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  1. hopefully dangerous hyenas with red eyes...
  2. -=[BorZ]=-

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    they shall be erected to both sides of that of Bushlurker´s.
  3. please consider in the future adding a fishing boat, a Yatch, a cruise ship, for pirate-ambiented missions in the Indian ocean 🙂
  4. -=[BorZ]=-

    Max Crocodile

    Amazing work, man. As always. After this please do consider grizzly bear, shark, and Anton Chigurh 👩 (with adequate hairstyle) 👻
  5. Awesome witchcraft mod✨🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️✨ the best part is being able to is fly on the magic broom. what about adding a flying carpet in the future? (BI might be interested in contracting you for the Persian akelarre DLC, or for "Arma4. take on magic wands". Keep up the good work 😉
  6. I do remember that in cold war assault (Operation flashpoint back then), the list of commands, and actions was much wider than it is now in arma3. i.e. you could order a member of your squad to go close to a neutralized enemy, and rearm himself. Moreover, you could also ask a soldier to place a demolitions charge at your desired place, and hide afterwards, and later, you could detonate it remotely via him through commands when the target was moving close to the charge. Even more amazingly, you were able to ask your soldier to do these processes in a prone position, not to be detected, and so forth... It seems the whole process has been simplified, hence reducing dramatically the amazing game options available in cold war assault. It would be great to have all these options back in arma 4, (and/or in arma 3 via update). Kind Regards.
  7. -=[BorZ]=-

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    comment deleted, and merged with my previous post. sorry ;)
  8. -=[BorZ]=-

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Suggestions for Arma 4: Scenario 1: Contemporary unrest and civil war in US. People tired of the 1% elite controlling puppet governments, trillions of $ wasted in endless wars abroad, etc, decide to start demonstrations and general strikes which lead to an armed insurrection: i.e 1 medium industrial city with all the services tall buildings, small-house neighbourhoods, deprived suburbs, and also separated areas for the rich people, preferably in southern areas, Lousiana, texas, surrounded by desertic environments, etc. Consider part of the police and US army divided according to their views: republicans, democrats vs liberals, religious fanatics, etc. Betrayals, side-changes, etc. Possible factions: -Main intelligence agencies. -FEMA concentration camps. -Militias in either sides: i.e. prepper redneck militias (deeply religious) vs antifa/3rd-wave feminist trans-gendered militias (atheistic purple-haired individuals). -The Elite: living in their amazing survival bunker communities, or in mansion urbanizations in islands full of booby traps, separated from the city, by walls, fences, guard towers, and protected by their own PMCs full of psychos. Put emphasis on the different lifestyle between the 1% very rich and the puppets that serve them, and that of the rest of the normal people. Extra: survival mod with separated servers; i.e. prepper militias assaulting the bunkers/islands of the wealthy for food, drink, guns, money (replace zombies with PMCs) and you will not need new Day Z bull****. ------ Scenario 2: The Cuban revolution in the very moment of the insurrection: with prostibules, casinos, american bases, landlords, US gansters with their 50s looks, US army, Cuban gangsters, Cuban puppet government officials, and revolutionaire guerrillas. Add US and Soviet factions for more realism. Campaign involving spionage, counterspionage, double agents, etc. + extra bahia de cochinos campaign, with cuban CIA-led militias, or Missile crisis scenario, etc. TVT playing as guerrilla or CIA mercenaries, US or Soviets ----- Scenario 3: east and west Berlin before the fall of the wall, with KGB, CIA, Stasi factions (including, plainclothes, police and military sections of all of the above). Campaing focused on spionage misions, double spies, sabotage, intel gathering, civilians scaping from one side to the other to meet the families, with enemies hunting them down, etc. ------------------------------- * For whichever of the above suggested scenarios I would encourage the presence of extra MP gamemode focusing on tracking scape/hunting simulation; i.e. in scenario 1 a border with mexico and armed coyotes + civilians; Berlin wall crossing avoiding the patrols and guards in towers with searchlights, tracking patrols, and dogs, etc. This mode could even been combined with the main subject of the Scenario (american revolution happening, operative FEMA camps, etc, as people are being tracked near the border, etc). Instead of the map showing the next task, this would encourage players to search for clues and use the brain, plan search/scape strategies, etc. i.e. with fugitives leaving all sorts of evidence: bent bushes and branches, blood trails, foot prints, wheel prints (wet or dry), and also rivers and walkable fallen trees to confuse trackers, noise made by humans, land animals (cattle, dogs, etc), birds as the fugitive passes by that could be listened by hunters nearby. with trained dogs, search drones, hidden cameras, helicopters, etc. Allow the possibility of both sides using vehicles, compass or GPS, night/thermal vision, search lights, or in contrast, not allowing any of these items. Fugitive to use shelter, concealment, camouflage techniques, search for guns/ammo, suitable clothing, torches, hand-made booby traps, molotov cocktails, etc ... Possibility of hacking radio channel and frequencies of trackers, etc. * If this extra gamemode was too time-consuming for BI, it would be amazing if at least they enabled plenty of tracking modules (and modifiable environment in the island) in the editor that help setting the above scenarios. Or who knows, perhaps the community geniuses could re-create a mod that does this for Arma 3 or 4 ;) Ah, and please do not forget this time the dangerous animal species, packs of wolves, bears, wild dogs, with waypoints, etc ... Hens and goats are nice, but the player needs predators to interact with, which can affect the outcome of very well planned mission, or hunting/scape scenario... ;) Kind Regards -=BorZ=-
  9. -=[BorZ]=-

