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  1. Yes, I concur that Bear Rising "airport issue" has been fixed! Using A2 beta.
  2. Does A2 beta still = A2 stable? Or should we test the A2 beta?
  3. Two issues using current beta: 1) Every time A2 OA is started (A2 CO, all DLCs installed), a file named 33930_install.vdf appears in OA Steam folder. I think the file refers to BattleEye. There is some problem with the Steam client service running this file that is causing the UAC prompt (see above quote) for running as admin to appear every time OA is started. It looks like the "one time startup/installation task" is being run on every startup. Another file also appears (33934_install.vdf), this one for ACR. 2) There seems to be a problem with directional sound. If player is standing on ground, and a chopper flies in from left, the stereo sound of the chopper comes from the right. The issue is quite noticeable. Never mind. Problem solved!
  4. UAC prompt for admin password still comes up every time I start OA, whether or not BattleEye is selected. How can I get rid of that?
  5. Major bummer. Where did you hear this news? No SP campaign for Black Ops 4: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/05/black-ops-4-ditches-single-player-campaign-adds-battle-royale-mode/ Perhaps SP campaigns will largely be a thing of the past from now on in FPS gaming...
  6. Hi all, I couldn't get A2 to start until I deleted it and redownloaded. I was getting errors saying I had to update game 33910 - most likely the double A2 game ID issue Dwarden mentioned. After starting Steam in admin mode, etc., A2 CO is working. But I always have to enter admin password for "Steam client service" (**) when starting A2 OA when Steam is started in normal, non-admin mode.... Something with BattleEye? How can I stop that? I'm running A2 stable, A2 OA beta branches. I'm still getting the old error Warning Message: Script CorePatch\CorePatch_WF\Scripts\Server\Server_UpdateAirport.sqf not found when starting Bear Rising and other A2 missions. (**) The Steam client service is looking for a missing "runasadmin.vdf" install script in the A2 OA folder, for game 33930 (BattleEye, I think).
  7. Looks like CUP Terrains 1.4.2 packs are available for download! Will there be an official announcement soon?
  8. If I load Thirsk, then the message no longer occurs..... I don't remember seeing this issue before 1.4.1.
  9. With Terrains 1.4.1 loaded (core, maps, cwa) + all other CUP mods (units, weapons, vehicles) + CBA, I am getting No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds/Thirsk.description'. when I try to open a saved mission in Eden. Thirsk isn't loaded. Anyone else getting this?
  10. Hi, Vehicle weapon zeroing is not updated via Laze Target as it is for vanilla A3, correct? You still must update it manually? Using 1.78 stable and latest CUP files. Thanks for latest CUP updates! Cheers
  11. OMAC

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Wow, Cambodia map 0.8 update removes ALL ANCIENT RUINS! Why? Major bummer. I know AI have trouble in those ruins, but still...
  12. Oh, I see. I'll try that. Thanks. ---- Another strange thing with 1.78 stable: Keybinds: Car fast forward -> E, Lshift+W Car slow forward -> Q, Lctrl+W I get a verbal command "Fast" or "Slow" if I hit either of the two binds including W, but not when I hit just E or Q. E and Q still work as normal, however. If I set the binds as W+E or W+Q, nothing happens, and I don't think speed changes. Odd.