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  1. RQ-11B Raven Addon for Arma 3 Version 2.1 By Feint Official up to date Readme pages and detailed instructions can be found here: http://feintgames.com/rq-11b-raven-welcome/ ADDON INFO: The RQ-11A Raven was released in May of 2012 for Arma2 and was subsequently updated 3 more times. This new version, the RQ-11B Raven is being released for Arma3 as an evolution of that original addon. The scripts have all been overhauled, new models have been created with new textures and dozens of new features have been added. ADDON FEATURES: New 3d models (compared to Arma2) New and improved textures New in-camera sounds New 3D controllable camera New Ground Control Station interface New Tactical Laser for target marking for ground troops New Laser Designator for bomb guidance INSTALLATION: Install the “@RQ-11_RAVEN_AB_A3†to your Arma3 root directory (usually located here: c:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Arma 3) Add the “userconfig†folder and its contents to your Arma3 root directory. OPTIONAL: Customize the “raven_keys.hpp†file using any text editor to the keystrokes you prefer and save. DEPENDENCIES: CBA Community Based Addons USAGE: The RQ-11B Raven Backpack can be found in the Backpacks section of the editor. Place in the editor and preview your mission. To add backpack to your unit, in the init line, type: this addBackpack B_MAV_B_BACKPACK; All of the parts of the Raven can be found in the editor under the section titled: [RQ-11] Raven Parts KNOWN ISSUES: The tactical laser can malfunction when operating more than one Raven at a time. Engine sounds aren’t the smoothest Assembly process doesn’t appear correctly. This is an Arma 3 bug. Usually this only happens once per mission. There may be some unintentional multiplayer issues Sometimes the Raven lands on the ground and takes off after a few seconds when operating at minimum altitudes – WORKAROUND: raise altitude Sometimes the Raven stops in mid-air and just hangs there for a few seconds Tactical laser is difficult to see at night without NV goggles and even then it’s pretty hard to see from a distance (this is a limitation of DrawLine3D) When launching from 3rd person, sometimes your unit will step over before launching addAction to build the Raven not showing up on backpack when backpack unloaded from vehicle - FIXED IN VERSION 2.1 CHANGELOG: VERSION 2.1: FIXED: addAction not appearing on backpack after unloading it from a vehicle FIXED: Missing semicolons in config around descriptions of the functions FIXED: Missing required addon listing in config [*]VERSION 2.0: INITIAL RELEASE SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD: version 2.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/89ljpglfhtmz7lb/RQ-11_RAVEN_ARMA3_VERSION_2.0.7z version 2.1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/auxyx45dgegfg8k/RQ-11_RAVEN_ARMA3_VERSION_2.1.7z MIRROR: RQ-11B Raven v2.1 Community Base addons A3
  2. Today I started a new mod for the SDV. I first wanted to figure out a way to add light to the interior. However, there are a few problems with using chemlights (noise, looks OK from exterior, but not great from interior, temporary and has to be regenerated, too bright, light spills all over the model). But luckily I found that there is actually an interior light already built into the SDV by Bohemia Interactive that solves all of these problems. They just set the values really low and you can't see it in the vanilla SDV. So I decided to play around with the settings and voila! With the doors closed, you can't see the interior light at all. I'm also implementing a few other config changes because I don't like how you can't control the mast when you're the driver and I don't like that you can't open or close the exterior doors when outside of the SDV. Planned Features: Interior Light Front - done Interior Light Rear - done Doors can be closed from inside or outside of the SDV - done Separate Door Opening/Closing for each door - done Periscope Mast can be raised or lowered by the driver - done Periscope starts out stowed, not deployed, when placed on the map - done Gunner PIP scope is zoomed in so it's more usable - done Custom Sound Effects - Foley in progress NOAS - ABANDONED DUE TO BUGS 3D Clickable cockpit (maybe - only really works when not moving because of SimX limitations) - WIP Other features T.B.A. - WIP So far, I can only get the lights to turn on when the headlights are also on. I'd like to hook the interior lights up to only come on with the Collision Lights Action, but so far I'm still trying to figure out if that is even possible. I'd also like to figure out how to change the feed on the driver and gunner PIP scopes so that I can change from TV to NV to TI and back. I have a few ideas on how to do that, but so far nothing has worked. setPIPEffect doesn't work alone, so I think I need to set it and then setObjectTexture for the SDV again or something.
