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  1. You can't digress when you've never posted before. Seriously, you registered and made your this your first contribution to the community?
  2. focher

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    As the submitter of the bug report, it wasn't even new by that time and there were active threads being contributed to by BIS team members. Frustrating as it has been to all of us, the fact that it hasn't been fully resolved just speaks to its complexity. It definitely isn't for lack of attention from BIS.
  3. focher

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    What's the latest on TrackIR working in 64 bit?
  4. focher

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    This is just so blatantly wrong, I don't even know what can be said. I have a 2600K with a 970, and get somewhere between 25 and 45 FPS at any given moment. The game is not just acceptable but totally playable as long as one doesn't face a texture loading situation that creates stuttering. I'm not contesting that more FPS is better and creates a smoother gameplay experience, but to suggest that 60 FPS is the "minimum norm" for PC gaming is an extreme and innacurate claim.
  5. focher

    ArmA 3 Sudden FPS Drop

    Be sure you're actually running the Profiling branch. It will display text in the bottom right corner. Even without a FRAME capture, I would recommend to create a ticket in the bugtracker and upload your RPT etc files.
  6. focher

    ArmA 3 Sudden FPS Drop

    This is likely the same problem that is discussed in the later pages of https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/138999-low-cpu-utilization-low-fps/. The profiling branch appears to have a fix (unconfirmed by BIS) but some of us have found the problem doesn't happen when using the latest profiling branch version. See https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-162-performance-binary-feedback/?p=3088264. The profiling branch also contains capture functionality that can be submitted to BIS to help them troubleshoot the problem.
  7. Looks like this is fixed in the Dev Branch and will be in 1.64. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/140837-development-branch-changelog/?p=3082335
  8. For those of us using the Profiling branch versions and no longer experiencing the FPS drop issue, do you want us to still perform FRAME captures and submit them?
  9. Just a small request to Bohemia. Can we get some type of feedback on how this investigation is going? Even if it's going nowhere because you're not getting enough crash logs to track down the problem, that would help as encourage more people to participate. I guess anything is better than nothing when it comes to some type of information. The good news from my side is that with some of the latest profiling binaries I have not been experiencing the problem at all. So perhaps the problem has been identified and the fix is being prepared for the general release executable.
  10. Updated Feedback Tracker ticket. With v15, I have played a couple of times for at least one hour sessions with NO CRASH. I still did some FRAME captures and added them to the ticket. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T119067
  11. focher

    Terrible Frame Rate on Windows 10

    Another FPS impacting aspect of Windows 10 is the GameDVR functionality, and it's enabled by default with the Anniversary Update. Read more here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/4xu9vi/bad_fps_after_latest_win10_anniversary_update_got/ Simple instructions to disable: http://www.pcgamesn.com/how-to-turn-off-gamedvr-windows-10
  12. I have definitely experienced being "invisible" to the AI up until very close visual contact in the jungle. This is while I was wearing a stealth uniform and had not fired my weapon (so no heat from the barrel). I've literally had them run right by me in a field while laying prone - but that was just a delayed detection. In fact, it was such a strange encounter I didn't fire because I thought for sure they had to be friendly to be so close and not shooting at me. Like a meter away. But then they killed me and I realized better of it.
  13. focher

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I am usually using the default tb4malloc but did a very limited amount of game playing with the Windows system malloc where I did not experience the crash. I don't think it was enough to warrant BIS only focusing on a malloc related cause, but it isn't ruled out either. I am running the profiling branch because - and I hope everyone experiencing the crashes agrees - only through collecting the traces and submitting them to BIS are they able to find the cause of the crashes. While there are a lot of variables at play across the systems used to play Arma, the traces are what will lead to a solution. If you aren't collecting the traces and submitting them to BIS, you can't be surprised that they aren't yet upon a solution. My recommendation is that you collect the FRAME trace during normal gameplay, at the time of the crash, and if the game recovers also after the the recovery.
  14. Unfortunately I'm going to be offline for the next 1-2 weeks so I hope there are enough people running the profiling branch and capturing the conditions during crashes. If you're experiencing the crashes, please please please participate. Only through collecting enough data is BIS going to be able to track down and squash the root cause(s) of this crash.
  15. Added a RPT submission and two non-crash FRAME logs to my tracker entry. Could not use the FRAME capture process after the crash. Looks like it's running out of VRAM: 13:45:53 DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY 13:45:53 DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY 13:45:53 DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY 13:45:53 DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY 13:45:53 DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY 13:45:53 DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY 13:45:53 DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY 13:45:53 DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY 13:45:53 DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY 13:45:53 DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY 13:45:53 CreateTexture failed : w = 4096, h = 4096, format = BC3_UNORM, err = E_OUTOFMEMORY. 13:45:53 DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY 13:45:53 Virtual memory total 4095 MB (4294836224 B) 13:45:53 Virtual memory free 196 MB (206114816 B) 13:45:53 Physical memory free 8422 MB (8831324160 B) 13:45:53 Page file free 6120 MB (6417440768 B) 13:45:53 Process working set 2862 MB (3001061376 B) 13:45:53 Process page file used 3348 MB (3511177216 B) 13:45:53 Longest free VM region: 18939904 B 13:45:53 VM busy 4088655872 B (reserved 251609088 B, committed 3837046784 B, mapped 224264192 B), free 206180352 B 13:45:53 Small mapped regions: 24, size 102400 B 13:45:53 VID: dedicated: 3221225472, shared 1073676288, system: 0, max: 2906652672, used: 2499112960 ErrorMessage: DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY