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  1. Great, thanks Gunter.
  2. New Map Location

    Thank you pierremgi.
  3. Is it possible to change where a map opens in the Editor?

    Looking forward to it!
  5. Yes you were all correct gentlemen. Everything working great now. It came from DayZ Medic's Random (ish) Artillery tutorial and he said the 'sleep' number could be randomised but I just couldn't figure out how. It adds a great deal of uncertainty to the single player game which is all I play.Thanks again.
  6. Thank you both. I'll do as you say.
  7. I am a complete noob when it comes to scripting but I've tried. Can anyone tell me how to make this 'sleep' number random please? I thought this _sleep = round random 20; buy it doesn't work.
  8. Supports Module.

    Ok sorted this. I needed to reassign some of my Ace commands.
  9. Supports Module.

    Ok. Thanks stanhope I'll do that.
  10. Let me just say first off I've searched for anything relevant to this problem, followed the How To videos, set up a basic game with no mods in the editor, tried everything I can think of. So....I want to use artillery ingame. In the editor I go to Modules/ Supports, Put down a Support Provider Artillery (Virtual) Module and a Support Requester Module setting the Artillery Limit in the module to 10. I link them and link The Support Requester module to the player. I start the game in the editor. Centre screen I get a box saying ' New Support Available ' In the top left corner of the screen I get the artillery symbol, press F1 the box comes up with '5 Status, 0 Reply.' I press 5 box comes up with 7 options number 1 is ' Call Support.' I press 1 and get an empty box. No further options. Anyone tell me where I'm going wrong?
  11. Ihantala

    Beautiful maps! Thank you.
  12. I had the map loading problem this afternoon so I went on Steam to check the WW2 Objects mod page where I saw that you had just been informed of it. An hour or so later I checked back and the hotfix was posted. Very impressive guys!
  13. Fabulous!!!! This WW II experience just keeps getting better and better! Thank you.