  3. Many of you have been following the development of the Underwater Diving Module for Arma2. That's something I'm still working on. But today I'd like to officially announce the development of the Underwater Diving Module for Arma3. What is the UDM? Basically it is a system that accurately keeps track of what's happening to your body as you dive under water. Diving is a very complex and potentially dangerous undertaking. I'd like to help simulate that complexity in order to make a more realistic diving experience in Arma3. Some of the features include: Dive Computer Tissue Loading Bar Graphs for O2 and N2 replaceable battery battery level tracking Dive Time (amount of time spent underwater) Heading (tracks body heading vs head heading) Gas Type Tracking Oxygen (100% O2) Nitrox I (32% O2, 68% N2) Nitrox II (36% O2, 64% N2) Heliox 28 (28% O2, 72% Helium (H3)) Heliox 21 (21% O2, 79% H3) Trimix (10% O2, 40% N2, 50% H3) Air (21% O2, 79% N2) [*]Circuit Type (closed vs. open vs. breath holding) [*]Gas Mode Cylinder Pressure Level BTR (breathing time remaining) Partial Pressure of Nitrogen tracked (ppN2) Partial Pressure of Oxygen tracked (ppO2) Alerts when ppN2 or ppO2 reach unsafe levels [*]Depth/Altitude Mode Current Depth or Altitude Maximum Depth Maximum Altitude Current Sea Pressure Level DECO Ceiling (decompression ceiling) [*]Buddy Breathing Can be implemented if you don't have a UBA and need one, or if you DO have a UBA and you are trying to help another diver that has run out of air Dive Computer keeps track of gas levels and partial pressures Attaches your unit to your buddy's unit so you can ascend to the surface while buddy breathing Able to be cancelled at any time and the UBA will be returned to its original owner (no UBA stealing) [*]Dive Gear Ditch and Don Ability to remove and store UBA while submerged Ability to retrieve and don your stored dive gear along with all variables such as cylinder pressure level [*]Underwater Medical Problems Nitrogen Narcosis DCS (decompression sickness aka The Bends) Oxygen Toxicity [*]Refilling Station Replace dive computer battery Drain and refill tanks with 7 different dive gases Things I need help with: How can I trigger rag doll effects (going unconscious) Can I have a diver appear to be wearing a UBA but be holding breath? I need a good ppEffects script to simulate the following: blurred vision tunnel vision Desaturation of colors at depth Future plans: Underwater Demolitions (Limpet Mine) Make the dive computer and battery an inventory item Holdable and attachable chem lights Ability to pick up dropped weapons while submerged Here's a short video showing what I have so far: D4YPJ1U_LJ4
  4. I've been posting on the Armaholic forums, but I'm in need of more help for something I'm working on. I've managed to get players to dive under water using attachTo. Basically I attachTo a pond, then setPos the pond and player under water. The main problem is that I can see the top surface of the pond. And since I'm new to model-making, I can't seem to create a new pond surface that works in game. I'm currently using MAP Editor Update to use the vanilla ponds. I've tried expanding that addon to use some of the other ponds that they didn't include such as "pondtest.p3d", but I can't get the configs correct. I am getting "no entry" errors all over the place. Can anyone point me in the right direction or maybe just take over this part of my addon? I need an invisible pond.
  5. I've been working on an RQ-11B Raven addon for Arma3 for a few months now. I've gotten it to a place where I'm close to releasing it. So I made this video to demonstrate some of the features such as: -Target Tracking -Laser Pointer -Target Height adjustment -All new keyboard and numpad keys -Overhauled code -New display layout -Expanded UAV and Target info -Ability to change units from Metric to Imperial -Map Marking -Raven Launching Animation (grenade throw) -Ability to put on and take off editor-placed backpack Enjoy: Here's the keyboard layout I'm working on: BI recently changed the way attachTo interacts with setDir and just the way attachTo seems to work in general. I'm having problems with attaching something, then detaching it and then trying to reattach it again with a script. I know something changed on their end because the script I was using before worked fine. I put in a few tickets to see if I can get some info on the problem. But if you have heard anything about attachTo changing (or changing the way certain objects or classes interact with attachTo), please let me know.
