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  1. elmas

    New helos yesterday dev branch

    You can still spawn yourself as the pilot and try them.
  2. elmas

    Altis map - planned changes

    I think Altis has enough destroyed buildings already, but i welcome the changes and Altis is still my favourite ArmA/OFP.
  3. I liked what i was able to play, i made it to the second mission but it didn't save and i don't have time to play until next week =(
  4. It would be nice to have Greek voices too but hey... the radio protocols are much better in ArmA 3, for all factions.
  5. elmas

    3D Scope Glare Poll

    Please BIS add blue color filter and lens flare in first person so the game looks realistic!!!!! (sarcasm)
  6. I would like a better medical system but i guess another vehicle or weapon would be enough to make me happy.
  7. elmas

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I am very pleased that the AAF is getting some love with a new IFV, but is there any chance that the FIA faction is going to get some new equipment? or Civilians?
  8. I think they are worse, they run over teammates even more now...
  9. elmas

    3D Editor (Real Time)

    A million times this.
  10. elmas

    Audio stutter/Popping?

    I have the same issue as well, if i have too many AI shooting at the same time i get stuttering 100% of the time.
  11. elmas

    Multiplayer crashing game

    I have the same issue, i have a 50 to 60% "crash rate" when i try to join a server, and so far, a 100% chance that my game will stop responding when playing multiplayer. I can usually play about an hour before crashing.
  12. elmas

    ArmA 3 has stopped working....

    Same for me as well.
  13. elmas

    Crashes In Multiplayer

    I have the same problem, every time i play multiplayer the game crashes after 30 minutes to an hour of play...
  14. elmas

    Voice Acting has got to go.

    I like it, a nice improvement over ArmA II, including OA.