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  1. > T82258 Transparency and Opacity of the Landscape Problem This not a bug and will not be fixed. It is unfortunate result of terrain LODing (we have to limit rendered geometry as it grows exponentially). Speed of LODing is affected by terrain detail.
  2. Ammo needs "datalink sensor" to be able to lock on datalink target without LOS. (radar guided missiles still need valid LOS)
  3. In dev. 135197 we have made some changes how suppress command works 1. select some units 2. press 3-9 3. some units will start shooting at given position / vehicle (there is new suppressTarget in datra) known issues - does not work for gunner in your vehicle (same issue as for artillery fire at position command)
  4. Could you please check if it is still happening?
  5. Crew staying in immobilized vehicle is not global parameter, however there is a script command that allows you to set it on per vehicle.
  6. They do (should) work, just like tank FCS you need to press T(default) to laze distance.
  7. Manual zoom instead of automatic zooming might be possible.
  8. Not as deep. But we still have ideas how to improve it so cooperation between units can be improved.
  9. it is affected by - day/night - speed - vehicle you are in - eye direction - unit skill - mine inconspicuousness - surface type
  10. By default it should be num 5. In free mode camera will be re-centred to default direction. In locked mode it will re-center to target (if any is marked)
  11. dr. hladik

    Walking on moving decks

    Unfortunately, walk on moving decks is not planned.
  12. since 134151 there is a new command in dev. version - createObject (will not yet be part of next patch) what is it good for: - will create object, that is based only on shape (no config needed) - object is not simulated, so it will save some performance (no physx, no sounds, not a interesting target for AI,....) - unlike whole vehicle, it needs very little information to synchronize in MP - if you need decorative object that would normally need simulation (vehicles, tables, buckets) what is it not good for: - cannot handle whole animated soldier with uniform and weapon - will not help with objects, that already have very limited simulation (walls) - it cannot destroyed how to use it: decorativeTank = createObject ["a3\armor_f_beta\apc_tracked_01\apc_tracked_01_rcws_f.p3d", position] decorativeTank hideAnimationSelection["zasleh", true]; decorativeTank hideAnimationSelection["zasleh2", true] decorativeTank hideAnimationSelection["clan", true]; decorativeTank animate ["Wheel_podkoloL3", 1 , true]; decorativeTank animate ["Wheel_podkoloL6", 1 , true]; Where do I get full shape name? - through getModelInfo command What is hideAnimationSelection* (new command) good for? - object is not simulated, therefore some parts needs to be hidden manualy Where do I get list of sections, that can be hidden? - there is a new command - objectAnimationSelectionNames* Can it be hidden automatically? - no, as there is no config involved Why is "animate ["Wheel_podkoloL3", 1 , true]" needed? - object is not simulated, so you have to adjust dampers manually. Where do I get list things I can animate? - there is a new command - objectAnimationsNames* How to delete it? - deleteVehicle will work *WARNING - script command names might yet change
  13. To see target red, it must be confirmed as enemy by someone (by mission maker and script command "confirmSensorTarget").
  14. dr. hladik

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    It is possible. However max. allowed speed of target is limited by config.
  15. Please send me PM with repro steps. Thank you.
  16. Something related to discuss: - what else would you expect in minimap? (navigation, units) - do you need something else for custom scripted display? - something else you miss?
  17. Not recommended as target visibility is not tested each frame.
  18. What exactly do you have in mind? Just heading?
  19. And how would you control this functionality? (We are severely limited when it comes to free keys)
  20. > passive sensors It works as you are suggesting (only difference is that passive detection zone is 2x active detection zone). Passive sensor range just tells to what distance I'm able to lock on that target and to limit number of objects I need to test (to save some performance) > visual sensor It is just another possibility. We still plan to tweak it (or any other) according to feedback.
  21. Something like this is being considered. Vehicle and ammo sensors are independent. So you should be able to lock missile even if vehicle sensors does not see it (this is how shoulder rocket launchers work.) However you will lose some features. Target will not be shown on Radar, "find next target (R)" action will not find it and you will not be able to mark that target for other weapon (cannon). Manual lock (T) will still work.
  22. dr. hladik

    Vacation in Czech Republic / Prague

    I like this guide and his channel