  6. //================================================== ====================// "PUSH AND KILL" FOR ARMA 3: ALPHA VERSION 2.0 CREATED BY JON HILLENBRAND (FEINT) WWW.JONHILLENBRAND.COM //================================================== ====================// Contacts: ================= Website: http://www.jonhillenbrand.com Facebook: http://fb.com/feintgames/ Required game: Arma3: Alpha (dev) ================= Tested with Arma 3: Alpha version 0.53.103696 Required addons: ================= none Description: ================= Frustrated that beaching a boat would make it unusable, I decided to start pushing them around. Then I started pushing around cars. Then quads. Then containers. Then stacks of bricks... you get the idea. This addon adds the ability for players to push vehicles and objects in the direction that they are looking. There are two versions: Module version and a Script version. See below for installation. In version 2.0, I add the ability to push or kill people if you are close enough to them. You can turn these features on and off. See below. NOTE: This version completely replaces version 1.0. If you have that installed, please delete it before installing version 2.0 Example Video for version 2.0 here (demonstrating new additional features): Example Video for version 1.0 here: Features: ================= Ability to push around vehicles and objects. Ability to push people. Ability to kill people. Ability to turn these features off (for people). Changelog/known bugs: ================= v. 2.0 = SECOND RELEASE RENAMED TO "PUSH AND KILL" (04/03/2013) v. 1.0 = INITIAL RELEASE (03/17/2013) - DENEGRATED KNOWN BUGS: ================= 1) If you stand too close to an object you are moving, it will damage you (it hits you). 2) Only the following classes can be pushed: AllVehicles, Thing, Object. Some objects don't fall within these categories. 3) On soft surfaces like sand, some objects can be thrown quite far (like trucks) 4) Helicopters can't be pushed - they just seem to take damage Installation: ================= INSTALLATION (MODULE): 0) Delete @PUSH-FEINT folder 1) Copy @PUSH_KILL-FEINT to Arma3 folder 2) In game, activate @PUSH_KILL-FEINT addon 3) Restart Game 4) Go into Editor 5) Add Push module 6) Add player 7) Add vehicle 8) Preview Mission 9) Go into Options > Controls > Keyboard > Custom Controls 10) Set a key for "Use Custom 11" (TIP: I set mine to Caps Lock) 11) Use that key to push the vehicle (once per second) INSTALLATION (SCRIPT): (see included mission for details) EDIT: If the mission doesn't work, here are the steps to make it work (to be tested & confirmed): Make a new mission and save it. Copy everything from the original mission folder (folders, init.sqf, description.ext) and place into your new saved mission. Play and enjoy. Follow instructions in the readme to turn on and off the push and kill functions for people. TO TURN OFF PUSHING OF PEOPLE: If using Module version, open the module and in the "init" line add the following: player setVariable ["cantPushPeople",1,true]; (note: You will still be able to kill people if you only turn off pushing.) TO TURN OFF KILLING OR PUSHING OF PEOPLE: If using Module Version, open the module and in the "init" line add the following: player setVariable ["cantKillPeople",1,true]; (note: You will still be able to push people if you only turn off killing.) Credits: ================= Credit for textures goes to Feint Sound effect was a free download for non-commercial use The Arma2 community is full of very helpful people and without them, this addon would not have been possible. On this particular project, knowledge I gained while working on my Underwater Diving Module and Aerial Refueling Scripts really helped. Please see those readMe files for specific people who helped me along the way. Disclaimer/License: ================= By use of this addon, you agree to the following: Any unauthorized modification and re-release of the released files is not allowed without written permission by the author(s). You are using these files at your own risk. Author(s) of those files are not liable for any damage or loss of data caused by use of these files. Usage of these files is prohibited for any commercial purposes. DOWNLOAD HERE: PUSH_KILL_BY_FEINT_V_2.rar MIRRORS: Push & Kill ver 2.0 (Arma 3 Alpha)
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, but no joy. Max I can set it to in the launcher is 8192. I also set the System memory limit to 30208. I also changed the Memory allocator to the various options with no improvement. I also checked all of the Extra threads boxes. No joy. EDIT: I changed the CPU count to 16 (I have 18 cores) and that fixed it!! Thanks for the suggestions again!
  8. I'm having the same problem. i9 9980xe 32 GB RAM at 3GHz RTX 2080 Ti OC Windows 10 - 64 bit Home All files validated. Running ultrawide 4k screen, though that shouldn't matter. Since it's a lighting bug, I found these two errors in the RPT file might be applicable: 20:06:56 SimulWeather - Cloud Renderer - noise texture file is not specified! 20:06:57 core\skyobject\skyobject.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape The flickering happens seemingly everywhere, all weather, all times of the day, though less noticeable at night without NVGs. Underwater, I don't seem to see the flickering. But maybe that's because there aren't trees or grass. But there are rocks which don't flicker underwater. Any ideas? Here's my RPT file with no mods loaded.
