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  1. Chinesesimp campaign localization for Captain Severov: Translated as "塞韦罗夫上尉", which is not correct. In Chinese, when referring to Russian/Soviet/Japanese/Korean Army ranks, "captain" shall be translated as "大尉". Therefore the correct translation should be "塞韦罗夫大尉". Specialist Aiden Rudwell: "Specialist" is translated as "专家" (still in Chinesesimp), which is not correct. As a rank for US Army enlisted personnel, a "Specialist" should be translated as "专业军士".
  2. pavel volonsky

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Promet SG: When attached with Promet scope and aiming with auxiliary iron sight, the forehead of the rifle will appear in the scope. This only happens on Promet SG (with all color patterns) + Promet scope combination. Other Promet versions like the Promet GL below don't have such phenomena.
  3. pavel volonsky

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    The looter: they are Polish-speaking men but wearing Altis Armed Forces uniforms. Is this set intentionally?
  4. Simplified Chinese; "侦察任务演示专家"; Should be "侦察破障手". The translator, apparently, wrongly understand the "demo specialist" as the abbreviation of "demonstration(演示) specialist", not "demolition(破障) specialist". The same problem appears in all the factions and DLCs.
  5. Simplified Chinese; "生化核辐(CBRN)专家"(unit name of I_E_Soldier_CBRN_F); Should be "核生化专家" or "化生放核专家". Okay, this is a complicated one. Mainland Chinese military (i.e., the PLA) never use the term "CBRN", instead, they use "NBC"(核生化). This does not match the original word (CBRN) literally, because it omits the "R(adioactive)". Taiwanese military (i.e., the ROCA) translate "CBRN" as "化生放核". This word is only used in traditional Chinese but it matches perfectly to the term in English. Neither of them translates the word as "生化核辐". I googled "生化核辐" and only found results related to Rainbow Six Siege. So my advice is "核生化专家"; if it is not good enough, use "化生放核专家" instead.
  6. Simplified Chinese; "机组成员"(unit name of L_E_Crew_F); Should be "乘员". "机组成员" is a term to describe a crew of an airplane (and airplane only). When referring a crew of an APC/Tank in Simplified Chinese, we use "乘员" instead.
  7. Simplified Chinese; "侦查掷弹兵"(unit name of O_R_Recon_GL_F); Should be "侦察掷弹兵". In Chinese, "侦察"=reconnaissance, "侦查"=investigation.
  8. pavel volonsky

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Nope... I mean the name of ammo types for several AK-12/RPK-12 drums, e.g.: "7.62毫米75发AK-12弹匣"; "7.62毫米75发AKM弹匣"; and "7.62毫米75发AKM曳光弹弹匣". I understand those "弹匣" may be directly translated from "mag(azine)", but there is a difference between Chinese and English terms on these mags: * In English, a "Drum" is a kind of “Magazine”; * In Chinese, "弹鼓"(=Drum) is EXCLUSIVE with "弹匣"(=Magazine). $ Only the drum-like, spring-loaded magazines are called "弹鼓". (e.g., the 75-Round RPK drum) $ Drum-like belt-loaded magazines are called "弹链鼓". (e.g., the 100-Round RPD drum) $ Only the box-shaped, spring-loaded magazines are called "弹匣". (e.g., the 30-Round AK mag) $ Box-shaped, belt-loaded magazines are called "弹链盒". (e.g., the 100-Round PKM box) & Plate-shaped, spring-loaded magazines are called "弹盘". (e.g., the 47-Round DPM pan) So it is wrong to call those 75-Round mags as "弹匣". I recommend "弹鼓" instead.
  9. pavel volonsky

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Still in Chinesesimp: The 75-round Drum for RPK-12 is wrongly translated as "弹匣"(=Magazine). Should be "弹鼓"(=Drum).
  10. pavel volonsky

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    The official Chinesesimp localization on Kozlice ammo: "Buckshot" should be "鹿弹", not "子弹" "Slug" should be "独头弹", not "弹丸".
  11. Okay I've found it. But it is weird that this type of ammo is not shown on the crew interface in either Angara or Varsuk, and there is just no place for them. Seems that their vehicle interiors need to be tweaked.
  12. Is 125mm SACLOS missile already available now? Didn't find it in either Angara or Varsuk.
  13. pavel volonsky

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    The Radar on AWC 301 seems not to be always reliable, especially in the mountains.
  14. Now the PCML will miss the locked target when firing with elevation in direct firing mode. Is this related to the new features? Sometimes I just can't lock with a portable Titan launcher. Cheers.
  15. pavel volonsky

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Steam community (www.steamcommunity.com) is just got banned.