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    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    The game is already 1.62
  2. My adaptive vsync sometimes doesn't come in play until I do that. First I need to launch the game in windowed because of the small resolution bug that's maybe related somehow with RTSS. I press alt+enter to get the game in full screen and then there's a chance that I need to alt+tab out and back in to get the adaptive vsync working :D I guess it's the same with every other vsync tech.
  3. This is the reason why I always open the Esc menu before alt+tab. I remember the shooting happening only if you click back. I only came in this series in Arma 2 and I remember it happening in there already.
  4. St. Jimmy

    My summer car

    A very good interview about developing the game, where it all started and why he is making it. “I have a car simulator project that might spark some interestâ€: My Summer Car Then some tweets: Car inspector: https://twitter.com/mysummercargame/status/747892431962644480 Police in the rear view mirror https://twitter.com/mysummercargame/status/749274511812558848 Someone drunk? https://twitter.com/mysummercargame/status/757692383471558656 Day fine. If you've a lot of income you'll get bigger fine for your speeding https://twitter.com/mysummercargame/status/765914292025749504 There are also shit jobs to do... https://twitter.com/mysummercargame/status/768531188034183170 Also public changelog is back online. It hasn't been updated for almost 6 months. Latest:
  5. St. Jimmy

    USA election 2016

    Can someone else explain how the voting goes? How many candidates there are at the end when the voting starts? How could someone vote for some independent candidates and so on? Why on earth people even vote mostly from Republican and Democratic parties when there are so many other candidates? Are those two parties always in and other parties/independent need to fight to get to the final? Why on earth most would vote for Trump or Clinton when there are loads of other candidates? http://www.politics1.com/p2016.htm It's amazing how the media twists the reality, like there wouldn't be anything other than those two parties fighting for presidency and everything else is left in the dark. That's the picture what foreign people get.
  6. St. Jimmy

    GTX 1060 FPS Issues

    1. No matter where you set the settings. I've never used the experience. 2. MaxMem doesn't help over 2048, it always defaults back to that. VRAM as much as you've. 3. Yes unpark your cores even though it won't help with this issue. If the driver reinstall doesn't help, you could try older drivers like 368.39 and 369.05 or this https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/4tydge/dpc_latency_hotfix_driver_for_gtx_1060_1070_1080/<- not sure if that's your issue.
  7. St. Jimmy

    GTX 1060 FPS Issues

    You still have the old card? Maybe try that again to see if it still performs well. Other thing you could try is a clean install of Nvidia drivers. Can't remember the program that uninstalls GPU drivers but you can google it.
  8. The whole animation system is getting a huge overhaul in DayZ, so nope. First they would need to port the whole system in which is a very big task.
  9. St. Jimmy

    Arcade Realism Settings?

    You mean the arcade stamina enabled that doesn't please casuals and it's too arcade for any kind of realism? Probably just easier not to disable it.
  10. St. Jimmy

    Possibility of a new render for Arma 3?

    Exclude parameter is now implemented. You can use -word and -"a whole phrase".
  11. St. Jimmy

    My summer car

    The game is now Greenlit! Now just wait for the release.
  12. St. Jimmy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    He means the Arma 2 picture which is pretty awful looking. Oh wait the lower one was Tanoa. Well the Chernarus is just bad looking black and white. I'll rather take the lower one with its problems.
  13. St. Jimmy

    My summer car

    Greenlight is out! Go vote here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651939391
  14. St. Jimmy

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Don't use cpuCount if you use enableHT. cpuCount overrides enableHT so the enableHT is there for nothing as said in here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters Just a little hint.
  15. St. Jimmy

    thinking of upgrading GPU for arma 3...

    Because higher resolution and higher AA requires faster GPU. I'm already limited to 50fps by the GPU in Tanoa forest when I run 1080p, x4 AA and stuff and 60fps would be the optimal that I like to see.
  16. St. Jimmy

    Total War:Warhammer

    Beastmen will be the first race DLC if you don't count the Chaos Warriors. 15,74€ if you pre-order and 17,49€ after the pre-order ends. Warhammer has 15 main factions and after Beastmen there's 7 of them in the game. I'm wondering if everyone of the new race will cost that much when bought separately. I'm just interested about Tomb Kings and Wood Elves so I might buy TK expansion when it comes and maybe buy race bundle from sales when those likely come later.
  17. St. Jimmy

    France General

    Seems like the sources in the news did say only slit, so the Finnish article maker likely doesn't know what Finnish word 'mestaus' (decapitation) actually means...
  18. St. Jimmy

    France General

    The news are now spreading.He was decapitated and they also filmed that. After that they made some Arabic ritual on the altar. The jailed guy was allowed to be without collar between 8:30AM-11:30AM and you can guess when this happened... That's what Daily Mail, BBC and CNN says.
  19. St. Jimmy

    thinking of upgrading GPU for arma 3...

    Tanoa likes faster GPU. If you want to run AA etc goodies, even GTX 970 bottlenecks in forest if you try to achieve 60fps. That's @1080p. 1070/980Ti and faster are GPUs that likely very rarely bottlenecks in Tanoa @1080p/60fps.
  20. St. Jimmy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    If you mean by shadows that the characters should cast shadows on the ground in cloudy weather, then nope that's not how it should be. Shadows don't appear on cloudy weather if there's altostratus or something similar thick blocking the sun. Under the car there should be some ambient occlusion but it's missing in the game. In cloudy weather there should be only ambient occlusion type of shadows, not something that's cast directly by the sun. But that also depends on how much the clouds block the sun.
  21. St. Jimmy

    DNC Leaks

    Is this some new thing or is it old? I remember seeing Hillary's leaked emails long time ago.
  22. St. Jimmy

    Germany General

    Is it actually Syrian? Has any of the recent years terrorist or similar attacks had any Syrian guy in them?
  23. St. Jimmy

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    It was in the development branch changelog that it was added but it really never appeared in the game. It's the most confusing change in the changelog :D
  24. St. Jimmy

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Over 70 civilian died in US led (not sure what the allies or real bombers are, maybe NATO?) airstrike in Tuesday. It could be the most civilians killed strike in Syria.
  25. St. Jimmy

    New engine?

    Hard to say anything about DayZ if you could easily make all kinds of PvP modes, how well those would be supported and what kind of modules BIS will bring in DayZ. In DayZ there wouldn't be any kind of vanilla PvP mode that could include combined arms. Examples of those things need to be done by the community alone. Also DayZ has optimized the network bubble to work in their game. Not sure how things behave in long distance fighting and shooting. Life, Battle Royale etc. could easily get in DayZ, but some combined arms PvP modes need way more work.