting at a point target, especially when it's moving.
  2. If you are viewing it from a distance with medium/lower terrain detail settings, it may seems it's levitating, but it should be placed on ground. Will be changed to 'direct' conversation mode with no radio post-processes. Due to various factors they have to stay at their position the whole time. Well, tank on steroids you know, as they said in the Dev Diary : ) Will investigate. The whole offensive needs some reworking anyway.
  3. No worries, the performance of the 20mm rounds will be improved to make them as useful as they should be. Each of our AFVs is getting their armor upgraded, which should eliminate the inconsistencies in their protection. This will however take some time, as it requires extensive encoding work and QA testing. To the ammo update - it's possible that the changelog was added before all of the addons have been packed, so the rest should be present in the next dev-branch update.
  4. This one got discovered yesterday by our QA and should be fixed in the next dev-branch update. It's caused when...
  5. True, but the current helmet is a reskin of the NATO's and since there is a new helmet available, it needs to be used somewhere. We can try different approach though.
  6. I see - it's not the locking itself, it's the incoming missile warning system, similar as in jets or helos. Some of it might get into release, but no promises. Noted. Noted. The depot reskin (and all possible reskins of everything) is nice-to-have, but - since data lock is nearby - is very unlikely. For the helmet - the plan is to give it to all CSAT crewmen, replacing the current one (which would be available in Virtual Arsenal).
  7. Titan is used by all main factions. As we were making new AT launchers, we primarily wanted to fill the gap and have one unguided launcher, usable for NATO, AAF and all kinds or irregulars. Then we also wanted to give CSAT something new, unique, of their own design, something requiring different approach than RPG or the Titan. He is there, Assistant Heavy AT. It's also in-game, though not in the loadout of the units. You should find the HE missiles in CSAT's Launcher crates. Static Vorona and SPG-9 were considered, as many of other nice-to-have assets, but with the given resources and deadlines, we had to focus on the high-priority assets. That depends. The damage overhaul is still in progress, so current damage dealt against armor is not final. The design for (infantry used) Titan is that it has a relatively small warhead and range and is effective against heavy armor only when used in top-down mode. For this you need to lock the target (which needs to be 'hot'), but doing so will alert its crew, giving it a chance to use countermeasures and locate your position. Vorona has much more powerful warhead and is undetectable, but you need to guide the missile the whole time, exposing yourself. It depends on situation - each launcher has some pros and cons.
  8. Firing from vehicles was actually planned and configured, unfortunately it collides with the content licensing system, thus it was switched off. Once we manage to bypass this issue, FFV should be enabled again. EDIT: since there seem to be some confusion, to put it more simply:
  9. wattywatts

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    We considered this variant, but in the end it won't be included in the release.
  10. wattywatts

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    We have plans for adjusting vehicle loadouts in similar way, however Encoding and Tech Design are flooded with work at the moment. Some of the planned changes would not be backwards compatible (6.5mm coax > 7.62mm coax, Slammer UP 105mm > 120mm), requiring more intern discussions and decisions before we take action.
  11. wattywatts

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Lack of available programmers, as almost all of them are working on Enfusion. And now for something positive - while I can't give you any specific info, I can say that many of the issues mentioned here are on our long list of things we'd like to improve/fix/add. And they are progressing quite nicely.
  12. wattywatts

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Yes, we are. And we appreciate all the ideas and your enthusiasm. But please don't get too hyped about APS, it's highly unlikely it will get in game.
  13. wattywatts

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    All premium vehicles will come with at least two texture variants, to fit on Altis and Tanoa type terrains.
  14. Unfortunately not, it's just in the mission.
  15. wattywatts

    Marksman Showcase

    Hello, it seems that in the first case you didn't eliminate all enemies and the timer ran out (which is 20 minutes for this task). In the second it's possible that you either went out of the AO or triggered another 20 minute timer.