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  1. Thanks! Here are some screenshots btw of vegetation placement on my test map: BTW could you explain the usage logic of your tool - regarding density and such? Was there a pdf manual somewhere, could've swore I saw one but cant find it anymore
  2. Hi Stacker, Great job! I was waiting for a new raster based workflow - it really is more convinient for large maps and vegetation. I am trying to test a new workflow for making forest and I am making good progress, I first used a test map that is a lot smaller, 6,144 x 6,144m. However when I try to use my fullsize terrain settings nothing happens, it is not making the tiles or anything. I am using a half-size (2m/px) mask image, but my settings should be ok I think.. It seems to be stuck in the Initializing phase - high disk and cpu usage though.. My settings are 19 tiles in a row, 2048 tile size, 16px overlap, 2m/px res, 18432px size and easting 200000.... Any ideas?
  3. digitalcenturion

    Structures - Ambient Occlusion Improvements

    @bis_iceman +1 for that request, just started on updating bakes for a big building pack and Rather would do it properly
  4. digitalcenturion

    SFP: Objects

    Hi guys, thought I'd inform you that I have been allowed to help in updating this pack to a more current standar, here are some picture of the WIPs: http://imgur.com/a/zHohp It includes updating to multimaterial, baking AO, baking normals from highpoly for doors and such. Still getting a feel for the workflow, but it is promising so far
  5. digitalcenturion

    P_phragmites_summer keep getting substituted in TB

    Yes and yes. For the record it seems I have solved this problem (for now). I had some duplicate template objects so I had to redo my template library completely - now there is not any substitution anymore.
  6. Hi guys, Short question, have tried on discord, but one of my terrain object I have imported from Terrain Processor using the area random module is reeds, or P_phragmites_summer from a2, using cup assets. They import just fine but are then substituted on export for random objects like signs or park benches. Sometimes they export fine but at some point they get degenerated and I have to clear the layer and reimport. Any idea what does this? What I want What TB thinks I want
  7. digitalcenturion

    EM_buildings - new buildings

    I just wanted to say thank you for your buildings, they are really good quality and fit some important niches! I make good use of them in my upcoming map - I hope you have the time and energy to keep it up. It's and uphill battle in A3 editing for sure :) Again, thanks and good job!
  8. digitalcenturion

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    I might be daft but how can I view the new objects/buildings that shipped with Taunus - or use in X-cam myself? Let's not kid ourselves, having Taunus as a dependency won't be a problem as I can imagine any Arma 3 gamer who wouldnt download it :D
  9. digitalcenturion

    Terrain Processor

    I am trying to use the Point with rotation plugin in TP and get the rotation value from my ROTATION data column - so far no dice and I can't find any proper documentation on the issue. Could any BI dev explain - If I can get it working it will be a huge step forward for automating building placement. EDIT: So according to https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Terrain_Processor:_Introduction#Something_you_should_know:_Features_Database there is no database binding for rotation - seems like a missed opportunity?
  10. Try this in your config maxClutterColoringCoef="1.15f"; //especially this one, if set so it means minimum discoloration of your clutter Other useful lines regarding map textures are terrainBlendMaxDarkenCoef="0.85f"; terrainBlendMaxBrightenCoef="0.15f";
  11. So how do you code the footpaths in the roadslib? You know the type of vector paths that are in tanoa for example that are ignored by driving ais? Cant find info on it anywhere!
  12. digitalcenturion

    [WIP] Terrain "X-Cam-Taunus"

    You guys are doing some stellar work! Who are doing all the new buildings? They look really professional made..
  13. Hello all, this has been an elusive topic for me but the other night I finally sat down and fiddled with QGIS with QGIS 2.14.3 Essen with GRASS until I figured it out. What you need: Quantum GIS desktop http://www.qgis.org/en/site/forusers/download.html A map in TB Some type of shape data you want to use 1) Provided you have a working map in TB that uses the mapframe settings you need to have in arma 3 (Default UTM zone, 200 000 easting and 0 northing coords), use file -> export -> terrain to export your terrain heightmap in ASC format. This is the quickest way 2) Start up QGIS and using the toolbar on the left, click add raster (second topmost). Add your .asc. Now you have a terrain visible that shows your mapframe bounds. If done correctly the SE corner should be at coords 200 000 and 0 3) Add your shape data, for example Open Streetmaps roads. I use the data from Finlands national land survey - YMMV. The imported data more than likely went somewhere out of bounds, so right click on the imported layer and click "Zoom to layer". 4) Depending on the projection of the source data it will probably appear skewed or rotated - to fix this right click on the layer and press "Set layer CRS". Select the project CRS that we got from terrain builder - WGS 84 / UTM Zone 31N, again right click and zoom to layer. 5) Now it should no longer appear skewed. However - it still is at the wrong place and it might be out of scale. Since Arma and TB likes to have things in powers of 2, map sizes rarely round up to round numbers. Because of this we might need to scale the data. My raw data for example is in cells of 6000x6000m but the end resolution in TB is 6144x6144m. By dividing 6144 by 6000 we get a scale factor of 1,024. We will use the same tool for both moving our shapes and scaling it. It is the V.transform - to access it bring up the Processing Toolbox with ctrl-alt-T, and type transform in the search box. Double click on it! Make sure it operates on the correct layer and type in the correct scale factor - in this case 1,024 for X and Y 6) Now it created a new layer called Transform, that is the correct scale and projection but at the wrong place. Zoom to it again. Now we will use the v.transform tool again to move or shift the data to match up our mapframe- this is a matter of simple maths really. In my case I use a X shift value of 105690 m and Y shift of -6838272.0 - remember we want the end result to be 200 000 and 0. YOu can use the triple dots to find the current extent of your layers. The ideal case is that your shape files are neatly clipped at the same place your map ends - if not your result might be off. I was lucky to only use data from the same sources, so everything matches up nicely. 7) Voila - your result should match up nicely. If not it either operated on the wrong layer or your maths were off. Make sure to save your new layer to disk - temporary layers are not saved even when you save your project in QGIS. You can use this shapefile straight up in TB or stay in QGIS and use the superior database tools to make road classifications and such. QGIS is a really good program and there is a lot of support for it on the net - I have barely gotten a basic understanding of it but already it will completely change how I do maps for Arma 3.
  14. digitalcenturion

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks! Great to hear about the MT-LBs too, those are wanted for Arma 3 for sure. In the mean time, just a plain jane BMP-1 without turret and a ZSU-23-2 on top would be awesome ;) Some cool inspiration can be seen at Oryx blog: http://spioenkop.blogspot.fi/2015/01/onwards-to-front-syrias-bmps.html
  15. digitalcenturion

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    1) Dear RHS team, I am unsure but I remember reading somewhere that it is OK to release mods that retexture your assets as long as they give credit and don't tamper with your files - would that be correct? I have been working on a "GREF style" faction that uses RHS assets, namely a 2016 version of the AAF. Just wanted to check if it is OK to redistribute. Pictures here if you are interested. 2) On the matter of GREF, since you have all the source files, are you planning on adding some more exotic armored vehicles, there seems to be a lot of love for replacing the BMP-1s turret for example in Syria with a ZU-23-2 AA gun (something the Greek army has done too).