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  1. KingN your missions are simply amazing, we played them alot on our dedicated server until you made the CUP mods mandatory... please can you tell us why you made that choice and if we can expect to see a RHS only version of your missions in the future like it was before ? We really don't want to use CUP in any form just for one mission and this makes our mod list too big and cumbersome. This is a 23GB additional download and some of our people are still with slow DSL connection 😞 Thanks mate!
  2. Hi Folks, I got a problem which drives me crazy. We have a dedicated server running with 60 mods, all works fine. We create a mission, everyone is able to join fine. But when the server has been up for a few minutes, SOME people won't be able to join anymore (they can when server is fresh) and got the infinite loading screen (black with horizontal scan lines). 90% of other players have no problem joining when it happens though but SOME can't unless the server is restarted. Any clue on how to fix that please ? Is that a mod loading order issue? Can I look somewhere on the logs to see what the problem is ? (if so, where?) TIA guys!
  3. -Can someone explain the "AI preset" option please ? -Also, is there any way to kick people who don't run the exact list of required mods without using signature check ? -Last thing, if I have the arma 3 game in my steam folder (I don't use SteamCMD), can't I have the mods listed in the "Steam Mods" tab ? I was forced to download the mods creating the SteamCMD folder to use that feature. The only way if you have arma 3 in your steam library seems to be using the "Local Mods" tab. Is that how it is supposed to work ??
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    [MP CO15 Campaign] Wolfpack Vol. 1

    Same problem as an earlier user had.... I tried to start the mission and get thrown in the water from altitude. I see it might be a JIP problem. To get rid of it and start the mission cleanly again, I try to use #restart command to launch the mission from scratch but it does nothing. Any clue ? Thanks
  5. Verify signatures to 0 is fine of course but I wanted to use mode 2. Yes I copied the keys in the Keys server folder and no change. Is there a problem with ArmA 3 latest builds and keys management maybe ?
  6. Hello and thanks for this awesome tool. I have a problem hosting a dedi server with your tool. When I activate "player mods" and try to join it ingame with the very same mods ..... the server kicks me saying the signature is different. If I use the arma 3 launcher and find my server, it says mods are present but with a "different signature". (the number of mods used is red and none is green) What am I doing wrong ? In FASTER, I just changed "verify signature" to 2, checked the mods I want to use in "Player required mods" and used the "copy mods keys" button (I see the bikeys in the keys folder in my ArmA 3 server folder after that). Any clue please ? TIA!
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    Problem fixed it was because I was testing modifications with the MP persistent save activated and the mission was launching without the last modifications I had made to the inventory... stupid me. I just deactivated the save option until my mission is 99% complete ^^
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    Thanks for your answers guys! I don't have the rvg_fnc_equip running but my description.ext use these settings: respawn = 3; respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition"}; respawnDelay = 1; respawnOnStart = 0; Could it be the problem ?
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    Yes, exactly!
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    Sorry if this has been asked, but I can not successfully change the players equipment with right click / modify. Even entering script commands in the unit init box won't do anything and it will always randomly choose the players gear and weapons in the end. What is the correct way to do it? TIA for your help guys 😉
  11. Any ETA for V2 beta ? :)
  12. I can't find a way to use admins[] = {"<UID>"}; to autologin as admin. Did I miss something or does it have to be added in a future release ? Any workaround ?
  13. Awesome.... your tool keeps getting better after every release and it's cool to see you are open to some suggestions! Good job, can't wait for 2.0 now ;)
  14. Ah too bad! I dream of a simple tool to manage my servers but without the implementation of STEAMCMD. I think alot of people would be interested if you create such an alternate tool. Not sure how time consuming it is though even if it is a much simplier tool. Thanks for your work and quick answer! ;)
  15. What's up with the DIFFICULTY SETTINGS bug (not using settings) tophe ? Any plan just to hotfix that issue ?
  16. What's up with the DIFFICULTY SETTINGS bug (not using settings) folks ? Any workaround ? :(
  17. Would it be possible in the next version to be able to manage only the server settings with a default ARMA 3 install (no SteamCMD) ? Because when I try to use it with my current install, the mods don't want to be detected. I have to manually copy all the mods from the Steam folder to the SteamCMD workshop folder (which I had to create and don't really need). :)
  18. Good news for FAST 2 :) I like the interface, looks clean! By the way, here is what I experience with the steam workshop mods. When I check all the mods in FAST, it seems they don't appear in the ARMA Browser (red dots everywhere in the bottom right), even if it seems they do launch themselves And if I use on the client servers the same mods, it tells me I have a CBA A3 mismatch version (which is nearly impossible since I synchronize mods with the steam workshop) Any clue please?
  19. I think you nailed it.... I tested with all triggers set to 'server only' and it fixed my issue! thanks ;) For information in case future visiters of this thread need all the help and direction they can get, 7erra told me how to make the random tasks1-8 reserved for my VIP (who is the only player in the independant side) If you want to add the task only to players on the independent then you have to change that in the trigger: Trigger 1 From this: { [_x,true,["Task description",_x]] call BIS_fnc_setTask; } forEach _randomTasks; To this: { [_x,independent,["Task description",_x]] call BIS_fnc_setTask; } forEach _randomTasks;
  20. Hi folks, Thanks to your help, I am about to finish my VIP mission (all the rest is done except this)! Basically, a VIP needs to visit 2 spots out of 8 at random at the beginning of the round. After that he needs to escape. All the tasks are pretty much the same thing, the only thing that changes is location. He needs to stay 300 seconds in a 5m radius of an AI who won't move (to simulate negociations). I would please need advice to do the following: -Randomize 2 out of the 8 tasks -Delay the randomization of the tasks let's say 10 seconds after the VIP spawns (he needs to choose a spawn point between several but I don't want the VIP team to choose the nearest spawn) -I already named my tasks task1, task2 with create task and placed them in Eden so I would like to use them (if possible). If not, external scripts will do! -When 2 out of the 8 tasks are complete, move on to the next task which already exists (escape the island by plane). I already found a good video here but had trouble to make it INDEPENDANT side only and use time instead of distance to locations. TIA for your help guys!
  21. Well, I talked a bit too fast... I tested on my dedicated server with friends and it creates too many tasks for the VIP even if I had set it to 2 only.... that"s weird, when I test it in Eden locally it worked fine. Is this because of local / global parameters ?
  22. Works flawlessly!! Thanks so much, thanks to you and Grumpy Old Man... making my mission was possible! ^^
  23. Ah, I see, thanks. Last question: how do I link the task where the vip needs to escape after the 2 random tasks are complete so it automatically selects it next ?
  24. Thanks so much for your help! The countdown fires the randomization fine! But it does not display or use the tasks descriptions I had created beforehand with createTask but seems to create new empty ones. Not sure how to fix that but he mechanics seems to work.
  25. All in the title :) I need a task completed when the players retrieve a backpack named "B_Messenger_Coyote_F" and drop it near a predefined trigger area. I found some clues in other subjects but it was for a satchel charge and could not adapt it to my needs. Please note that I am a beginner, do not hesitate to give more details than needed (condition, trigger links to tasks etc...) Thanks in advance folks :)