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  1. Disappointed at the 'money pit' tactics

    Arma 3 is a multiplayer game and anyone buying it to use as single player is going to be disappointed. It can be used in single player but update after update ( including the next one) is aimed at making the game better for multiplayers. Play a single player mission and try to save it and you'll see what I mean.
  2. I'm finding that if I make a unit 'Playable' and use it as such, I cannot then seem to return it to Zeus control in that it will not follow a 'Move' command. I've tried a few things like MCC 'Return to Zeus' module but so far nothing that I've tried works. The unit just stands still.
  3. Sabre's Secret Weapons

    Thanks for all your hard work DSabre. Great stuff!!!
  4. Team Switch Issue

    Wyqer and pierremgi thanks for your answers. I'll get on it.
  5. Suddenly out of the blue my 'Team Switch' option off the 'U' key is not working. I 've tried deleting and reinstating the 'U' key option and assigning a different key to the Team Switch command but no go. Anyone had this problem and solved it?
  6. tws move speed mod

    I'm all for reality twisted. Thanks.
  7. I understand this question might not relate to IFA3Lite but I was wondering if anyone knows which mod randomly selects 'Face' items and adds them to units? ( If anyone from the Iron Front Arma 3 Lite mod wants to delete this post please do.)
  8. Fabulous!!! Thank you.
  9. Great, thanks Gunter.
  10. New Map Location

    Thank you pierremgi.
  11. Is it possible to change where a map opens in the Editor?
  12. Yes you were all correct gentlemen. Everything working great now. It came from DayZ Medic's Random (ish) Artillery tutorial and he said the 'sleep' number could be randomised but I just couldn't figure out how. It adds a great deal of uncertainty to the single player game which is all I play.Thanks again.
  13. Thank you both. I'll do as you say.