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  1. I disagree. There is absolutely zero reason to restrict usage that way. It is fine, if people want to use it as a "nice limited fighting place", but others don't. Worst case mission makers will either go and search for that flat ground on the peripheral and get something working, or even build an artificial strip by planting the stilted tarmac modules from Apex, but trust me, those airfields will pop up, if they are needed for a scenario. It would just be so much more convenient and user friendly to have them prepared in a proper way (again, with very limited effort!) and provided to that part of the community that would love to use the terrain for bigger PVP large-scale engagements like CTI, KoTH or EUTW.
  2. And I hope people realize nothing like new buildings, bridges (although the ones currently there suck for boats passing under!), or airports or mountaints or whatever are needed. Only thing we would really love to see is that parts of the terrain outside of the populated area is flattened. It's a modification to the heightmap, not rocket science, not manual placement of whatever. It doesn't require much more, just an area large enough to land planes on. Think salt lake on Altis.
  3. And who said something about objects exactly? Flatten the area, allow players to land planes. Assets can be placed by mission makers. If it’s possible, give the ground at that area a runway texture for better identification, if not, also fine. We just need areas where planes can safely land and take off.
  4. For the upcoming Contact DLC weapon content, can you please include colored reload-tracer variants for all factions, please? This should be rather simple to do, but would allow mission makers to repurpose some of the new weapons also for different factions. In general, it would be great, if all magazines in the game would by default come with reload-tracer variants in green, red and yellow. Alternatively, please provide blank variants without any-reload tracers.
  5. The HUD marking for airstrips would be a bonus anyways... the really really really important part would be to get additional flat areas to safely land planes on, which mission makers can use in addition to the single airstrip on the actual play area. Ideally, these are positioned on the empty peripheral parts of the terrain and marked somewhere.
  6. Would it be possible to add at least two more airfields to this map to support competitive play involving aircraft on both sides? They could be located outside of the actual play area in the unpopulated peripheral area of the heighmap. It's just important that there two large, flat areas that planes could land on - ideally marked as airfields so they show up on the heads-up display of jets when approaching. There is no need for any objects or assets, but of course having a proper tarmac with even ground and runway textures would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  7. It appears that the hellcat cannot lock-on with any guided missiles you equip on the pylons. Out of the light helis, it is the one that can actually carry the largest amount of scalpels, but they are useless as you cannot lock any target with them. It works fine when equipping DAGRs and Scalpels on the Pawnee and Orca however. I would assume the hellcat works as well. Is this because of missing sensors on the hellcat or an intentional design choice?
  8. nyles

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    For variety, an unarmed version of the Xi'an would be much appreciated. This allows using it for low intensity missions where the default weapons are simply overkill without having to script the guns away while they are still visible on the model. Ideally, the weapon pylons are removed on either side and the nose-mounted cannon is replaced by a thermal 360° camera, like on the UAV helicopter for the copilot/gunner to use.
  9. I do agree with the indicator to show that the weapon is rested. In addition, such an indicator could help solve another issue: Whether you are actually aiming at the wall or not. The dynamic crosshair is helping with this right now, but with crosshairs disabled there is no real way of knowing whether the barrel is pointing out into the world or, if it's actually pointing at the corner of the window frame. An indicator that shows you whether your weapon is rested or not could be used to solve this by making sure that the check for weapon resting includes the check whether you weapon barrel has a clear view or not. So even without a crosshair, players would see if they are positioned correctly or not. Maybe it would also be enough to just have the dynamic crosshair still show even when crosshairs are normally disabled as long as the raycast detects and obstacle immediately. This is a bit of a separate issue from the resting indicator, but if we can find a way to combine them into one hud element, even better.
  10. Might have been mentioned somewhere before, but it would be really awesome, if server admins could force the advanced flight model (just like disabling 3rd person) on their servers.
  11. The issue is not disorientation regarding your surroundings when you look around, it's more about disorientation because of control loss with the user interface. This is not normal and should work less intrusive. Looking back a couple of pages and seeing the various responses to how the current up/down look implementation can have negative effects on driving in (primarily) 1st person view, it's seems pretty obvious that there is still need to improve this otherwise great future a bit further. I am sure the next beta will give us a more refined implementation - be it via deadzone tweaking, a 1p/3p filter or by allowing to remove it altogether.
  12. I am personally not very happy with this. I think this worked better without in yesterday's build. If I want to look around I toggle freelook and steer with keyboard. I found myself accidently looking up or down quite a lot while steering with mouse. Maybe capping the max look angles a lot or reducing look speed could help to make it less annoying?
  13. There are often moments in the armaverse when our linear slowdown by press and holding "S" isn't quite enough and having more responsive breaks would surely help a lot in taking the much improved driving precision with the new controls to an even higher level of control for the user. I can drive slow, normal and fast, why can't I then at least break normal or hard? :) And the super-accelerating downhill racing of ArmA tanks is an entirely different topic in regard to laws of physics not mattering, hehe. :rolleyes: