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  1. lugiahua

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Bugs: - Save get corrupted easily after certain point of the game, causing the game to crash when loaded, making loading progress really hard. (this is the most game breaking one, since it's almost impossible finish the game in just one sitting) - If you accidentally drop ID in a stash after rescued the prisoner, ID would be delete like other items, render the objective unable to complete - Games gets really resource heavy after a few hours, action script (like search intel) takes twice longer to execute. Seems like old assets aren't really deleted - Following above, a few times furniture spawn right on me and instantly killed me, usually after game start to slow down. - Sometimes rebel fireteam would act as hostile to player despite still showing green friendly tags - Not sure if this is a glitch or I used it wrong, I was almost never able to call in rebel assault. The boss guy told me they are attacking target but I don't see any rebel units showing up? Wishlist: - Able to recruit your own fireteam by paying rebels. Some locations like radar station or airfield is too difficult and unrealistic doing it lone wolf. - Maybe rebel artillery support in the future? Could have single mortar fire a salvo to soften target. Can make it expensive or inaccurate to compensate it's power. Questions: - What's with outbreak zone? Do I have to wear CBRN suit and mask to go in? - I noticed some enemy location don't spawn, while others spawn as soon as I left, why is that? - I noticed there are finite number of enemy jet flyers, but they keep sending helicopters against me, sometimes 3 in a row. Is reinforcement random? Or that there is unlimited helicopters? I also only met wheel APC 3 times, and tracked IFV once. - As above, what's the proper way to calling rebel assault? I used the watch to set attack time, but they almost never showed up.
  2. lugiahua

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Just wondering, anyone played GM coop missions had prematurely victory problems? When I played Autobahnmeisters and Downhill, both missions ended as soon as I engaged the enemy, I didn't even finish enemy first wave. Also I feel Downhill needs more preparation time, they gave you a lot of AT mines, but even if you had full team of 12 players, there was simply not enough time to deploy them. (consider some player didn't have a backpack to even carry an AT mine.)
  3. Didn't SteelBeast (a military training sim) use similar control to current ArmA? There are mods to improve AI object detection like Vcom Driving, but they are very resource demanding. Just a few vehicles in urban terrain could cause significant performance drop.
  4. Smart Tank addon already allows Tank gunner to engage slow flying aircrafts, they would even switch to ATGM if available.
  5. Hi, I would like to report a bug: The mod seems having problem with popular Dynamic Recon Operation missions. When PIR is activated, you could not search dead bodies for intel. It's not game breaking per say, but make DRO very difficult since those mission depends on playing finding hidden objectives by search for intel.
  6. Hi, I noticed a glitch from the recent update If you place a F-16 and change loadout using Zeus, it would not be able to use laser designator or I-TGT system You have to use AMS truck to rearm to be able to use them. I believe this only happen with F-16, since AV-8B I also tested was fine.
  7. Hi, I hope it's not a stupid question. I really like how you have flechette and WP options for Hydra 70, but is there a reason (either realism or scrpiting) why each pylon on F-16 could only support one rocket pod versus 3 pods when using HE warhead? While it's fun to use flechette, the limitation that each F-16 could only have 28 AP/WP rockets in total doesn't make good trade off to have 84 traditional rockets.
  8. lugiahua

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Wheeled vehicles are never great offroad IRL either, it's just how track/wheel works. Abrams are actually faster offroad than much lighter Stryker. And as I already said, FCS is fine. I have played a lot of tank sim like Steelbeast, current Arma3 FCS is very similar to that one. My friend was a real world tank gunner, also agrees that current FCS is realistic enough, except lack of airburst for MPT rounds. ---- BTW, it seems there was plan to include programmable rounds at some point, or at least the script was there. MPT from autocannon sometimes failed to explode at impact if incorrect distance was imput, this is very noticeable when using 40mm gun on NATO APC.
  9. lugiahua

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Hi, I got a problem here. After installing the mod, I can't get on helicopter when there are enemy present in the area. AI pilot would kick us out of the helo. This would be a problem when mission requires hot extraction. I guess I could change it in config? But not sure which line affects this.
  10. lugiahua

    The Blackfish is not powerful enough

    You might be confused with HEDP or MP rounds. Some HEAT has fragment rings built into it such as M830A1 or FGM-148F (later Javelin) to give a limited anti-personal ability.
  11. lugiahua

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    A-10 in real world requires 1200m take off distance fully armed, Moray airfield only has 650m, half of the requirement the game is already very lax on the runway requirements.
  12. lugiahua

    Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    Today's Armytime headline is "These two Army BCTs will be the first to put robotic vehicles in their formations" , along with news about helmet display, injectable hemostatic, and assisted aiming rifles.. And there are plenty people still live in 1985 thinking ArmA3 is a sci-fi game
  13. lugiahua

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Sound like either you don't really know how to use the FCS, or you installed too many mods that break the game. The FCS is fine, I managed to hit a moving Marid at 3200m first round, followed by a slow moving helo at 3650m
  14. lugiahua

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Just wondering about the new mini campaign, is there more than one ending?
  15. Hi, I hope it's not thread hijacking, but will this mod (or if there is a mod currently) enable dynamic ingame load out with vanilla aircraft like F/A-181 Wasp?