  9. This mod modifies most boats by giving them a killswitch for the engine and the ability to paddle the boat around silently. You can also use ropes with the boats for landmarking while swimming and as an anchor. The Zodiac-style boats receive improved maneuverability and engine power. You can also bury or camouflage the Zodiacs using bushes found nearby as well as use the ropes of the Zodiacs for towing. NEW FEATURES (Version 3.0+): Bury the boat in soft surfaces like sand and dirt In-game key menu for keys (config addons) Throw and retrieve ropes as driver of Zodiacs Shorten or lengthen ropes Attach ropes to other boats Pick up and move ropes to drag boat Camouflage your Zodiac with plants you can place and rotate Move from driver seat to cargo seat and back in Zodiac Paddle sideways when stopped GENERAL FEATURES: Paddle forward and backward Paddle to a stop Rotate the boat left or right Kill switch for the motor Increased rudder effectiveness on Zodiacs Increased engine power on Zodiacs Most boats have anchors added GENERAL FEATURES: Adds the ability to paddle forward and backward Adds the ability to paddle to a stop Adds the ability to paddle in a circle left or right in small degree increments Adds a kill switch to the motor which can be enabled or disabled Increases the rudder effectiveness of the base CRRC and similar Zodiacs Increases the engine power of the base CRRC and similar Zodiacs INSTALLATION: Subscribe on Steam Define the following keys in your game settings: Configure > Controls > Configure Addons > Paddle Mod REQUIREMENTS (VER 2.1+): CBA CHANGELOG: Version 3.4 FIXED: Paddle to a Stop was stopping too suddenly FIXED: Redundant check in Killswitch CHANGED: Rubber_duck_base_F no longer modified! - instead, children of that are modified to maintain more precise control over unintended functions in boats and mods that use Rubber_duck_base_F as a parent. CLASSNAMES MODIFIED (insideSoundCoef, rudderForceCoef, enginePower, thrustDelay, waterLinearDamping) "Rescue_duck_base_F" "I_C_Boat_Transport_01_F" "I_G_Boat_Transport_01_F" "I_Boat_Transport_01_F" "B_Boat_Transport_01_F" "O_Boat_Transport_01_F" "O_T_Boat_Transport_01_F" CHANGED: All paddle moves now require the boat engine to be off (let me know if this is a problem) TWEAKED: Spin boat left and right is a little more realistic now in terms of maintaining velocity TWEAKED: Slide boat left and right can now be done at a max speed of +/- 3 kph instead of 2 TWEAKED: Vehicle check is faster VERSION 3.0 ADDED: A shovel to all of the rubber boats (CRRC-style) ADDED: Ability to bury the rubber boats (and dig them up with a shovel in your hands) FIXED: Killswitch method changed so AI no longer jump out of boat when killswitch enabled ADDED: Killswitch to many other boats ADDED: Anchor for many other boats (rope length based on z height beneath boat) -- this actually stops your boat from drifting away ADDED: Support for MkV SOC boat (paddling, killswitch, anchor) FIXED: CBA Keys again ADDED: My URL to config entry CHANGED: mod.cpp to new method with mouseover effects in game CHANGED: Converted Keys to new CBA Keys methodology CHANGED: Only CRRC drivers can now throw ropes ADDED: Preview pictures to plants and rope back in Eden Editor VERSION 2.6 FIXED: Fixed a bug where you couldn’t drop the rope bag after using Arsenal in Zeus VERSION 2.5 ADDED: You can now slide the boat left and right when stopped with two new keybindings ADDED: You can now use the shortcut keys to shorten and lengthen the rope when holding the rope bag (shift arrows up and down) FIXED: Fixed a strange Zeus compatibility issue where you couldn't pick up the bag after using the Virtual Arsenal VERSION 2.1 ADDED: a new rope bag object via config item - in Objects (camping) in the editor FIXED: Quad appearing on rope bag on dedicated server FIXED: addAction to pick up rope bag not appearing on dedicated server FIXED: You will now drop the rope bag if you get into a vehicle or die FIXED: I removed the ability to pick up the rope bag when it's attached to another boat FIXED: addAction not disappearing after rope bag is dropped automatically VERSION 2.0 -ADDED: In-game key menu (config addons) – CBA is now required -ADDED: Ability to throw and retrieve ropes -ADDED: Ability to shorten or lengthen ropes -ADDED: Ability to attach ropes to other boats -ADDED: Ability to pick up and move ropes to drag boat -ADDED: Camouflage your boat mini-game -ADDED: Ability to move from driver seat to cargo seat and back -ADDED: Speed limitation to paddling forward and backward (10 kph) -FIXED: Tweaked water splashes sound levels -FIXED: Tweaked water splashes sound to be different on different surfaces VERSION 1.0: -Initial release CREDITS: Feint for coding, sound design and testing. DISCLAIMER & LEGAL: Any unauthorized modification of the released files is not allowed without any written permission by the author(s). You are using those files at your own risk. Author(s) of those files are not liable for any damage or loss of data caused by using of those files. Usage of those files is also prohibited for any commercial purposes. All work © Jon Hillenbrand - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Full Instructions with photos and videos are here: http://feintgames.com/paddle-mod-intro/ The Paddle Mod 2.6 is available here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=887302721
  10. Well, you can create the illusion of a carrier sinking. Here's how I'd do it: Get the names of all of of the parts of the carrier and add them to an array Call these parts something like, "_carrierPart1, _carrierPart2", etc. Add the names to an array Spawn a boat of some kind, the bigger, the better. setPos the boat to where it needs to be Run a forEach line of code that attaches an object to the boat using attachTo forEach carrier part in the array Then you can apply the code in this downloadable mission to that boat to cause it to list and then sink (theoretically) Possible/probably hurdles Getting the names of the parts of the carrier after the carrier is spawned will require a few little tricks You can look at the code for the carrier to see what the part names are and how they are called and positioned when a carrier is spawned You can use attachTo with an offset like Feint attachTo [chair]; and the attaching object should attach at it's relative position to the object being attached to. However, the attaching object might end up facing a strange direction after it attaches, which will necessitate the use of setDir to get it oriented correctly The position of the carrier parts will have to be tweaked in terms of their height above water in order to look correct after they are attached to the boat If the boat is too small, the carrier will bob up and down in the waves unrealistically The carrier probably won't function correctly after it's attached to the boat All of this might not work. Welcome to Arma where nothing is certain.
