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    (Permanently Erased)

    Personal maintainability could also be a reason to have sufficient comments/headers in your code. I've worked on scripts since OFP, a lot have been transferred to Arma/Arma 2/Arma 3 and are in existence for well over 10 years. Being able to read comments in the code does help in understanding why on earth I did what I did back then.
  2. HitmanFF

    PvP Advance And Secure

    Would like to, but we have a (friendly) match tonight already :)
  3. HitmanFF

    PvP Advance And Secure

    Thanks, A separate channel for English speaking players would be good. I will join, and see if other members of FUSION are also interested. My French is way too limited to communicate efficiently in such circumstances ;)
  4. HitmanFF

    PvP Advance And Secure

    Hi salmon, AAS games greatly improve from team work and communication. Do you have e.g. a teamspeak server that can be joined during these games? Btw: Do you mean Thursday 28th or Friday 29th for the first session?
  5. HitmanFF

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Could we have the Linux servers via wine unstickied? With the latest linux update to v1.22, performance issues are solved, so there is no real need to run the arma 3 server via wine anymore.
  6. After several runs I can confirm that you can consider this issue closed!Thanks for solving and making the linux server fully fit for production.
  7. Will you update the tracker to work with steamworks query?
  8. Did you check steps as mentioned in this post? It did help me to get the server to show up in the steam client and in-game.
  9. We could only do a relatively short test of ~30 minutes, but we had steady 48-50 fps on maps that would only yield 6 fps on previous linux versions, all maps tested working fine as well. Linux server is performing quite well now!
  10. HitmanFF

    my start file for linux

    What does this mean for the performance of the linux server? Is that also back to default?
  11. HitmanFF

    my start file for linux

    It's worked just fine for me as well! Adding -maxmem=3072 looks to be the differentiating factor, changing from 6 fps on a light weight map to 50 fps.
  12. Question already asked by you, and answered here
  13. Your findings are consistent with reports in the linux server thread. We'll have to wait until BIS have improved performance of the linux server.
  14. I don't expect so. The low fps issue has been present since the first version of the linux DS, so it was before the latest v1.12 patch. I'm also not using the zeus module in any of my missions.
  15. Please check your PM for a link to the mission. It's on Altis, though it doesn't seem to make a difference which island is selected. It's a CTF map, no AI.Even with just one player these 5-6fps can be observed on the linux server.
  16. This is not possible. You can only have one admin logged in at the same time.
  17. After updating to v1.12, the performance issue is still present. 5-6 fps for the server on a map that will yield 50 fps on the windows server via wine. Until this performance issue is fixed, I can't run (and test) the server with more players, since this low fps really affects the game play.
  18. Thanks kju, Your work is (as always) much appreciated!
  19. The Arma3Profile is looked for in ~/.local/share/Arma 3 - Other Profiles/Player/ Folders are not created if (part of) the path is missing, that's probably why your profile files are not created. The -name= command line parameter is read, so that will change the name of the last folder in the path, but the -profiles= seems to be ignored. Arma3.cfg is read from ~/.local/share/Arma 3/
  20. I cannot see EXP being defined anywhere in your script. If that isn't defined, your mod line will effectively start with a semicolon, making it -mod=;@cba;@cba_a2;@cba_oa;@ace;@acex;@acex_usnavy; This will effectively prevent any mods from being loaded.
  21. HitmanFF

    Is There A CTF Template?

    It's not due to the map(s), but due to the functionality not yet available in ArmA3. Scripting is available, but the animated flag part not. teaCup has made a very nice workaround though.
  22. This thread referring to onPreloadFinished is for ArmA 2, but it works form ArmA 3 as well (I just did a quick check).
  23. Thanks for your guide, most helpful! I had two issues to get steam up and running in wine: First one was a checksum mismatch (apparently SteamInstall.msi was updated after winetricks), so I updated the winetricks script with the sha1 checksum from the downloaded SteamInstall.msi, second was crashing of wine after a lot of alsa related messages, which was resolved by loading the alsa dummy sound card driver with modprobe snd-dummy All was fine after solving these two points.