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  1. VariousArtist

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Holy, after having played this mission a good while ago Ive just noticed that development continued on a fork! Mindblowing! Eagerly looking forward to that 2020 updates! Thanks a lot, @Vdauphin - keep it rolling!
  2. VariousArtist

    Kujari: PMC ops

    Wow, looking forward to this! Love such complex stuff with high replayability where you can sink your teeth in! But can you please, please offer a version without dependency on RHS? Theres folks like me who are not keen on playing with RHS! Thanks for considering!
  3. Most of what you said is probably true and sound, but Im playing solo, and with that you have a very different timing because you also have to handle the dreaded Arma AI. Means: You have to rush and gather some more fighters which usually dont fit into the pickup so you cant get all of them in time to the next target. Also with some mission layouts the enlist missions can be very unfortunate so you already have to spent at least 5-8 on a single one. By the time I have enlisted 1 or even 2 groups Opfor already starts to rush their territory claims. Way faster than its possible to cope with it. From there on (with "relaxed" settings) its an uphill battle vs. an enemy thats rolling downhill over me. Theres barely time to pick up stuff, like ATs, and/or at least outfit 1-2 soldiers with some better, looted armor. Even when I managed to solve 1-3 goals the base defend mission triggers at around ~30-35 mins. So far I havent seen a result that a base defend mission can be won so you can return to attack?! And hit and run? Sure, I know about that option, but again: Im playing solo with AIs... and those usually dont disengage witout being slaughtered. So its not really an option. Sneaking and stalking? I found out that its no option too, because of Opfors mad land rush speed. In general I think that the general timings of the enemies could need more room for solo runs. Btw, on Tanoa Vanilla I just encountered a Gorgon without having destroyed any vehicle. Gorgon vs. 6 footsoldiers? Hm...
  4. VariousArtist

    [SP] Warping Plague

    On a fundamental base I would agree. However over the years digging into game development I changed my stance somewhat. Not regarding blunt respawns but about implement respawns more in the way of "knock-outs" that impact the pace of gameplay. There is a simple reason - reloads are no less immersion breakers than respawns are. Kind of the "same difference". But for example, the way how Shadow of Mordor progresses your enemies via the Nemesis system became a game changer for me. Food for thought. Instead of either respawn or reload we can also implement player death rather as a knock-out that progresses something in the gameworld. Was clearly a game changer when I started to develop with such concepts. And in my mind this is clearly the least immersion breaking approach recent game development came up with. Also, Arma Contact is out. I guess nobody cant deny that Warping Plague and the Contact stuff feels like natural siblings. Im curious - do you have you any news to share and brainstorm about (possible) Contact content/integration?
  5. VariousArtist

    [SP/MP] [RPG] Fall of men

    Sad Panda! =(
  6. VariousArtist

    [SP/MP] [RPG] Fall of men

    So, development on this is stopped?
  7. Tried this mission 3 times so far. 2 times a Nyx rolled in after I cleared my first target. And before I could get my hand on anything AT it wiped out my whole team. Gave up on this. Cant see the fun in this. Sorry.
  8. VariousArtist

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Insurgency places markers to find a weapon cache randomly in the area where a cache can be found. Each marker shows the distance to the cache. So with a couple of markers you can triangulate the probably location of a cache. Looks like this: Regarding the materials I propably have to test the balance a bit more - if they are now meant to be gained from the treasure houses. Not sure if you overhauled the weapon loot drops from houses? In my past playthrough (~4.5hrs) the looted weapons from houses had been horrible. Mostly pistols (haha, I already have a pistol...) and a single MP. Gladly I found a MX SW from a bandit attack, so it didnt matter. But this playthrough.. Im curious.. Let me guess? Treasure houses? Also, the usage of tier 5 armor by bandits seems to be super excessive. Barely seen anything than high-end armor on them. Do your own guards use Armor from the loot crate? (havent seen them wearing any armor, I think) Do your own guards actively engage enemies inside the town circle? (havent seen them doing much)
  9. VariousArtist

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Oh dang, indeed. Its the scout range, lol. My fault. However, the triangulation system is a problem. Im on day 3 and havent gone for the tringulated vault and now my map is a mess of tringulation arcs. Cant see anything any longer. Couldnt we go with Insurgency-style triangulation instead? Its neat and definatly less obstructive, hehe. Also, I think food production is overdone. In my 2 playthroughts a single guy could feed the whole community for every. (Food production + scouts and then the production upgrades blow it finally out of the roof). I like the changes to the the house-looting system. Less grind, scouts suddenly have an impact, but I think the numbers for material gains are now off. Material producation values have not much impact in relation to what you need and with the changes to looting you get a lot less mats now.
  10. VariousArtist