  11. A few people have asked me to upload my falling over mission that's already on Steam so that they can edit it. Here's a preview video: I've slightly modified the earlier mission to now demonstrate the relationship between setCenterOfMass and getCenterOfMass. Mission can be downloaded for editing here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByQshG747KqKcEVjRXlqektPWlE/view?usp=sharing Mission available for subscription on Steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=217013582
  12. Have you ever wanted to be able to control Flaps and VTOL angle separately without having to touch the Auto Vectoring button? Well now you can! This mod adds separate keystrokes to your in-game controls menu for Flaps Up, Flaps Down, VTOL Up and VTOL Down. The keyboard commands can then be mapped to a joystick or throttle (HOTAS) if you want. Turning "Auto Vectoring" on and off is no longer required! Instructions: Open your Controls Menu Click on Configure Addons Select "VTOL/FLAPS Controls Mod" Assign the keys OPTIONAL: You can then unmap the Vanilla FLAPS UP and FLAPS DOWN controls Keep "Auto Vectoring" mapped if you plan to use the F35 from C.U.P. so you can close the flight surfaces When you want to lower or raise flaps, hit those keys. When you want to raise or lower the VTOL angle, hit those keys. You no longer have to hit Auto Vectoring On/Off. This changes automatically. Regular (non-VTOL) planes function normally For VTOL angle to function, aircraft engine must be ON Features: Works on all vanilla planes and VTOL aircraft and CUP VTOL aircraft VTOL and FLAPS controls separated into 4 separate keypresses so you can map to separate controls on your HOTAS Very small addon (0.1 MB) customizable controls via Configure Addons menu (CBA) Future Plans: Once BI implements a command to measure VTOL angle percentage, I can probably eliminate the need for the Auto Vectoring button when using the F35. Once BI implements some way of checking if an aircraft is a VTOL aircraft such as "isVTOL", then I can make this work with all mods automatically. NOTE TO MOD MAKERS: If you have a VTOL aircraft that you'd like me to include in this mod, PM me the classname(s) of those VTOL aircraft. Dependencies: CBA_A3 Bugs: NONE Bikey: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByQshG747KqKWUNEMjRLMVRFTjg/view?usp=sharing Credits: All credits to me. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Any unauthorized modification of the released files is strictly prohibited without written permission by the author(s) except in the case of fair use for the purposes of learning. In those cases, the modified files can not be released to the public. You are using these files at your own risk. Author(s) of these files are not liable for any damage or loss of data caused by usage of these files. Usage of these files is also prohibited for any commercial purposes. This includes but is not limited to usage on monetized servers. SUBSCRIBE ON STEAM HERE
  13. Oh, thanks for telling me that the CUB Harriers and stuff don't use airplaneX. Glad I didn't go down that road. But that's disappointing. I really wanted to fix the yaw rate of the Osprey though. I hate how slow it turns in a hover. Thanks again for the insights. I gave you credit in my VTOL release on Steam. :)
  14. Yeah, I know, but I decided long ago to not try and make everyone who plays Arma happy. The crowd is just too diverse in what they want and how they like to do things. The official launcher is the way BI has set up to play the game. If someone wants to play in a way where they can't prioritize their addons, then they do that knowing it will result in many problems.
