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  1. I must say a good campaign with an engaging story and good narrative, Well Done to all Placeholder Team Members involved.
  2. Big-Rooney

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    I see the point your making, maybe the helicopter model (simplified, arcadish) just doesn't support throttle input in the same manner as the jet's do now. Quotes are in the wrong order, it's from the General Discussion on Dev Branch, don't actually think it has a key bind option as of yet, only preset defaults.
  3. Big-Rooney

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    1: Does the helicopter Advanced Flight Model not have a HUD element for the Throttle percentage? 2: Numpad number 5 is what I press, using ArmA 3 Apex preset
  4. Big-Rooney

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Couple of questions for those playing the DLC cause I haven't had the chance to play it on DEV often, have the static objects (bomb racks etc) made it in last second? And can AI use the carrier? Also Devs, could it be possible to add a module that replicates the actions of the Showcase AI deck crews when their synchronized to it regarding take off procedure?
  5. Big-Rooney

    Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts feedback

    There is no in-game loadout option at the moment, it's only in the editor
  6. Is it possible to detail these factors??? Out of pure curiosity Oh and the showcase VTOL is very good, enjoyed using Manual Vectoring flying around all those islands. Also I'm a +1 for the Airbrake (toggle) keybind
  7. Big-Rooney

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Found the Fixed Wing (CAS) Showcase to be a bit more entertaining overall and more well rounded.
  8. Yeah i understand, read the ticket after i made the post, it's a pity it can't be a little more forgiving, using move waypoints to keep the AI low on Tanoa and flying between the various islands to get to a safe drop off point is a hassle with standard waypoints (regardless of what behaviour i set them too, they still fly in and stop over the waypoint even if I set the completion radius to 1000. Using the Skip waypoint action on assigned triggers works this issue around, allowing the helicopter to fly low constantly on a path without popping up or slowing down when reaching a waypoint position but having to do this on multple helicopters on multiple different flight paths is cluttering at the very least. But sure what can you do, I've no real problem going on and doing that, just thought it was bug that the completion radius wasn't working for AI, seems as it's a larger issue then i thought I'll go about using the trigger method. Thanks for the clarification SilentSpike
  9. Big-Rooney

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    I did think when the campaign dropped on Dev-Branch first that it would be playable in an standard SP capacity as it was titled "Play in Singleplayer" which has now been changed to "Play Solo". I found the campaign itself short but the quality was excellent, that APEX title fade at the end of MISSION 01 was brilliant. Having Played Apex Protocol first then played the Eng Game Showcase, the Showcase as a Single Player experience of the Eng Game mode was quite impressive, and I'm left wondering could a Single Player adaption of the Campaign not have been done in a similar matter?
  10. Big-Rooney

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    Cause the Drones and VTOLs use the same base game Crew, where as the LSVs use faction specific crews (maybe to cut the need to place an empty one and have to place crew inside)
  11. Small niggle from my point of view but it seems that AI for me anyway won't recognize the Completion Radius for waypoints when placed in Eden editor, a Player character recognizes it and completes the waypoint upon entering the radius, AI ignores it completely EDIT: Nevermind, just read on the feedback tracker from 2 years ago that the issue will never be fixed, guess i'll just have to keep using triggers to force Radius completion, bit of an inconvenience when a system is present but not working.
  12. I agree with this, the U.S. aircraft have their standard paint scheme colourisation of Green, Black, Grey as do their ground vehicles, why are the other factions not on a similar standard, AAF could go all military green and CSAT could go military Brownish for ground vehicles anyway https://wiki.colby.edu/download/attachments/33587244/Russian_T_90_Tank_by_KYPMbangi.jpg (267 kB) possible CSAT paint scheme
  13. Big-Rooney

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Congrats on the win RHS team, Well deserved for the effort you've put in
  14. Big-Rooney

    F/a-18x black wasp

    Congrats guys on the 3rd place finish, I personally prefer your aircraft over the other two addons, so your number 1 in my book (no cash bonus i'm afraid)
  15. Big-Rooney

    ArmA 3 : RESIST

    Congratulations, A worthy winner indeed