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  1. It may be that it went under, but Arma3Sync doesn't recognize the mod "Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany: Compatibility Data for Non-Owners" (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1776428269). Is this intentional or an bug?
  2. Arma 3 Sync won't recognize this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1776428269 is this intended?
  3. You should get in contact with the King of the Hill developer. Because they need to inlcude these assets in their missions first and push an update. https://armakoth.com
  4. sancron


    I use 1.2.0 without any noticeable problems at all. From where you was get the Mod? If you use SteamWorkshop did you try to verify the integrity of the files or did you try to re-download the ZIP?
  5. sancron


    Afaik when i was use the ACE-Arsenal, there are 2 Versions of the RSA, one is especially for the G36A2 the Classname is "BWA3_optic_RSAS_G36A2" maybe this will fix your issue.
  6. sancron

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    SteamWorkshop delivers both 0.4.5 and 0.4.6 bikey and bisign files on my Side btw. but this is a small issue for such a big release. Just a Question about Vehicle-Damage, did RHS now use the Arma 3 Damage System witch was introduced with Tank-DLC finaly, becaus i was something read about it, that this will happen but don't see any Infos on the Changelog regarding this. But thank you and congratulations for your Release :-) keep up the great Work.
  7. sancron


    @lionhawk123 did you use ACE? Maybe you can try to use the ACE-Arsenal there you have the abbility to give you loaded PzF3. An if you want to Script it, try to use setUnitLoadout instead. @AZCoder when we go real, a PzF3 Round would also not fit into a Backpack ;-) because the Round is the Warhead including the Tube. You only keep the Aiming-Device of the PzF3 after a Shot excluding the Tube.
  8. Do you use maybe the Opus Music Codec on your Channel? I was have a same issue, that was regarding to the Opus Music Codec, if you switch to the Opus Voice, all should be fine.
  9. If you won't find the Vehicle on the BLUFOR side, you need to place down the AFF Vehicle, right click on it and select "Configure vehicle appearance". If there is no BLUFOR Skin you only have the ability to work with setObjectTexture []; instead. But i can't say where Arma 3 has this texture be stored.
  10. This can't be directly fixed by the ACE Team, they sent over the DLL-Files to BE and they need to approve this DLL-Files. But when BE-Server are struggeling, already approved DLL-Files from ACE3 should be blocked again. So you need to contact BattlEye to resolve this issue.
  11. sancron

    3den Enhanced

    i think this should be suggested to Bohemia directly.
  12. sancron

    NIArms Release Thread

    About the MG3 i can only say, the default MG3 which is used by the German Armed Forces has a theoretical performance of 1200 RPM at max which should be correct (without changing the barrel). The MG3KWS has an Option to reduce the RPM from 1200 to 800 this inforamtion was provided directly from Rheinmetall on their own homepage. The MG42 has a minium performance of ~1200 RPM on this Video, they talk about a RPM from 1500 to 1800, which should be correct because the 1200 RPM are the performance with changing the barrel between 250 and 300 Shots which take arround 5 Seconds. So for 1200 RPM there was a minimum of 3 to 4 barrel changes. Which shoudl reach a theoretical RPM arround 1800.
  13. Nope this Jar won't work, after i was try to add a directory it was Freeze Arma3Sync, after 15 Minutes i was force to close the Program and went back to the old jar.
  14. Yes if the directory don't match it should work. But this must be a Bug right? Now i have: vPzBtl33 and 1944 It won't use Mods from the Wrong path as before But why i takes Mods from the wrong Path when Folders are have same beginning Name?
  15. it has a similar Setup as you, every Repo point at it's own Directory:
  16. Shure this happens with the latest Version. After the Update this Problem was caused the first time. I will explain it a little bit more I have /mods/myclanmods/@* and /mods/myclanmods_1944/@* as Mod-Directorys also the Repos are on different locations, but they have some idnetical Mods like @ace and @acre2 I was check the Repos, Update and completly delet all Addon-Groups and was add a whole new Addon-Group by add it from the Repo-Preset using Mods from /mods/myclanmods/@* but Arma3Sync was take a few Mods that are duplicated from /mods/myclanmods_1944/@* but they have different Versions. Then i was try to delete this Mods and add the right one from the first Folder, all looks fine, but when i start the game, it changes back befor Arma 3 Starts and uses again the Mods from folder 2 instead of using it from folder 1. This Problem is reported by several People in our Community.
  17. If found maybe a Bug, I have multiple Mod-Directories, but on the Mod Groups, it won't save the path if I have duplicated Mods. Every time I read the Modset from "Modsets" id adds Mods from Directory B to the A Modset instead of using the Version provided with Modset A. If I change it manually I see that it uses the right directory on "Launcher Options" but when I start the game, it changes back to the wrong Path for some Mods and uses Mods from Directory B instead. I hope i have it explained enough.
  18. sancron