  15. Development videos: Head Range Plus: Improved TrackIR Movement - for Arma 3 ================= Version: 2.6 Author(s): Feint Release date: FEBRUARY 21, 2015 Updated: Feb 20, 2017 Contacts: ================= Web: http://www.feintgames.com Contact: http://www.feintgames.com/contact Required game: ================= Arma3 Required addons: ================= None Installation: ================= Extract the contents of the download to your main Arma 3 directory. For example: H:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\@HRP. Activate Head Range Plus in your expansions configuration menu in the game. Create the game shortcut on the desktop and in the target properties of this shortcut set following: -mod=@HRP Another option is to use any community made Game MOD Launcher. Description: ================= This addon will increase the limits in head movement that are possible in first person view. If you are using TrackIR, you will see the largest benefit. This work is based on code originally written by kju for Take On Helicopters. I asked for and received his permission to work on this and add to it. Features: ================= -Added ability to move head side to side and forward and backward and up and down (6 DOF) when in first person for all Vanilla vehicles. -Head movements customized for each aircraft vehicle CLASSNAMES MODIFIED BY THIS ADDON: VANILLA VEHICLES: Heli_Light_01_base_F Heli_Attack_01_base_F Heli_Transport_01_base_F Heli_Light_02_base_F Heli_Transport_02_base_F Heli_Attack_02_base_F Plane_Fighter_03_base_F SDV_01_base_F O_Plane_CAS_02_F B_Plane_CAS_01_F VTOL_Base_F Ship_F Car_F Tank RHS VEHICLES: RHS_MELB_base CUP PLANES: CUP_L39_base CUP_SU34_BASE CUP_C130J_Base (ViewPilot and ViewCargo) CUP_F35B_base CUP_AV8B_Base CUP_B_MV22_USMC (ViewPilot and ViewCargo and copilot Turret) CUP_A10_Base CUP_DC3_Base (ViewPilot and ViewCargo) CUP HELICOPTERS: CUP_Ka52_Base (All others are fine for now) OTHER ADDONS: MELB_base VEHICLES SPECIFICALLY CUSTOMIZED BY THIS ADDON: AIRPLANES: A-143 To-199 Neophron A-164 Wipeout All CUP airplanes VTOL: V-44 X Blackfish VTOL Y-32 Xi'an VTOL HELICOPTERS: MH-9 and AH-9 MI-48 AH-99 UH-80 CH-49 PO-30 Mission Enhanced Little Birds (including RHS versions) CUP Ka52 and variants SUBMARINES: SDV submarine TANKS: All vanilla tanks including vehicles inheriting "Tank" class CARS: All vanilla cars including vehicles inheriting "Car_F" class BOATS: All vanilla ships including vehicles inheriting "Ship_F" class Bikey: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByQshG747KqKWUNEMjRLMVRFTjg/view?usp=sharing Changelog: Version 1.0 - Initial Release Version 1.1 - Added support for Neophron and Wipeout CAS jets Version 2.0 - Added support for Cars, ships and tanks Version 2.1 - Steam Workshop version - minor tweaks to values and UI graphics Version 2.2 - Added support for Pacific VTOL aircraft Version 2.3 - Fixed up graphics and mod.cpp Version 2.5 - Added support for MELB (original and RHS versions) Version 2.6 - Added support for all CUP airplanes and helicopters, fixed "author not an array" error Credits: ================= Special thanks to kju for allowing me to modify his work originally created for Take On Helicopters. Disclaimer: ================= Any unauthorized modification of the released files is not allowed without any written permission by the author(s). You are using those files at your own risk. Author(s) of those files are not liable for any damage or loss of data caused by using of those files. Usage of those files is also prohibited for any commercial purposes. SUBSCRIBE ON STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=630737877 MIRRORS:
  16. I used your sunAngle calculator function on my Depth Gauge Watch addon I just released. Thanks for making this. It allowed me to know when it make my depth gauge glow in the dark. :) Thanks again @Matthijs!!
  17. @jonpasOh boy. Thanks for the vtol config entry idea. Good thinking! Honestly, I just learned recently about that config entry. I think I'll release a mod for all Harriers changing them over to the F35 model so you can control the vectoring while on the ground at zero speed. I don't know how to get data from the vtolVectoring source. Maybe I just have to use getNumber and follow the config path in the F35 since that's the only bird I need that info from. Is that how you'd do it?
  18. I would hope that anyone using this would load HRP first and everything else after it. That's kind of an Arma "using addons" basic at this point. I'm sure some people out there don't know that, but that's on them. I decided not to require addons in order to not limit the usefulness of this. And to prevent myself from having to make 20 versions of HRP.
  19. Will this be reconfigured to run on Sublime Text 3? Or is there something I can do to get it to work with ST3 myself? Thanks in advance. Love this tool.
