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  1. mandaloin

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Disregard, mixed this up with another mod.
  2. mandaloin

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    I actually came here to ask the same question. Would love to see this too!
  3. I'm looking to commission someone to make a 40 round PMAG. It has to be compatible with the CBA JAM system so it can be used in existing weapons. I would also want to release on Armaholic, Steam Workshop, etc. Shoot me a private message if you're interested.
  4. I'm considering sprucing up some old mods that aren't updated anymore by adding magazine proxies to them so you can see what magazine is loaded into them, just like the recent updates to CUP and NIArms. Problem is I can't find a guide on how to do it. Does anyone know where I can find this information, or what it involves to make it happen?
  5. mandaloin

    NIArms Release Thread

    I got anxious waiting for the update, so I cloned the Github to see if I could get any of these config updates early, and, well... Patience is a virtue after all 😅
  6. mandaloin

    UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    This stuff looks amazing! I've never been this hyped for a mod before. When it comes to adding pouches to the vests, would you consider doing "light" variants? A few mags on the front of the vest, maybe a hydration carrier on the back, and on the belt a holster plus 1 or 2 rifle and pistol mags, nothing more? I like to do civilian-focused stuff and that's pretty representative of what you see in the armed citizen world.
  7. I got so sick of CSAT's ballistic uniforms I finally decided to do something about it! This will change the ballistic protection values of CSAT troops to match NATO's. This means their uniforms will no longer protect them, but their vests and helmets will have the same stats as NATO's. This doesn't change how CSAT looks. For that I highly recommend Massi's CSAT Replacement and PLA Forces (CSAT Alternative). Google Drive: Download Steam Workshop: Subscribe
  8. mandaloin

    CSAT Uniform Armor Troubles

    Solved my own problems. All vanilla uniforms have some ballistic protection and I somehow wasn't aware of this. For the "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ItemInfo.scope'", it turns out subclasses such as ItemInfo didn't have any definitions. So I made my own blank classes to do the job. That's what was causing the error. It's a bit hard to explain, but I fixed it by following this: Expect to see the finished mod soon!
  9. I'm working on a config that removes the armor from CSAT uniforms and adds armor to their harnesses. The harnesses aren't giving me any trouble, but the uniforms are. I understand their uniforms inherit armor values from the soldier configs themselves, so I edited those and gave them the same hit points values as CAManBase. Trouble is, now every uniform in the game has ballistic protection and I can't figure out why or how. No one but CSAT should be inheriting these values and there shouldn't be any ballistic protection either. On top of all this I'm getting the "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ItemInfo.scope'" and can't figure that one out either. Any help is appreciated here. Here's my config pasted in full. Or you can grab it in mod form if you want to see the effect for yourself: https://mega.nz/#!8MJ2gaDA!g5spf5ly_QEx13kZeQfZ-4N_ts9QijlGo6kh5OcLlwc
  10. I'd rather have WIP version soon. I'm mainly concerned with the weapon replacements. The gear can come later.
  11. I tried using this myself today and pasted this into an AI's init: _nil = [this,"STAND",false,"ASIS"] execVM "PLP_calmSoldier3.sqf" When the mission starts it says there's a "generic error in expression" on line 793 of the script: ...if (_loadOption |#|== =1) then... Is this a bug or user error? Edit: Fixed it by changing it to _nil = [this, "STAND", false, 4] execVM "PLP_calmSoldier3.sqf"
  12. I figured it out thanks to "Nobody" on the Steam discussion page. Here's a link to a custom composition to save yourself some time: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1GOBFjzjWgxNG1iQUVnOUM2aUE/view?usp=sharing Unzip the folder into My Documents/Arma 3/compositions. Now I'll try to explain the solution to my problem so even the lowest common denominator like me can follow along. Open the attributes of your first group's leader (double click on him). In his Variable Name field, put "t_01", not including quotes. Do the same for the other group leaders, but name them "t_02" and "t_03", respectively. Put down 3 triggers on the same spot as your Hold waypoints. These detect if your group is inside them, so size them accordingly (mine are 10mx10m). Open their attributes and in the Variable Name fiield name the first trg_01. second trg_02, third trg_03. Go back to the map and right click on trg_01. Go to Connect > Set Trigger Owner. Click on the leader of the first group. There should now be a light blue line from the trigger to your group leader. Go back into the attributes for trg_01. Change the Activation to Whole Group or Any Group Member, whichever your preference is. Both will work regardless of how many group members are still alive. Go down to the On Activation field and put "ready_t_01 - true;" without the quotes. Go back to the map and repeat that for trg_02 and trg_03. Make sure to change the numbers according to which group you're working with. Put down 3 Game Logic entities anywhere you want. They're found under Systems > Logic Entities > Objects. In each one's "Init" field put down this: 0 = [] spawn { uiSleep 1; waitUntil { _grp = units t_01; {!(alive _x) }forEach _grp; }; ready_t_01 = true; }; Remember to replace all instances of t_01 with t_02 and t_03 for the second and third Game Logic entities. Place another Game Logic entity anywhere you want. In its Init field, put ready_t_01 = false; ready_t_02 = false; ready_t_03 = false; Put down another trigger. Open its attributes and change in the Type drop down menu change it to Skip Waypoint. In its Condition put ready_t_01; ready_t_02; ready_t_03; Now go back to the map. Right click on a Hold waypoint and select Connect > Set Waypoint Activation. Click on the Skip Waypoint trigger you just created. There should now be a blue line connecting the trigger and Hold waypoint. Repeat the process for the 2 remaining hold waypoints. And that's it!
  13. I'm looking for a way to make 3 groups wait for each other at a waypoint before continuing on to the next. It also needs to work even if 1 or more groups is dead. I've tried messing around with the Skip Waypoint trigger but it only deletes a waypoint when one group reaches theirs. It doesn't hold them there until everyone else is ready. Any ideas? Edit: I've been playing around with it and I think if I sync all 3 Hold waypoints to a Skip Waypoint trigger with the right scripting it will work. The scripting for the trigger could be something along the lines of "activate if ((any member of group 1 is present) or (alive members of group 1=0)) and ((any member of group 2 is present) or (alive members of group 2=0)) and ((any member of group 3 is present) or (alive members of group3=0))". I just don't know the right scripting language to make it happen and tinkering around with the scripting commands isn't getting me anywhere. Am I on the right track here?
  14. Thank you both so much for your help. Worked beautifully.
  15. Yep, I'm using Eden Enhanced. Oh, and you're the author too. Awesome mod, can't imagine life without it. I can pick different ones but none of them have a message I want. Is there a way to get it to display a custom message using my current method or do I need to resort to triggers like in this vid? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsecdlh_c3s