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  1. becubed

    Underwater Combat - shooting underwater?

    As Harzach said it's through the use of supercavitating rounds. If you are interested there is an article on them here http://www.defensereview.com/revolutionary-dsg-supercavitating-rifle-ammo-for-shooting-underwater-into-the-water-or-out-of-the-water-multi-environment-ammunition-mea-makes-its-debut-photos-and-video/
  2. becubed

    Forums Upgrade

    Does anyone else get an issue with the length of the post displayed when in the unread content view with the expanded option? The one for julian167's Dedicated server topic was 16 screens full of text for me.
  3. becubed

    Making car undrivable

    Stick some traffic cones around it and then set the fuel to zero? That way your escapee may waste some valuable time.
  4. becubed

    The real Stratis hit by locust plague.

    Well that's one way to fix the grass draw distance issue
  5. becubed

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    I might be telling you something you already know but https://theaviationist.com/2014/07/16/c-130-land-on-carrier/ I
  6. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T85764 This is still an issue in the latest stable build.
  7. becubed

    How to attack as pilot in helicopter? I'm lost

    When you try and point the nose of the chopper down the whole chopper rotates, this means that the blades are no longer perpendicular to the ground and try and pull the chopper forward. Since you have auto-hover on it tries to keep you in the one spot, the only way it can do that is to level or tilt the chopper backwards so that the blades then drag you back to where you were. Hope that is clear enough to help, if you haven't already, try switching to 3rd person and have a look at what happens when you move the controls.
  8. No controller just mouse and keyboard. I just retried it with no mods at all and the same thing happens. Type of sights don't seem to make a difference even iron sights and binoculars do it..
  9. I use the stable branch with deadzone enabled and there are problems with it in that zooming in while using a reflex sight moves the point of aim. If I start here and then zoom I end up here A similar thing happens when switching between the reflex part of a sight and the telescopic part. Sometimes it's impossible to re-acquire your target as you have no idea where the point of aim has shifted to.
  10. becubed

    Coop for 4 players these days

    Try the Dynamic Recon Ops series by mbrdmn on the steam workshop. There are 37 of them each for a different map and they have proved excellent fun for myself and a few mates.
  11. Actually it's not a bug and is realistic. The line of sight is above the barrel of the rifle which is where the bullet is spawned. Do a google image search for 'line of sight balistic arc' and you can find some examples of line of sight compared to the path a bullet takes in real life.
  12. becubed

    Aiming Deadzone Bug

    You arn't the only one as it was the same for me when I last played about 1 week ago.
  13. I'm getting this error on quite a few topics when I click to view them. It's always the same title on the tab "forums.bistudio.com Driver Server Level Error" two of the URLs I was getting it on were An error occured with the SQL server: mySQL query error: SELECT tg.* ,t.*, t.approved, t.title as topic_title, t.posts as topic_posts, t.last_post as topic_last_post,m.*,p.*,xxx.* FROM core_tags tg LEFT JOIN topics t ON (t.tid=tg.tag_meta_id) LEFT JOIN members m ON (last_poster_id=m.member_id) LEFT JOIN profile_portal p ON (p.pp_member_id=m.member_id) LEFT JOIN core_tags_cache xxx ON (xxx.tag_cache_key=MD5(CONCAT('forums',';','topics',';',t.tid))) WHERE tg.tag_meta_app='forums' AND tg.tag_meta_area='topics' AND tg.tag_meta_id !=191963 AND tg.tag_text IN ('Tanoa','bipod','Stupid behavior') AND tg.tag_aai_lookup IN (SELECT tag_perm_aai_lookup FROM core_tags_perms WHERE ( ( FIND_IN_SET(3,tag_perm_text) ) OR ( tag_perm_text='*' ) ) AND tag_perm_visible=1 ) ORDER BY tg.tag_meta_id desc LIMIT 0,100 This is not a problem with the IPS Community Suite but rather with your SQL server. Please contact your host and copy the message shown above.
  14. Non-reciprocating charging handle? They are around.
  15. becubed

    [SP] Alone - Tanoa

    As for objectives what about the partner is not dead but unconcious. You need to find assistance and return to rescue them. If you wanted to you could also include a time limit on it so that you have to return with medical aid within a set time.