  20. RQ-11 RAVEN A Version: 1.6 Author: FEINT (Jon Hillenbrand) Concept date: April 1, 2012 Release date: May 4, 2012 Update date: May 5, 2012 (version 1.1) Update date: May 12, 2012 (version 1.51 Hotfix) Update date: December 24, 2012 (version 1.6) Contacts: ================= Web: http://www.jonhillenbrand.com Required game: Arma2: Combined Ops ================= Tested with Arma2: Combined Operations. Tested with ACE2 Required addons: ================= CBA Description: ================= This addon gives the Arma2:CO player the ability to assemble and operate an RQ-11 Raven. FEATURES: Backpack that can be turned into a blanket of disassembled Raven parts Raven that can be assembled and disassembled Raven that can be carried in the back of a pickup (somewhat carefully) Custom sounds for beeps, servos and engines Colored addActions for ease of visibility Realistic altitude limits based on real-world data (10 meters to 150 meters AGL) Point and click auto flight Auto landing (returns to Ground Control Station (GCS)) Accurate launching of the Raven using setVelocity to simulate throwing in the direction you look Ability to carry and drop Raven Ability to assemble and disassemble Raven to and from a standalone backpack Custom sounds for servos, engine noise and flight/landing complete indicator Post-landing strobe light and beep for night retrieval of Raven for recovery in tall grass, at night or in urban environments Strobe and beep test and reset functions Ground Control System camera with realtime data streams: Distance of Raven from GCS Current altitude ATL Current azimuth of camera (compass direction) Current speed of Raven Current Date and Time Current camera zoom level (focal length) Current vision mode (DTV, NV, FLIR W, FLIR B) Listing of Raven and camera controls [*]Map marker tracking of Raven and Raven's camera target positions [*]Map marks can be made at Raven camera target position indicating time mark was made for target tracking Changelog/known issues: ================ VERSION 1.6 -CHANGED: Removed locked standing animation when "holding" the GCS (restored ability to crouch and go prone while viewing camera feed -REMOVED: Ground scanning radar (entity revealing) for better game balance -CHANGED: Made new target range marker local instead of global for better gameplay VERSION 1.51 HOTFIX -FIXED: Rare disappearing backpack bug -FIXED: Raven inheritance weirdness VERSION 1.5 -CBA IS NOW REQUIRED FOR MULTIPLAYER SOUND TO WORK -ADDED: More zoom levels (11 now instead of 4) -ADDED: Increased zoom max -ADDED: new zoom controls (in and out) -ADDED: Altitude ASL to in-camera data stream -ADDED: Range limit of 8km (distance from Raven target to Ground Control Station) -ADDED: marker elipse visible on map when changing targets -ADDED: Battery limit of 60 minutes -ADDED: Battery status to in-camera display -ADDED: Autolanding near player when battery reaches zero percent charge -ADDED: Camera shuts off when battery reaches zero percent charge -ADDED: Ability to recharge battery in Raven -ADDED: Restricted the ability to disassemble the raven when it is recharging -ADDED: Battery level holds true from raven to raven (can recharge more than one raven at a time) -ADDED: If you pick up a raven that is recharging, you can see a display of the charge level going up in real time -ADDED: In-camera compass that tracks the camera position and rotation and zoom level -ADDED: In-camera battery display shows minutes remaining on charge -ADDED: Charge Battery action only visible if battery level is lower than 100% -ADDED: Raven can be destroyed when engine is off (but not when flying) -ADDED: New sounds for engine startup and engine loop -TWEAKED: in-camera instructions so they are shorter for people running lower screen resolutions -TWEAKED: in-camera data stream to better reflect altitude -TWEAKED: in-camera data stream for easier and faster reading (right aligned right side elements) -TWEAKED: DTV blurriness -FIXED: Raven can now be assembled and disassembled from walkable ships (Nimitz, Kuznetzof, P99, BAM, Gnat's Warships, etc.) -FIXED: Raven can now approach and land on elevated positions such as buildings and ships at sea (if there's enough room) -FIXED: Multiplayer sounds should be heard on all clients now by using CBA -FIXED: Autolanding was broken on certain maps with fake altitudes (Raven wouldn't land) -FIXED: Added minor fixes to autolanding script when autolanding is active -FIXED: Added minor fixes to new target script when autolanding is active -FIXED: addActions so that they can't be activated during team switching by another unit (thanks DeltaForce96) -FIXED: Missing semicolon in strobe script -FIXED: Rare disappearing backpack problem -FIXED: Changed the way the Raven chooses altitude so that it no longer flies underwater when depth of water is below 30 meters VERSION 1.1 = ACE2 COMPATIBLE = FIXED RARE "DISAPPEARING RAVEN" BUG WHEN ASSEMBLING VERSION 1.0 = INITIAL RELEASE (05/04/12) KNOWN ISSUES: =Minor texture bug on underside of assembled wing - no big deal. =Raven can not be damaged while engine is on Installation: ================= 1) Extract @RQ-11_Raven folder to your Arma2 directory. 2) Start Arma2 3) Go to Expansions 4) Enable "@RQ-11 Raven [by Feint]" 5) Restart Arma2 6) OPTIONAL: Add example mission to your documents folder under your username Usage: ================= 1) Open editor. 2) Place a unit 3) Place an empty RQ-11 backpack (Empty > [RQ-11] Raven Backpacks > [RQ-11] Raven Backpack) (SEE PREVIEW MISSION SUPPLIED WITH DOWNLOAD) 5) Preview mission. 