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  1. hellfire257


    Brilliant, thank-you.
  2. hellfire257


    Does it include the AI purchasing fixes or is that still WIP?
  3. hellfire257

    OPX - American Building Pack

    This is incredible work. You're very talented.
  4. Just a quick question I can't find covered elsewhere. In your example faction config standardisation example, you've got the entry rarityGroup. Could you please provide a quick explanation of this entry and how it works? I'm not sure what values to assign or what the values will correspond to. Cheers!
  5. hellfire257

    EricJ Release thread

    Woah, okay. I apologise for trying to save you some time.
  6. hellfire257

    EricJ Release thread

    Done some digging into this myself, and it's the Afghan hats causing the issue. The itemInfo section should read like this, with the appropriate external class reference beforehand: class ItemInfo : HeadgearItem { bla bla bla };
  7. hellfire257

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That's right, but soon can be anywhere from 1 month to tomorrow. The team no doubt have other targets to reach concerning other parts of the pack which may delay the config updates. That's why I asked.
  8. hellfire257

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Any chance of a hotfix for the config error?
  9. hellfire257

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    That's far from true. There's been some detailed responses from staff.
  10. hellfire257

    UK leaves Europe

    Oh well. Little England it is. Thank-you for damaging my future, old people.
  11. Does this include your ARMA1 buildings? Like the ones for Avgani?
  12. Has there been any progress made on the OA rocks you can shoot though?
  13. I'd prefer a hidden 2D editor as well. It is better for some tasks and is so quick for testing. Please keep it for power users - it's great for workflow.
  14. hellfire257

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is there any chance of seeing a BMP-1D with a grenade launcher fitted instead of the Malyutka? I understand it was probably a rare variant, though.
  15. hellfire257

    RKSL 3 - A new start... Discussion

    Any chance of an armed version? GPMG underneath or something? :P