    Forums Upgrade

    For my personal opinion, the new "Featured Game" System is anoying too. I was like the Style before. Now it's much more "complicated" and i need more clicks to get to the same Section. Old Style Complete Forum Overview where i see what's new and where New Style Non informative "Landing Page" where i need to Pic a Game first or go over "Browse" -> "Forums" but if i do this i don't have the same informations as i was have with the old Forum, but i have already do more clicks. From a usability point of view, this isn't a perfect solution in my personal opinion i don't want to speak for some other people. The way to get informations is longer and i need overall more clicks for less informations. It has a more structured way, but i want the old Style back to be "productive".
  19. I've got a intresting Feature/Bug today, yesterday i was play with People using ACRE without problems. But today i want to give some advice, my buddy was only hear my Voice like a Robotic when i was activate the Plugin. I was understand him clearly (We was use direct Speech no Radio). I was try several things, restart TS, Restart Server, Reaktivate Plugin but nothing was help to resolve the Problem. TS CBA 3.21 ACRE 2.4.0 Edit We've found the Problem, it was dedicated to the Channel Codec Setup. My Buddy was use Opus Music instead of Opus Voice, after switchting back the Channel from Opus Music to Voice, he was hear me normally.
  20. sancron

    Server monetization program

    I won't say all modders are "shysters", i know we have some very talentet and nice Modders arround, but look at Kickstarter Campaigns or Steam Greenlight. There should be enough black Sheeps outside they start something where you think this could be nice. And when they have collect some money they grab the Money and go away. Also look at Skyrim, Valve and Bethesda was try to establish a paid mod System and was only earn Shitstorm for this. Even if there was some Mods which was have the Quality of a Paid DLC like RHS as big Example for Arma. Also what happens when someone take the work of others and sell it. There should already enough morons outside, that just take others work and think that they can do whatever they want and Modders already fight agains. So Modders need also better Support to protect their Work. And i know how hard and long it can takes to made a Mod, personally i was start using Blender to create simple Assets for Arma. And it's a hard approach when there are limited informations that help somebody to made it right (i know that there are many tutorials on YouTube but some special Topics are hard to find). And if a Modder is familiar and make great Mods, spend his free Time for this, they should get some appreciation for his work and respectful handling with his rights on his work. And when there is money involved, there are also some illegal activity which will follow (What also exist alrady on free Mods by people using other Content to gain Money). And Modder need to fight even harder to protect their riights. Correct me please if i see this wrong.
  21. sancron

    Server monetization program

    I think you missunderstood something i wrote. Donations are okay, but like @kiory wrote before, there are not many people arround that using it maybe. Also when some Modder provide a service for creating some special Mods is also ok. I only mean, that whe don't need already created Mods, which we need to pay for. I make a difference between a Service and a Produkt. If a Mod is already created and someone will sell it. I buy a Product where i also want as customer some warrenty and support, i think that is some thing every customer wants. But when i buy a Service, maybe i go on and ask @kiory to build me some special Mod and pay him some money for this. The Service ends when he finished the Work. So i know what i get, when i invest my Money in a Service. But when i buy a Product and the Modder says, sorry i am not longer intrested to invest my time in Arma, i have maybe a Product what is buggy or gets buggy in the next Arma patch. That is the problem which i should see personaly, if we have Paid Mods in the Community.
  22. sancron

    Server monetization program

    In my opinion, Mods for Arma should stay free for all. Because, when i pay for a Mod, i also want Support and Customer-Support can be very frustrating. So if people sell Mods, they should need to Support it until the last official Patch for the Game is released. That's my personal opinion and i know, creating Mods for Arma can be a full time work. But if people want to make money with their 3d-Work as example, there are other ways they can be collect some money (cgtrader, etc.). But what should be with Donations or Patreon, that Creators can use to collect some money from Fans, that would like to say thankyou.
  23. sancron

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yes you can use SteamCMD to download the Mods on your Root steamcmd.exe" +login <USER> <PASSWORD> +"workshop_download_item 107410 <WORKSHOP_ID>" validate +quit then you will find in your <steamcmd>\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\<WORKSHOP_ID> the files
  24. sancron

    Unit Modpack Protection?

    As far as i know, it's possiible what you want with overwriting old Settings (aka Replacement Config), but keep in mind, the Client need both PBOs, so it's not a real protection. You can't really protect your things so that only your Unit can use it, because you share the Mod with Peoples you maybe not know personally. So if they grab it or share it with others, you loose a little bit of control on Distribution of Mods.