    [SP] Warping Plague

    I think theres a bug with fasttravel. I have Dourdan (east) and La Pessagne (west) unlocked. Everytime I try to fasttravel to La Pessagne I end up in Dourdan instead. FT to Houdan, no problem. Bug?
  11. VariousArtist

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Im not sure if it was changed yet - at least it wasnt posted as changelog - but 40+ AIs with hovering markers over there head massively kill the FPS in town.
  12. @Gemini I think you cannot do the village supply mission on Tanoa when the Target is on those islands that cant be reached via road vehicle. Some items need 12 cargo units but nothing that swims or flies can load over 10!? Also you cant slingload those resources. So, unsolvabel problem?
  13. VariousArtist

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Fun, that I had Contact in mind too when I stumpled over the mission the first time. Regarding BIS' recent practices I doubt there will be much of that tools free without nag-screens, which would be a real downer for the mission. Im still totally open to see those anomalies implemented that Alias developement. I mean, just look all that amazing zhit: Smuggler https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB5ZIax4lgg&list=PLod_PhpAOFQhpTRYpoVPwiikPN1aoboFs&index=9&t=0s Farty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSPe7YuDCXA&list=PLod_PhpAOFQhpTRYpoVPwiikPN1aoboFs&index=31&t=0s Burper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KiMeGF8EwM&list=PLod_PhpAOFQhpTRYpoVPwiikPN1aoboFs&index=28&t=0s Screamer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwFgQCvTchc&list=PLod_PhpAOFQhpTRYpoVPwiikPN1aoboFs&index=37&t=0s Sparky https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQTsorn_Wog&list=PLod_PhpAOFQhpTRYpoVPwiikPN1aoboFs&index=39&t=0s As if they where made exactly for this mission. It screams for implementation. Loud and hard! 😃 Especially because I havent seen them implemented in any missions so far anyway. Sad panda.
  14. VariousArtist

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Gave this mission a first run yesterday, but had to give up pretty soon. Sadly the performance is nowhere that I would consider the mission "playable". On a simple Intel-i5 listen server the mission was super laggy and unplayable. Throwing a dedicated server at it just to make a "more playable" shouldnt be a solution. I really like the concept, but this needs lots of performance improvements. Basicly the stuff that scripters developed over the past years since we had to accept that "unhinged whole island warfare" isnt working in Arma. Please dont try to dial the wheel back to pre-Arma2 times. 😉 I would like to see options for the size of the "playfield". Not using the whole island is a start, but I would also like to have options for smaller scales, too. Somehow I respawned twice exactly at the spot where I died in an enemy town. No idea how to reproduce that.
  15. VariousArtist

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Thanks for the quick reply, Rydygier. If the creatures are intended to spawn "out of thin air" im ok with that. Even with them spawning close to you. Im most "usual arma missions" it is rather a flaw, but if properly implemented I see a good reason for this here. Maybe a way to give chance for "a call" to the player before spawns might happen? Something so he knows this might happen in a moment - a sound, a ghost-O-meter, a kind of geiger counter reading maybe? I dont think loot is a "shallow effect" to keep players invested. Granted its not either "investing gameplay" for sure, and with your background in Pilgrimage I think I understand where you come from. However the exploration/looting aspect needs more meat on the bones. For a starter less houses with upped gains should be good, so a players isnt forced (or "moticated") to "groundhog-day" 20+ houses every day. Its super repetive. Also, its not exactly needed that all houses are marked as lootable (hovering question mark). I think rather marking fewer as "promising ones" could also cut down on the repetition? And regarding meat to the bones of house exploration I would rather think about more stuff to happen (also in the kind of risk/reward gameplay balance). - Why not treat found survivors a tad more in the way State of Decay does? Maybe they are mental and attack you, or you actually have to build some trust before the join you. Or they try to blackmail you and/or call in the baddies? - I havent seen groups of the Fittest in towns - mostly just creatures. I would like to see a chance they could show up the longer you stay in a town. - more options to find intel about bigger caches of material? I like the chance of those "special loot houses" - make it more of a hunt for intel to locate them Anomalies So far it seems that the anomalies are mostly just sitting there in their region and do nothing. Make them mysterious. - chances that they somehow spawn in towns, making looting impossible. - add a way to find out how to repel them temorarily from towns? - more anomalies? Alias is doing a lot of anomaly scripting - this mission begs to implement them (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Di26PjojGI)