    DLC Ads

    I do apologize about the inappropriate language used during my last post. BI can make any business decisions it wishes. Despite of the explanations, we do understand that the main factor is that BI was not making money from the Arma 2 BAFs, and PMC DLCs, and decided to implement a more aggressive marketing approach. I was just mentioning that adding a big rectangle in the middle of the screen ONLY during battle exchanges does not sound very fair promocion strategy from the point of view of the targeted customer. It is just like allowing you to use a gun from "marksmen DLC" just to look at how good it looks in your hands while you are walking around an island, but which it is automatically rendered useless for nearly 30 seconds at the beginning of the next firefight that is going to happen during the game. Kind Regards -=BorZ=-
  10. -=[BorZ]=-

    DLC Ads

    I have bought all ARMA games since cold war assault, with exception of the DLCs for arma 3 (other than the tanoa one). Many people do not have any interest at all in karts, helicopters, tanks, jets, laws of war If you do not own the DLC, then it is perfectly fine getting advert pop ups that "do not interfere with the gameplay" despite ruining the looks and the inmersion of the game. Likewise, it is fine losing the "undeserved/unpaid" sniper rifle someone had put in your hands when they designed the mission once you have died and respawned. Until here this is acceptable adware for allowing everyone to use the content... What it is malware is the following: It is not fine getting a huge opaque rectangle in front of the iron sights/scope, "perfectly programmed" to pop up just in the very moment an encounter with the enemies happen, and you are being shot at. Many of us will continue purchasing BI games, as long as they are full games, and are of interest to us, but I, and many others like me will never play nor purchase "useless" DLCs. So it would be great if these DLCs were only downloaded/installed if the customer wanted to. Or perhaps allow, for example a half a day trial to introduce to DLCs, and if people want they could try them (and purchase if the DLC was worth/interesting enough). Or at least keep advertising, but remove the bloody rectangle in the middle of firefights. Kind regards
  11. -=[BorZ]=-

    Will Combat Patrol Give XP/Credits?

    I decided to give link mode another opportunity with the intention of unlocking some better equipment, and noticed that many servers are full of people with much lower level with all weapons and scopes unlocked... it is just frustrating.
  12. -=[BorZ]=-

    Will Combat Patrol Give XP/Credits?

    please, do not be naughty . give us some clues, and we will forgive you for tokying our cookies
  13. -=[BorZ]=-

    Will Combat Patrol Give XP/Credits?

    I have enrolled in all wars since "the cold one" with BI series. My honest opinion is that the arma series are for what they are meant to be designed for; and in their field, the BI title is still second to none (specially from cold war assault to combined operations). I do understand BI wants to try new "additional" titles, via the incubator. I would not understand though this project being an experiment aimed to modify the "ArmA series" in the future, according to the opinions of Counter strike sadistic serial-killing kiddies, who are now playing Argo, due to the freeness of it. Regarding gameplay, i think the clunkiness of the real virtuality engine does not make it suitable for fast paced competitive PVP games. More suitable engines would perform better ;) I believe that including the "combal patrol" mode (in the conditions it has been introduced) does not make any sense if the idea is to engage new potential ArmA clients. Why not? because even in easy mode people keep getting constantly killed 20 seconds after spawning/re-spawning, even without having the opportunity to know which heavily equipped omniscient bot is shooting at them, nor being able to defend themselves even if they were lucky enough to spot the suddenly spawned enemies with the crappy loadout they are forced to play with (useless SMGs, or a couple of low precision guns with a slightly stronger caliber). I though perhaps my friends would get interested in playing arma if they got a good impression with this "free demo". I doubt they will ever play argo or arma again. The PVP experience is frustrating for new players, trying to play with poorly accurate weapons against people much better equipped. I think it makes the initial perception of the fast paced argo modes really annoying to play., Something that could change the perception of potential arma purchasers, introduced to the editor/gameplay through argo would be offering a decent loadout to choose from from the beginning (one decent gun from each category with the possibility of choosing a decent scope to kill totipotential AIs). This would surely make the "combat patrol" mode worth, and what is important for the developers, profitable. The "limited" editor access is the best choice BI has made with Argo in my humble opinion, new potential client-wise. Please keep the future arma series independent from zombies, from futuristic/spacial warfare scenarios, and from this incubator brainstorming thingy. And all the best for future PVP FPS incubations (with suitable game engines ;) King Regards BorZ
  14. -=[BorZ]=-

    [WIP] Terrain "Benzopila"

    WOW, beautiful scenery!