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  1. Thanks for your continuing support for this great addon.
  2. Great stuff Gunter! Thanks.👍
  3. Great stuff Gunter! Thanks for this. 👍
  4. ayjay


    Is it possible to play as Zeus and be able to switch to Spectator?
  5. ayjay

    Staggered Column

    Well unless I'm doing something wrong to get them moving in Staggered column you have to be at least in Aware in Behaviour. I can't understand why it's coded like that, I believe real life Infantry often move in staggered column while simply marching.
  6. ayjay

    Staggered Column

    Thanks for your reply Jackal326. I've only tried it in Zeus. I'll try what you suggest in the Eden Editor.
  7. Anyone know of a way to get an AI unit to march in formation Staggered Column while having to have their Behaviour set in Safe or Careless?
  8. Great! Will look forward to this.
  9. So this is my first day trying Lambs and obviously I'm a complete newbie with it. I only play offline so I'm wondering is there any way to disable casualties automatically respawning? Apologies to nkenny. It wasn't this mod causing the respawning. 😕
  10. Thanks. A great map.
  11. I have this great mod as the basis for my WW II gaming and just about every WW II mod available with it. So a lot of mods. Now while in the editor today I noticed that in the editor if I select a vehicle bringing up its attributes in the 'Object Special States' section I only have four options down as far as 'Enable Damage'. I closed the game down and loaded a vanilla set up and found that all the Object Special States options were back so before I go through the laborious task of disabling my mods one at a time then reloading the game and trying it out does anyone know of a mod that could be causing this problem. Thanks for any help.
  12. Great work ! Thank you team. 😀
  13. Great work. Thanks.
  14. Making a great mod even better. Thanks for your hard work Team.