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  1. I'm getting this when playing with ace and tbbmalloc. After about a minute my game closes. Also please set battleye disabled on default... So if someone really needs to use battleye he has to use a startup parameter -battleye.
  2. Can reshade get you banned after the latest battleye update?
  3. I proudly present to you the Server Benchmark v019 !! In this mission some 'greenback' units are defending a hill on Altis from an attack from both the NATO and CSAT forces. The outcome of the mission seems to vary a lot on the frame rate of the server. From my observations the greenbacks seem to survive a lot longer when the server frame rate is lower. This behavior seems to make sense to me as in theory bullets slow down if the server fps is lower than 30. 'time' variable will be updating slower than real-life time. Assuming bullets take time to reach a target they should slow down. This is how the benchmark stats will look after it's complete. The stats are located in the ending screen, found by clicking on the highlighted arrow. The Server Bench is a simple mission for server admins to compare performance of different servers and headless client. You could also use this mission to test out the effects of various AI improvement mods on the server-side frame rate. Features: - X Ending stats copied to the clipboard in the end - X Dumps the ending stats into the server's report file - X Headless Client Support (* Only supports 1 (one) Headless Client *) - X Parameters for different several settings - X AI is spawned "in the briefing screen" - X Spectator script by Cyrokrypto to check out the firefight - X Vanilla units on Altis - X Uses Platinum Patrol by ComfyBlanket for Spawning AI HOW TO: 1. Run the mission on your server 2. Set the parameters 3. Be sure to enable Headless Client's parameter if running HC! 4. Wait until benchmarking ends or spectate the battle 5. Look at the stats in the ending screen, paste the stats from clipboard or access the stats from the server logs (* uses diag_log, which creates a line in the report file *) Results : Here's a comparison of the Broma server vs a dedicated server hosted on a laptop with an i5 If you run the benchmark on your server, be sure to post your stats in the comments! DOWNLOAD LINKS : -=v019=- MEGA Google Drive Credits: Thanks to bohemia interactive for making arma Thanks to Cyrokrypto for spectator script. Thanks to ComfyBlanket for ai script. Thanks to Broma for testing and help. I don't take any credit for this mission ( I did make it 'tho ) I don't care if anyone re-uploads, edits or breaks this mission... If you find any bugs, have any suggestions or problems with this mission please be sure to contact me via private message.
  4. I get a script error when joining ANY missions. Please fix it and update your mod! This is some pretty bad quality mod just because it feels like it was NEVER tested before the release of the latest update.... ****ing pathetic... Btw, the animations are really amazing, loving the sound of the reload
  5. Opa, interesting. I'm new to ObjectOrientedScripting, could someone please bring a comparison between this and .sqf.
  6. i_deadly_i

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    WRONG! This is caused by uniforms, not units. Changing the uniform changes the skeletons, arma 2 ported uniforms seem to be all broken.
  7. i_deadly_i

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Please fix ACE 3 compatability for ALL of your unfiroms, I want to love you even more! :D The legs can't correctly be interacted with because of what seem to be bad models. Here's an image of correctly working interaction (Bohemia's vanilla uniform/model): http://i.imgur.com/oXq5Gj6.jpg An example of a your broken uniform: http://i.imgur.com/tRuhU67.jpg PS! I reported this on the ACE 3 github, and they stated that this is an issue with mods not correctly being made according to ArmA 3's standards.
  8. i_deadly_i

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Dear Leights, It has come to my attention that some uniform or unit mods are not compatible with ACE 3 yet, can you assure that interacting with legs works correctly for all uniforms. Also. Using the latest CBA, this pack breaks ACE 3 on the independent side due to event handlers. If you could make sure this mod is ACE 3 compatible you'd be the greatest!
  9. I cannot believe this. We should get our money back!
  10. I've been looking for how to add a link to a video to the mission briefing for hours now. I could use some help! I'm pretty sure this can be done as there are community Guides in the main menu. I hope somone can help :)
  11. i_deadly_i

    "X-Cam" and "DAC" Project

    Ahh, that explains it. Well cannot wait for this to be released . Looks like a must for map/mission makers >:D I guess christmas will slow down the development 'tho
  12. i_deadly_i

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The m145 m150 scopes are not zeroed correctly. Some cannons on bradleys break with AGM. The t-72's used by ai don't fire (may be AGM) The sounds on some vehicles are broken. (uaz sounds like an rpg, from time to time)
  13. i_deadly_i

    "X-Cam" and "DAC" Project

    I am unable to find a download link for this map. I want to do a complete performance analysis on the map on my own rig, to see how it runs.
  14. I assume this does not work on linux? Anyone tried?
  15. i_deadly_i

    Switch the chracter you play.

    Thanks!! That's perfect :)