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  1. Looks like CUP Terrains 1.4.2 packs are available for download! Will there be an official announcement soon?
  2. If I load Thirsk, then the message no longer occurs..... I don't remember seeing this issue before 1.4.1.
  3. With Terrains 1.4.1 loaded (core, maps, cwa) + all other CUP mods (units, weapons, vehicles) + CBA, I am getting No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds/Thirsk.description'. when I try to open a saved mission in Eden. Thirsk isn't loaded. Anyone else getting this?
  4. Hi, Vehicle weapon zeroing is not updated via Laze Target as it is for vanilla A3, correct? You still must update it manually? Using 1.78 stable and latest CUP files. Thanks for latest CUP updates! Cheers
  5. Pilgrimage - Ported

    Wow, Cambodia map 0.8 update removes ALL ANCIENT RUINS! Why? Major bummer. I know AI have trouble in those ruins, but still...
  6. Oh, I see. I'll try that. Thanks. ---- Another strange thing with 1.78 stable: Keybinds: Car fast forward -> E, Lshift+W Car slow forward -> Q, Lctrl+W I get a verbal command "Fast" or "Slow" if I hit either of the two binds including W, but not when I hit just E or Q. E and Q still work as normal, however. If I set the binds as W+E or W+Q, nothing happens, and I don't think speed changes. Odd.
  7. I'm thinking of setting a mouse-4 button on my mouse to laze, so I can use the side of my thumb and thus not have to let up on the W or S keys, or my main mouse button. My current laze button is End.
  8. I think the new WASD driving system for commander was pushed to stable branch too fast. It seems clear that the change was implemented to mitigate AI driving issues such as AI driver not backing up when ordered if obstacles are nearby. IMO, AI driving issues should be fixed or otherwise mitigated, and new WASD commander driving change reverted. I was fine with occasionally switching to driver position to get out of a tight spot. I see no real advantage of the new system. This change caught me by surprise since I don't use dev branch: Issues on stable branch for all vehicles, not just tanks: No verbal STOP command by commander when W and S keys are released. Vehicle does not stop immediately after W/S keys are released. Vehicle sometimes just keeps moving, in which case key for opposite direction can be pressed, which results in abrupt stop, but voice command doesn't say STOP, it says to move in opposite direction. There should be way to order complete STOP. Note that Select subordinate>STOP Action Menu command does not work to stop vehicle when movement keys are pressed by commander (this is expected). No verbal commands for Fast or Slow Drive. No verbal STOP command by commander when handbrake key is pressed. Handbrake key shouldn't work at all for commander. Commander can't easily laze target while tank is moving (needs to release movement key or mouse to hit laze key). Commander needs hands-free vehicle movement if he switches to gunner position and needs to control/fire cannon while tank is moving. As commander doesn't actually have control of vehicle, all of his commands must be voice. This new commander driving system is very arcadish given that commander does not have actual control of vehicle steering, accelerator, and brake.
  9. Quite poor forum access today with continual 502 and 504 Bad Gateway errors....
  10. I agree with @Grumpy Old Man on this. Having to hold W/S down as commander to move is a setback. One command should do the job like it did before. If you let up on those keys, vehicle will come to a stop every time (as is normal for human driver), without the verbal stop command present for A/D keys. Even handbrake works for commander - this doesn't make sense to me, unless handbrake is accompanied by a verbal "STOP" command. This major change needs tweaking for sure, and should be made optional. My Fast Drive key (E) works for commander as it does for driver - no change there that I can see. There should be a penalty regarding fluidity and responsiveness of movement if you are commander. This penalty was reasonably handled before. The commander has many things to do other than drive the vehicle, and he/she should concentrate on those. For example, commander needs to press another key to laze targets for his MG or GMG, and having to hold down W/S keys for movement makes lazing more difficult. Seems clear to me that the change was made to mitigate issues with AI driving, especially in tanks. Like AI drivers "refusing" to back up when ordered if obstacles are nearby...
  11. Forums Upgrade

    Yes, I'm having lots of trouble reaching forums today. Very slow and intermittent connection. TLS handshake issues?
  12. Ah ha, yes: Thanks. Those STOP voice commands seemed odd, but I guess they're meant to convey the commander telling the driver to stop turning the tank. Makes sense. You'd think that there would be another "STOP" verbal command when the commander lets up on the W or S keys also.