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  1. cas

    VLS artillery computer

    1: Use a drone to laser mark a target 2: Use the drone (UAV) terminal to switch to the VLS 3: lock the VLS to the laser target ("r" key) and press fire works just fine but you need a UAV terminal
  2. The blackfish gunship is a nice toy! I wonder why it is totally underused in the Campaign and all SP missions. For the future of ARMA i would like to see campaigns for planes / helicopters . ARMA has a perfect environment to make evasion and rescue of downed pilots to an natural part of a Pilot campaign. (kind of like in OFP but more random depending on your actual mission performance)
  3. cas

    Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    Yes the new ship is great especially with the new features (boat, heli landing, fire support). I can accept that it is static (we don´t have moving subs or other ships anyway). I would like to see a static cargo ship/ferry that could be used (by all factions) to get the heavy equipment like tanks to the islands. With that implemented the ARMAIII universe would be more or less complete / plausible. The long range AA assets are great. Right now you can fly your planes >4000m above the islands and you are invulnerable to AA. Nice to see this changing. Is it possible to make the big radar domes on the islands working? (or a device we can place inside them to make them work) Would be nice to see them feed data to AA units!
  4. cas

    Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    Great roadmap! I like every part of it Still hope that they allow a community version of the Apex campaign to become a true single-player campaign! If you want to replay the entire campaign (with the new assets implemented) the Apex part would really be missing for SP
  5. I just finished re playing the east wind campaign. After all the new mini campaigns it was nice to see the original timeline and all the locations! Then I saw the news about the apex SP campaign..... Such a shame I really hoped for a release of a proper SP campaign. The original campaign is quiet open ended so the Apex campaign is really important to conclude the story! For me the apex campaign really is a let down in SP Could you consider to give the campaign contend to the community so it can be converted as a Third-Party DLC?
  6. Oukej I really like the new MFD functions, a thing I really would like to see changed: Give the key to change mode of the GPS/map MFD additional zoom functionality. The first two key press do the same as now and additional key presses go to the view that has a static map (north up) and cycle through the different zoom settings (zoom out). Like this we would get a zoomable map without adding additional keys (if that is what you want to avoid) Thank you for constantly improving the game!
  7. No, only the teamleader of the other crew members, not the pilot!
  8. WOW Gave the Blackfish another try after the tank addon: Waypoint: careless, speed slow, loiter left, radius 1000m, altitude 800m Put a spotter on the ground and group all the other positions in the Blackfish to the ground spotter. Make them all playable. Works perfect: after ranging targets with T all shots are spot on! 20 and 40mm are very effective against soft targets. You can also switch to the spotter on the ground and the AI in the Blackfish will engage, including soldiers. Nice fireworks!
  9. Still would like to see a propper SP version too! Player controlled AI squads and connected missions.
  10. cas

    My first Tac-Ops DLC Impression

    Always nice to see new SP contend! ARMA has always some surprises.... I did not expect anything special from the Laws of War addon and boy I was wrong: Some of the best missions in the arma3 series and new contend! The Laws of War campaign felt realistic and the missions encouraged to explore the map. And now with the new Tac-Ops addon I had big expectations: Improved close quarter combat or improved high command? No ... nothing Tactical missions? What is tactical about them? Pretty standard missions that play the same every time you play. The missions are pretty difficult resulting in heavy use of save games... this leads to you facing exactly the same enemy's in the same locations. Makes it feel like a tunnel shooter and highlights ARMAS week points for example AI enemies spinning around when shot in the back and killing the player instantly. All missions make you face a superior adversary, is this necessary to be fun? I hate playing save games after you die but if you restart the missions they are basically the same again! Where is the re-playability? My "dream mission" for this addon would have been: A big take this town/area mission, delay reinforcements and hold back a counter-attack. Good AI battle plans including attack forces, blocking forces and support forces (including planes, drones, helicopters and artillery). The battle should basically play out without player input. After a set time the mission should end and there should be a real debriefing that describes the mission outcome: victory /draw/ defeat in relation to the losses on both sides. The player can in the beginning chose one of ALL the units that participate: You can choose a simple soldier and follow the AI or command a squad and find a new path. You could command a helicopter or have a high command function where you control the support assets (artillery /CAS) from a drone and synchronize the troop movements via radio triggers. The same mission could also be played as the defender... This would be a true "tactical" mission that would highlight ARMA´s strong sides: The high number of different assets the game offers, true combined arms, replayability and change of perspective. It would not be crucial that you archive a certain goal (never a mission failed message that stops the scenario) the mission would come to an end no matter what and you could evaluate the debriefing. Sometimes you did good but the other AI units failed and the mission is still a defeat, or the other way around -many possibility's... I made such missions for myself in the editor and I would love to see this made professionally! Come on BIS I know you can surprise me! Anyway thanks for the new SP content, it is still nice.
  11. cas

    Arma 3 too small for fixed wing

    I would like the Maps to have a bigger area of sea surrounding the islands! You could park the carrier long away from the island. And there would be enough space for air combat.
  12. cas

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I am surprised to see no new content / features. (was hoping for improved high command or close quarter battle) But: As I am mostly playing single player, good crafted SP missions with high re-playability would be very nice indeed! We still get new features with the tank-DLC
  13. Quote Added: Vehicle commander can now control his vehicle directly by the WASD keys without AI responsibility delay (there should be no difference by driving from driver or commander position, AI crew still needs to be present) Does the indirect steering (with AI as driver) also work for helicopters and planes? Would be great if you could steer (WASD) a helicopter from the gunner position while zoomed in using the optics!
  14. cas

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    Great campaign!!! Love it! I was really worried after the Apex campaign (spoiled the add-on for me and I still hope they convert the Apex campaign to a popper SP campaign too) I have big respect for BIS for making an effort to educate about laws of war. Still hope for improved medical simulation and MEDEVAC functions -would fit perfect to the new items and vehicles. Made me start playing the original campaign again! Thanks for all the fixes in the original campaigns! (please remove the forced regular diff. for the prologue)
  15. cas

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Could we get a MFD map we can zoom in/out manually?