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  1. EDIT: think I got it. In the "Missions" section I had Forced Difficulty set to "Custom" and thought that would do it, but didn't notice that in the mission list itself, you also need to select a Difficulty there. By default, it was on Recruit, and I've now also set it to Custom. ----------- This is a great tool, and thanks for it. However, I am having one problem: it seems to ignore my difficulty settings. I double checked and I have e.g. crosshairs off, but upon joining the server, they are on. This is true for other difficulty settings, too. I double checked "serverProfile.Arma3Profile" and it looks like the settings are correct there, too. Can't figure this out.
  2. Just started playing this mission on my own server, and loving it so far. Thanks, Wyqer et al. I'm interested in playing on Chernarus 2020 (part of CUP Terrains 2.0, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1981964169). Would the way to do that be to use the Devkit to add the mission to that map? Or would I somehow use the existing Chernarus version as a base version? Simply renaming the PBO to try and use the new map (perhaps predictably) didn't work.
  3. snubz

    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    One thing I and other players noticed: the gun shot sounds seem reduced. I'll be 100m from an enemy firing away at me, and in every other mission, it's loud, but not here. Is there possibly anything in here that might be affecting sound volume, particularly with others' gun fire? (my shots sound fine). I noticed there's a NRE_earplugs.sqf scripts, but not sure how one activates/deactivates that; it's not something I see in any menu in game.
  4. snubz

    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    A very minor report. When respawning, it often says that I'm the closest ally. Obviously I just ignore it, not a big deal, but was an oddity I noticed. And a suggestion: add the YouTube tutorial links found in the in-game tablet to first post of this thread. And any reason why the videos are unlisted?
  5. snubz

    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    First off, congrats @genesis92x for this mission. It's an amazing accomplishment. I've just started testing it locally, running it as a dedicated on the same computer as my client (that's all I got right now). I have noticed the problem kremator points out. In fact, I feel more often than not I have to go to the ESC menu -> command interface because OPEN TABLET is missing. I've not discovered any rhyme or reason so far as to why it sometimes it appears and others does not. It's working quite well. A few FPS slow downs when there's tons of spawns, but to be expected. And once I got a complete freeze of AI for a minute or two. When I shot them, they'd flinch, but not die, and those running when these happened were running in place. Was about to restart when everything returned to normal. Have no idea if this was related to the reported parachute bug. Is there (or will there be?) an option to leave bodies / wrecks on the battlefield a bit longer? Or only disappear when they aren't near a player? Often bodies and knocked out vehicles would disappear right in front of me, and at times when I was actively looting them. Running it solo, I quickly learned to gear up as light as possibly in the beginning, or I'd run out of cash, and just rely on the fallen allies or enemies. The worst is when I'd drop my gun, pick theirs up, then the body would disappear and leave my with no ammo :) For my purposes, I'd like a setting with fewer AI (I like there's so many in a dense area compared to say KP Liberation, but at times it seemed almost excessive) with a longer stick-around-when-dead time (or again some logic that they aren't cleaned up -- if possible -- when with like 300m of a player). I'm excited to get some friends on for further playing. So far this has been great. I love the dynamism, compared to the sterility of some other CTI modes, where it feels like the whole map is empty and lifeless except for when you're close to a town, then it's just a shooting gallery when the baddies spawn in.
  6. snubz

    US Insurgency ALiVE

    Ditto what Malcom86 said.. I'd love to play this on a server, so if there's one with a Public IP -- or a private one that'd like me along -- lemme know.
  7. snubz

    Weapon tests

    PoorOldSpike, thanks for all these tests. Very helpful. I fly planes a lot on MP servers. Do you plan to do any tests of aircraft vs various targets? I've seen some stuff showing the A-164 Wipeout's cannon is underpowered (mainly due to all HE rounds, no AP), but I wonder how it's rockets do against vehicles. The only AA weapon with any punch seems to be the Macer (basically an AGM-65 Maverick) and of course the LGB, but without a lase, it's hard to hit anything (BIS, can we get some CCRP and CCIP symbology? Is this 2035 or 1935?). If this information exists in other threads, would appreciate anyone pointing me to them!
  8. I'd love for someone to explain why you can't save on the last mission. Walking around forever in the dark, just to get gunned down, is no fun. It's just not. Especially when you have to restart and hear the same speech, go through the same scripted sequence, etc. I don't understand the logic here? Oh, it's the very last mission, so let's make it ridiculously hard, because that's somehow rewarding? I'd love to grab a helo or whatever and get off the island, but sorry, I don't have all night to play the dumb end sequence over and over.
  9. Should the campaign work in Arma2 CO? I get errors when I try to run it.
  10. Finally got it working in ARMA 3 using the screencast. However, when I tried to start the German campaign ("Fatherland"?), it stops doing anything at the Grenade training. The intro up to that point works fine, but after the LT gives a speech about grenades, it just shows the soldiers in a line, milling about. The simulation is still running (guys in the distance doing patrols, etc) but even after waiting like 5 minutes, it never actually moves on to the grenade practice. I tried this in both English and German voice modes...same problem.
  11. snubz

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    I've been having a problem playing any Sa-Matra Wasteland server. It seems that this mission "hardcodes" the NumPad keys to different non-verbal / visual communications, such as the player nodding or shaking his head, pointing forward, etc. In no other mission have I ever seen the NumPad used for this. The problem is, being left-handed, I use the NumPad for my directional keys, among others. I can't seem to find any binds in Controls related to this. It's unfortunately preventing me from trying out Sa-Matra Wasteland, as I can't move around. Any idea what's going on here?
  12. snubz

    Collective slow on gamepads ?

    For me it's almost the opposite: with an analog axis I can go up and down fairly rapidly. However, when using keyboard keys, it's slow as molasses.
  13. I'm in Cali here. This and A2 do seem to have a stronger presence towards the East, including Europe. I'll check out some of those servers Henry Rollins posted, thanks.
  14. Tried to join up there just now, and got a connection refused. What port of is the mumble server running on? I'd play with you guys, if I can get on a server that's not too laggy. I'm in Los Angeles, USA.
  15. Mine has those same borders when I run it at my desired resolution of 1920x1080 on my 2560x1440 screen, in full-screen mode. I have to set my windows desktop to 1920x1080 beforehand to get it to work. This isn't true for any other game, including ARMA 2, which will switch to full-screen 1920x1080 just fine.