6) OPTIONAL: You can place an already assembled Raven on the map instead (Empty > [RQ-11] Raven Parts > Raven (static)) Credits: ================= BARAKA - 3d models and textures BARAKA - Testing FEINT - Original concept and research FEINT - Enhanced Textures FEINT - Scripting FEINT - Sound design, recording and editing FEINT - Screenshots and videos FEINT - Testing FEINT - 17 page instruction manual The Arma2 community is full of very helpful people and without them, this addon would not have been possible. On this particular project, knowledge I gained while working on my Underwater Diving Module and Aerial Refueling Scripts really helped. Please see those readMe files for specific people who helped me along the way. Disclaimer/License: ================= THIS IS AN ADDON FOR THE GAME ARMA2:OA (BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE). IT WAS CREATED FOR FUN AND IS FREELY DISTRIBUTED TO THE COMMUNITY OF PLAYERS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. THIS ADDON IS BEING GIVEN AWAY FOR FREE AND NOT FOR PROFIT. AS SUCH, COMMERCIAL OR MILITARY USE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. THIS ADDON IS NOT AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY WITH AEROVIRONMENT, INC. ALL SECTIONS OF THIS ADDON ARE FREELY DISTRIBUTED TO THE COMMUNITY AND MAY BE OPENED (UN-PBO’D) AND REVERSE ENGINEERED FOR THE PURPOSES OF LEARNING. HOWEVER, IF YOU WISH TO REPRODUCE ANY PART OF THIS IN YOUR OWN ADDONS OR SCRIPTS, WRITTEN PERMISSION MUST BE OBTAINED IN WRITING IN ADVANCE. THE SOUND EFFECTS MAY NOT BE RE-USED IN ANY WAY AS THEY ARE FROM PURCHASED LICENSES and original recordings. The author(s) of this software accept no responsibility for damages resulting from the use or misuse of this product and make no warranty or representation, either express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This software is provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume all risks when using it. ©2012 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - JONHILLENBRAND.COM SCREENSHOTS: ================= DOWNLOAD: ================= VERSION 1.6 NOW AVAILABLE: http://www.gamefront.com/files/22780206/RQ-11_RAVEN_ARMA2OA_VERSION_1.6.rar MIRRORS: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16723
  21. DESCRIPTION: If you've ever dreamed of sailing a boat in Arma 3 using the wind to move around, now you can! Using [Dust]Sabre's cool sailboats, once you unfurl the sails, the boat will move forward based on the wind strength and direction. Different wind angles will cause the boat to automatically change the angle of the boom arm. You'll have to navigate to your destination based on the best angle of the wind. But beware, don't sail directly into the wind or you'll get stuck "In Irons" which will slow you down. FEATURES: New Wind Info Display Built In Compass (shows your heading and wind direction) Point of Sail Indicator (changes depending on angle of boat to the wind) Point of Sail Color Indicator (Green = Good, Blue = OK, Red = Bad) Wind Direction Arrow (moves with changes in the wind) Heading Display True Wind Angle Display True Wind Speed Display Wind Angle to Boat Display (+ is Starboard) (- is Port) Night Mode Wind pushes boat forward depending on angle Wind leans boat over port or starboard depending on wind speed Automatic boom arm changes (just steer and relax) Custom Sounds In-game Instructions and tips in the Field Manual PLANNED FEATURES: Advanced Sailing Model where YOU control the boom arm and determine the speed of the boat. Possibly a navigation system which generates lay lines for you SPECIAL THANKS: Special thanks to [Dust]Sabre for generously working with me on his model to help make this mod a reality. INSTRUCTIONS: Subscribe (including dependencies) Start game Access "Feint's Sailing Mod" in the Field Manual for Instructions (can be accessed during a mission) TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Any unauthorized modification of the released files is strictly prohibited without written permission by the author(s) except in the case of fair use for the purposes of learning. In those cases, the modified files can not be released to the public. You are using these files at your own risk. Author(s) of these files are not liable for any damage or loss of data caused by usage of these files. Usage of these files is also prohibited for any commercial purposes. This includes but is not limited to usage on monetized servers. SUBSCRIBE ON STEAM HERE: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=892308157
  22. Version 1.2 is now out. Added support for Gomez's Harriers! If you want your favorite VTOL aircraft added, let me know.
  23. I thought of that too. Same answer, unfortunately. A few years ago, I released an addon/mod with a userconfig folder that people had to paste into their root Arma folder. I can't tell you how many questions I had to answer and how many pissed off people I had to deal with. People would post comments like, "This doesn't work. It's broken." without even asking for help ahead of time. And I'd post in the description and comments how to add the userconfig to get the addon to work. But people just don't read. I don't blame them. They just want it to work with little/no effort. But after answering those questions and dealing with that for years, I swore I'd never do any optional things like that ever again. This is probably why professional developers are always limiting options for players that seem so easy to implement. Like walking on moving boats. There's a way to do it, but it's super buggy. So rather than deal with tens of thousands of angry customers, BI just doesn't do it.
  24. I thought about this for a while. Unfortunately, for various reasons, I'm sticking with making the Jets DLC required. Some of my reasons are: Two versions would create a lot of compatibility issues with Multiplayer Two versions would just confuse people, I'm afraid. Two versions could create a lot of questions from users that would require me to answer taking time away from working on mods and addons I wish there was a way of doing this with one download or one subscription, but it's not possible. Sorry.
  25. Version 2.9 is now available. Fixes the FOV bug again and adds support for Jets DLC (which is now required). Check it out on Steam here: