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  1. Hello, I tried play around with server side scripts inside the configuration file and I succeeded in crashing my ArmA Linux server. This is the part of the config that crashes the server: onDifferentData = "systemChat format [""EVENT=|ON_DIFFERENT_DATA| - USER_ID=|%1| FILE_NAME=|%2|"", _this select 0, _this select 1]; kick (_this select 0)"; onUnsignedData = "systemChat format [""EVENT=|ON_UNSIGNED_DATA| - USER_ID=|%1| FILE_NAME=|%2|"", _this select 0, _this select 1]; kick (_this select 0)"; onHackedData = "systemChat format [""EVENT=|ON_HACKED_DATA| - USER_ID=|%1| FILE_NAME=|%2|"", _this select 0, _this select 1]; kick (_this select 0)"; This is the error output by the server when started with the above configuration: systemd[1]: Started MACE Server. mace[463]: 18:37:27 SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features won't be accessible! mace[463]: 18:37:27 Cannot register unknown string STR_3DEN_CAMERA_NAME mace[463]: 18:37:27 Cannot register unknown string STR_DIFF_SCENE_ONLY mace[463]: 18:37:27 Cannot register unknown string STR_DIFF_SCENE_AND_MAP mace[463]: 18:37:27 Error context _this select 0);'; mace[463]: 18:37:27 ../lib/Network/networkServer.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! mace[463]: File /home/steam/mace/main.cfg, line 23: '.kick': '(' encountered instead of '=' mace[463]: 18:37:27 Extensions: systemd[1]: mace.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE systemd[1]: mace.service: Unit entered failed state. systemd[1]: mace.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'. It looks like chaining commands with semicolon separator is not accepted, eg systemChat ...; kick ... By the way, the commands alone work, ie this works (no crash and does what it should do) : onDifferentData = "systemChat format [""EVENT=|ON_DIFFERENT_DATA| - USER_ID=|%1| FILE_NAME=|%2|"", _this select 0, _this select 1]"; onUnsignedData = "systemChat format [""EVENT=|ON_UNSIGNED_DATA| - USER_ID=|%1| FILE_NAME=|%2|"", _this select 0, _this select 1]"; onHackedData = "systemChat format [""EVENT=|ON_HACKED_DATA| - USER_ID=|%1| FILE_NAME=|%2|"", _this select 0, _this select 1]"; this works also : onDifferentData = "kick (_this select 0)"; onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; onHackedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; So any possibility to call multiple commands for an event ? How ? Thanks for any help, Regards
  2. d3nn16

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I'm hosting an ArmA game server and website for a community called MACE. On the website I have a page that tracks top player scores for specific missions (http://www.macegame.eu/tag/scoreboard/). I want to display the squad logo of each player in the list when available but I encountered a problem. The game server will dump info returned by the script commands getPlayerScores and squadParams in the server logs (player name, player score, squad name, squad website and squad picture) which is later used by the website scripts to generate the scoreboard page dynamically. The problem is the output of the squadParams command : [ [ "MACE", "Multiplayer ArmA Combat Engine", "armamacegame@gmail.com", "http://www.macegame.eu/", "c:\users\neutrino\appdata\local\arma 3\squads\mace\dr3uvhu2db.paa", "MACE" ], [ "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "eRazer", "", "", "", "" ] ] The picture info returned by the script is "c:\users\<windows user name>\appdata\local\arma 3\squads\mace\dr3uvhu2db.paa" but I would like it to be the URL of the logo on ArmA 3 Units page for MACE which is https://units.arma3.com/groups/img/1143/DR3UVHU2db.png Please let me know if this new feature will be considered for a future implementation. Thanks & Regards
  3. Hello, I am creating an addon (that includes a bunch of scripts used for making missions) and I am trying to make everything as overridable as possible by the mission maker that will use my addon. Examples : - stringtable.xml is overridable - CfgXXXX or custom configs are overridable (based on tests I've made) - sqf variables are overridable I couldn't find a way to override functions defined in CfgFunctions (i know functions not defined in CfgFunctions are overridable just like variables but I don't want to use that method). Also, I would like to be able to override the function by using the exact same name (eg BIS_FNC_ABC => BIS_FNC_ABC, etc) so the change has no impact on the scripts calling the function. Does anyone know if it is possible and how? In the test I made I did the following: - created a test addon in which I added a CfgFunctions block with 1 function - created a test mission in which I added THE SAME CfgFunctions block with 1 function as in the addon (I only changed the "file" attribute to make it point to the functions folder inside the mission folder) - Started game with test addon enabled - I called the function during the mission with debug console and the radio message displayed was the one from the addon not the one I put in the mission function file
  4. d3nn16

    functions override

    I found a solution but it only works because I created the addon that contains the functions I want to override :-) My Addon - function ZDB_FNC_COUNTDOWN if (not ("notfound" isEqualType (uiNamespace getVariable ["CUS_FNC_COUNTDOWN", missionNamespace getVariable ["CUS_FNC_COUNTDOWN", "notfound"]]))) exitWith {_this call (uiNamespace getVariable ["CUS_FNC_COUNTDOWN", missionNamespace getVariable "CUS_FNC_COUNTDOWN"])}; Explanation : the addon function must do the work of checking whether the overriding function exist (with similar name but different tag : CUS_FNC_COUNTDOWN instead of ZDB_FNC_COUNTDOWN). Mission that uses addon can override function ZDB_FNC_COUNTDOWN by declaring the function CUS_FNC_COUNTDOWN
  5. Hello I installed the dev build version of the Linux server using steamcmd and 'app_update 233780 -beta development validate'. And installed dev build version of the Windows client using steamcmd and 'app_update 107410 -beta development validate. When I start the dev build client on my Windows machine I see correct version 'Development Build version 1.81.144316'. But when I go to the server list I see my server with a red cross and its info card shows 'version: 1.80'. I disabled addon check in server config file (verifySignatures=0, onDifferentData = "", onUnsignedData = "", onHackedData = "", BattlEye = 0). In the server logs I see incorrect version 'Arma 3 Console version 1.80.143869 x86'. Does this mean it is not always possible to test the latest dev build on a Linux server? Do I need to wait until the Linux Server Dev Build 1.81.144136 is released? Thanks for any help
  6. Hi I'm organizing a 100 players event for Friday September 1st. Subscribe here: https://beta.doodle.com/poll/793g32usn8us4s9k More info here: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/armaprmace#events/2324275121374445158
  7. Here are some tutorials to get you going with MACE CTI squad management
  8. Hi I'm organizing a 100 players event for Friday September 1st. Subscribe here: https://beta.doodle.com/poll/793g32usn8us4s9k More info here: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/armaprmace#events/2324275121374445158 Cheers
  9. I am confident in the human ability to see others' errors better than one's own errors :D
  10. IMO the best method for this huge translation task is crowd based translation. Here is one website (I didn't have time to test it for my own addon but looks promising) that does this: https://crowdin.com/ To put it short: you can make your translation project public and any crowdin user can put their own translations or vote for existing translation. And there is a button for downloading the translations that have most votes (that's what I was told, I haven't checked). Let me know if this sounds good for you.
  11. Hello Are you trying to make a PvP (or other) mission from scratch and you lose your time searching for script examples and debugging ? STOP! After you get Zengin addon you will stop scripting and start designing the gameplay of your dreams ;-) Subscribe to Zengin on Steam workshop and get free sample mission based on Tanoa island with new Apex factions, units, vehicles and weapons: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=698138607 Cheers eRazer Note: documentation is not available yet but I'm ready to help in case you want to use it for your missions
  12. Hello Is it possible to make EBO (encrypted PBO) addons like Marksmen DLC with BIS tools? Does BIS plan to provide this feature in the future? If so, are there any release dates estimates available? Thanks & Regards
  13. I'm planning to convert a mission framework (a bunch of scripts and functions) into an addon (this way it's easier to update multiple missions that are sharing scripts). The reasons I want to encrypt: - prevent others from just copying the scripts, add their logo and whatnot then say it's their addon - the framework is completely extensible as it is now (you can add whatever script you want and turn off/on existing scripts) so there is no need to modify anything inside the "engine scripts" only in the parameter files - if however there is something to be corrected/improved about the "engine scripts" then I want to know it and improve my addon for everyone not let someone else do it only for himself - encryption is first step for players to win some money with player made DLCs if they wish to do so, this can even incite companies to start developing complete games using the ArmA engine (makes me think of DayZ)
  14. They should create an online service that will encrypt the addon I upload with their encryption software. Maybe Steam provides something like this for game addons.
  15. d3nn16

    File Patching

    I saw in SITREP00121 that there will be some modifications to the #include behaviour. Please take into account what I posted in the Feedback Tracker about it. The issue is resolved in 1.50 (didn't have time to test), so I am just trying to make sure it will not be broken by future updates (possibility of referencing files relative to the root folder of the mission (or through relative path ..\..\..\etc), eg file <mission root>\functions\fn_myfunc_1.sqf includes file <mission root>\includes\file_1.sqf, where fn_myfunc_1.sqf is a function file referenced in CfgFunctions)
  16. Hi, I am trying to use kbTell to send a message over side channel whenever a player is hit by friendly fire (not killed). So I want to reuse the radio message that is used by AI when you fire at them: Alpha 1-1 4: 2 - Cease Fire - I did a full search on all the Arma addon files without finding the special .bikb file that would contain the "Cease fire" message definition. Instead I found that this message is defined in \a3\dubbing_radio_f\config.bin. So I figured out I just need copy the classes to a bikb file in my mission folder: sentences.bikb class Sentences { class __2_1___Cease_fire_1 { textOrig = "%2.1 — Cease fire"; text = "$STR_A3___2_1___Cease_fire"; wordsClass = "Normal"; speech[] = {"XMIT","%2.1","CeaseFire"}; gesture = ""; class Arguments {}; }; class __2_1___Cease_fire_4 { textOrig = "%2.1 — Cease fire"; text = "$STR_A3___2_1___Cease_fire"; wordsClass = "Combat"; speech[] = {"XMIT","%2.1","HoldFire"}; gesture = ""; class Arguments {}; }; class __2_1___Cease_fire_5 { textOrig = "%2.1 — Cease fire"; text = "$STR_A3___2_1___Cease_fire"; wordsClass = "Combat"; speech[] = {"XMIT","%2.1","DoNotFire"}; gesture = ""; class Arguments {}; }; class __2_1___Cease_fire { textOrig = "%2.1 — Cease fire"; text = "$STR_A3___2_1___Cease_fire"; wordsClass = "Normal"; speech[] = {"XMIT","%2.1","CheckYourFire"}; gesture = ""; class Arguments {}; }; }; class Arguments{}; class Special {}; startWithVocal[] = {}; startWithConsonant[] = {}; My questions: - Is this the only way of reusing the standard radio messages with kbTell? - Is "%2.1" a special code (what I find strange is the .1 after %2)? When AI says "Cease Fire" it replaces %2.1 with the ID of the shooter in the group (eg: Alpha 1-1-4: 2 - Cease Fire -, where 2 is the ID of the shooter) Thanks
  17. this is what I use UAVControl _uav select 0 == player
  18. Hello, I am creating this poll because in the PvP mission I created many players don't seem to know how to use the Advanced Flight Model. Now I would like to know if whether I should enable it or not in my mission, so this will depend on the answers you give me. Pool options: A) No - I usually fly with helicopters a lot but the Advanced Flight Model is too much for me, I enjoy the game more without it B) I don't know - I don't usually fly with helicopters and they don't interest me much, for me it's the same whether it is enabled or not C) Yes - I usually fly with helicopters a lot and I prefer the Advanced Flight Model over the simple model, I enjoy the game more with it Thanks in advance for your feedback
  19. Here is a video I found on the internet: It describes a new virtual world platform architecture that has some interesting features. Could it be useful for ArmA series? Is BIS interested in this?
  20. Hi In the 1.40 release notes I see: Added: Actions for raising and lowering turret. Please note that you need to select a preset again to map these to their default values or set them manually. I remember reading something about this in the Development Branch Changelog some time ago. Even after setting the keys in my arma profile file I can't make the 'turret' or periscope on the strider raise up. Anyone tried this? Did I misunderstood this functionality? Note: The keys to set in your profile are keyTurretElevationUp and keyTurretElevationDown
  21. Hi Tom Vehicle customization is something I already tried to figure out while developing a PvP mission. Here are the things most of the players I've been working/playing with are interested in (mainly for allowing balance of a PvP game): - Radar: it is too powerful and it can allow, through the green/red color of the squares identify where the enemies are spawning (extrapolate the FOB position from the direction they are coming from with vehicles), => suggestion 1: add option to remove the green/red color from squares in the radar so vehicle driver/pilot has to identify the target visually (making spotting harder, more balanced and also more realistic I guess) => suggestion 2: to go further with radar improvements, it would be nice to only show the squares on some portion of the radar (eg: 30° only in front of the helicopter, and when targets go out of this section the white dot disappears) Note: already created a thread about the radar issue. - Vehicle faction and score attributes score is actually an important thing for players (even veteran ones) as it is a measure of performance. In my PvP mission you can get "support points" (which is an alternative scoring system) based mainly on what vehicles you kill, so the score bonus a player gets from destroying an enemy vehicle is important for mission makers. => suggestion 1: allow customizing the score value a player gets from destroying a vehicle (the input for this customization should be a list with vehicle classes - eg b_mrap_01_f - and vehicle generic classes - eg Tank, Air, Car) => suggestion 2: allow customization of the faction attribute which is used for determining wheter the vehicle that was destroyed is friendly or enemy. In my PvP mission I used independent vehicles for both BLUFOR and OPFOR in order to balance the gameplay so when player destroys firendly vehicle he gets positive score instead of negative score. This happens also with ammocrates which are an important asset a player can paradrop near his position. if enemy destroys it he will get a negative score because the "faction" attribute is "Default" which is same as "Civilian" and results in negative score whatever side you are on Note: a feedback ticket was created for the "faction" attribute - Camouflage as stated in previous topic I used independent vehicles for both blufor and opfor sides to balance the gameplay, but this can lead to some confusion for new players that will not be able to quickly determine whether the vheicle is friendly or enemy => suggestion: allow customization of camouflage, if possible, introduce a simple camouflage system that is independent of vehicle type (eg if I use a independent Kuma tank on OPFOR side I can change the camo to look like the OPFOR Varsuk tank) - Thermal the strider and hunter vehicles with MG/GL turrets have a screen in the cockpit that is always set on thermal view even if I use the disableTIEquipment command to disable TI on the turret optics => suggestion 1: allow possibility to disable the TI on the cockpit screen in strider/hunter or other similar vehicles created in the future => suggestion 2: possibility to disable the thermal without disabling the night vision capability as shortly mentioned in this feedback ticket - Auto Locking the current auto lock system (where you press one button and any ground vehicle, be it empty or with crew can be locked without any effort from any distance) is not acceptable for PvP and probably for other kind of missions => suggestion: alow customization of the allowTabLock attribute so mission maker can disable/enable the feature for any air vehicle - Weapons => suggestion 1: possibility to remove gunner turrets, remove/replace any weapons (ex useful when trying to balance vehicles on both sides, eg removing AT missiles from the APC to make it similar to the oppposite side counterbalancing APC), change magazine maximum rounds count Note: I could do all this things by script but in some situations there are some visual glitches, eg if I replace AA missiles with AT missiles on blackfoot helicopter the missile compartment doesnt open when gunner switches to AT missles so it looks like the missile are fired from nowhere Another visual glitch is when a player adds AT missiles to his plane (any model) one by one, you can see the missiles positions are not consistent with their default positions (the ones you can see when plane has full ammo from start) => suggestion 2: possibility to remove the cannon from the ghosthawk/huron armed helicopters if the weapons is removed. This is to quickly give a visual indication to players that they don't have any weapons available on these helicopters (otherwise they may feel frustrated to see the cannon and not be able to shoot with it) If you need to put a priotiry on all the elements listed above, these are the top priority elements for me: 1) Radar 2) Auto Locking 3) Thermal Note: the idea of vehicle customization should also propagate to infantry weapons. I would be particularly interested in the possibility to disable thermal view on some missile launchers or rifle scopes, as well as disable auto locking and replacing manual locking with "manually guide the missile with your launcher optic" locking (I don't know atm what is the config attribute for this)
  22. I am trying to raise/lower the commander's periscope. I assigned X+Y to Raise turret and X+H to Lower turret. Nothing happens with the commander camera (optics) nor with the periscope (no raising/lowering animation).
  23. d3nn16

    Do you prefer the Advanced Flight Model?

    Joe, if you 'enjoy' it then you should vote Yes. This way you will make sure there will be at least one server in the MP server list where AFM is enabled and where players who want learn AFM can test their skills every week ;-)
  24. Updated on November 7th 2014 Hello, I am happy to present you the result of an idea born many years ago that has now got the last touches through combined efforts of the ZDROB Team members (led by eRazer and composed of various volunteers who believe in the same gameplay concept). Special thanks go to the Polish Arma Community for their active participation and the great ideas they shared during the development of the ZDROB engine and missions. DOWNLOAD LINKS STABLE MISSIONS: archive containing all ZDROB missions in stable version. BETA MISSIONS: these are mission folders (not PBO files) that contain new corrections/features that are being tested. The engine version contains a letter 1.81A (stable engine version doesn't contain any letter, eg: 1.81) ZDROB TOTAL TRILOGY mission pack - TOTAL WAR (SECTOR CONTROL) Total War is the competitive version of Total Warfare. Only play this mission if you live for challenge. Read more. - TOTAL WARFARE (CAPTURE THE ISLAND) Total Warfare is about teamwork, action and challenge. Cooperation, skill and smart tactics make the difference between losers and winners. Read more. - TOTAL DEATHMATCH (TEAM DEATHMATCH) Total Deathmatch is a fun way to learn how to use vehicles and infantry gear in combat. Read more. ZDROB SPECOPS mission pack - SKIRMISH (SECTOR CONTROL) Skirmish is the next level after Close Quarters in infantry combat. Heavier weapons and larger areas of operation require more coordination and skill. Read more. - CLOSE QUARTERS (SECTOR CONTROL) Close Quarters is death around the corner. Be swift and deadly... or bite the dust! Read more. Other ZDROB engine based missions - KING OF THE SKY (SECTOR CONTROL) Are you the king of the sky? Now you have a chance to prove it. Read more. - PAC REALITY A&S[20-40]: Hard Beginnings (SECTOR CONTROL) PvP missions focused on extreme balance of possibilities on both sides Read more. Note #1: Visit this thread regularly if you want to download most up-to-date versions; visit the second post below for missions and engine change logs. Note #2: Documentation for the ZDROB engine has not been released yet, but if you are interested in creating your own missions or extending the engine you may contact the ZDROB Team for help Note #3: If you find any issues with the missions you may report them to ZDROB Team: 1) Issues that can be reproduced systematically will be solved faster (please provide a step-by-step issue reproduction procedure) 2) Check log output for error messages on your dedicated server and client computers: - remove the -noLogs switch from ArmA startup parameters - add the -showScriptErrors switch to see a hint on the screen when any script error occurs - the log file is in the folder used in the -config switch for dedicated servers and in the C:\Users\<windows user name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\ folder for client computers - each time ArmA is restarted a new log file is generated and it is named like arma3_2014-XX-XX_XX-XX-XX.rpt ZDROB TEAM CONTACT: zdrobmissions @ gmail.com Q: Where can I play? If you want to play the ZDROB missions with many players then join the ARMA 3 TOTAL WAR community. At least one event is organized every week and is announced on ARMA 3 TOTAL WAR Steam group page. The event is opened to all players (noobs or veterans) and some slots are always available (at least for now :-). Only one server will host an event at a time, so check the ARMA 3 TOTAL WAR Steam group page (Events tab) to know which server hosts an event. A list of approved servers for public events can be found on the Overview tab. Q: Where can I find some videos? Up to date videos: Total War Generic Intro (by PAC): Outdated videos: Total War Generic Intro (by PAC): Total War Tutorial #1 (by PAC): Total War Tutorial #2 (by PAC): Q: Is performance good? We noticed 48-50 server FPS with 30 players during 3 hours play (October 2014). This is encouraging and we hope to achieve a 60-100 players game with server FPS over 30. Generally no complaints are made for player FPS, however on some rare occasions some still experience continuous poor FPS. Since not many players report this problem it is difficult to find and fix the cause (if any cause exists and it is due to the ZDROB engine). If you experience poor FPS then try this guide. Q: Where is this project heading to? The idea is to provide PvP (no AI) and TvT (with AI) missions for the largest audience (for 'public' and 'clan' players) in which all standard ArmA features (no addons) would be available for players to have fun with in a balanced gameplay. The ZDROB formula is: Teamwork + Action + Challenge = Fun. The ZDROB engine was also developed as a tool that would enable mission makers with poor scripting skills to make quality missions with complete control over the behaviour of ZDROB engine scripts. Continuous support will be provided for the ZDROB engine and mission makers who use it. However it may be limited depending on what resources are available. Q: What licensing terms (or usage rules)? 1) If you organize public events (= public players can join without server password) with ZDROB engine based missions then you must follow these rules: a) Create an event in the ARMA 3 TOTAL WAR Steam group Events tab b) Allow any ArmA 3 Total War community member to join your public server during this event c) Only the official ArmA 3 Total War TeamSpeak server is used during public events 2) You can use the ZDROB engine based missions for closed or clan vs clan events (= server connection requires password) without any restriction 3) If you modify ZDROB missions (eg: to match your gameplay preferences) then you must follow these rules: a) Modify the name to indicate it is a modified version (eg: TOTAL WARFARE [ toto-clan settings ]) b) Do NOT remove or modify the ArmA 3 Total War TeamSpeak server information from the mission (you may add a single marker with your TeamSpeak server information on the map below the official markers) Note: ZDROB Team is not responsible for these missions and issues related to them may be ignored 4) Do NOT use the "ZDROB engine" name for any of your engines that are based on a modified version of the ZDROB engine (the ZDROB engine is the set of scripts and files used to provide a base for mission creation): a) DO mention that your engine is a modification of the ZDROB engine (eg: in the lobby description field, "TOTO engine based on ZDROB engine") b) ZDROB Team may ignore issues related to your engine and should not be accounted for issues related to it If any doubt contact ZDROB Team. Q: How can I help this project? 1) Come play during the events 2) Vote up issues that affect the ZDROB engine (see further below in this post) 3) Give your polite and constructive feedback (in TS after the mission end or in this thread) for making the gameplay experience better for everyone 4) Help with finding bugs (see procedure about .rpt log file at the beginning of this thread) 5) Help with scripting, translating, graphic design Note: If you (or your group) participate actively in the project then you will have your name added in the credits list during the mission intro Q: What features does the ZDROB engine have? Q: What are the issues posted in the Feedback Tracker that affect the ZDROB engine based missions? Even with below issues the ZDROB engine based missions are playable. However, fixing these will improve the gameplay experience, avoid some frustrations or small hacks. To vote, you need to create an account on the Feedback Tracker website: http://feedback.arma3.com/view_all_bug_page.php. Important: 0021173: using addScore command inside HandleScore event handler wil crash the game every time => this will help 1) fix arma score system where that gives negative score for destroying enemy ammocrates and positive score for destroying friendly vehicles that come from independent faction 2) replace the arma score system with the ZDROB support points system 0020524: some ideas to improve the Virtual Arsenal => the ZDROB engine uses the virtual arsenal so vote this up to make it work best 0020519: score is computed based on object config attribute "faction" => if you destroy friendly vehicle controlled by enemy soldier you get negative score (it should be positive score) 0016752: Thermal Vision => there is no possibility in the Arma engine to disable thermal vision and keep only night vision for titan launchers, autonomous vehicles and autonomous static weapons 0008133: disableTIEquipment doesnt disable vehicle's PiP monitor => the monitor with thermal view can still be used to detect units 0018090: weaponDisassembled event handler would be more useful if it provided a parameter pointing to the static weapon => without fix any player that controls an AI soldier can create an infinite number of static weapons (ask AI to disassemble the weapon before creating a new static weapon) 0012991: add event handler "HandleRepair" similar to "HandleHeal" => at the moment you can get support points for healing, if this is added it would allow to get support points for repairing too 0018952: drag & drop static weapons => who doesn't want this? 0020523: add possibility to make some soldier squads persistent => this would help remove some scripts from the ZDROB engine and also remove the game logic units from the squads. 0017046: Enemy and Friendly TAGs are shown when disabled => this is a hack to detect enemy soldiers/vehicles that are hidden on the battlefield Nice to have: 0009447: COIN: Please implement and improve COIN module => if the COIN interface is added then it would be easier to add fortification building to the ZDROB engine 0018952: Realistic Wounding System => also mentions reviving 0019243: Youtube on Arma3 => this will help add videos in mission briefings 0011545: camPrepareDir command does not work (no effect) => the zdrob engine features a flexible camera moving script but it is a bit jerky at the moment because I couldn't find a smooth way to move the camera. If these issues are fixed I hope these commands will provide smoother camera movements. 0011921: multiple friendly fire for pilot when helicopter crashes => in the zdrob engine there is a possibility to remove support points from players when destroying friendly vehicles, but this is disabled because pilots and crewmen are too heavily impacted (eg: pilot gets negative score for helicopter and all passengers / tank commander gets negative score if tank explodes some time after the AT missile impact) 0017122: setvariable command with public parameter set to true doesn't work for some vehicles => this prevents using the offroad car as a respawn point (actually the vehicle is unusable with the ZDROB engine) 0016461: Option for enabling mines/explosives markers independent from general map markers => allow minetag difficulty setting to be enabled in veteran and second, make this setting also enable the mine/satchel markers on map (not only the red triangle in HUD) 0020521: add possibility to change respawn location description with bis_fnc_addrespawnposition => with this you will see FOB, MHQ, rally point, main base, air base int he respawn menu list instead of the names of closest towns/villages 0020826: Allow only admin to enable/disable AI for individual slots in game lobby => this can help avoid problems because of nasty public players when you want have control over what slots should have AI enabled 0020845: KeyDown UI event handler does not provide correct code for key combination (only single key press) => this allows to have key combos associated with actions like airlift, airdrop, open options menu, show vehicle crew; atm only single key press will work Fixed: 0016758: player can't reconnect to UAV after reconnecting to server => disassembling an autonomous static weapon after reconnecting to server makes it unusable (impossible to connect with UAV terminal) 0015000: incorrect backpacks for autonomous static weapons => without fix OPFOR side can create infinite number of autonomous static weapons (workaround is add a cost to static weapons but is not best solution)
  25. Hello, I am looking for a more subtle way of disabling the radar. At the moment I am displaying a gray square over the radar to hide it completely. But I would like something less "aggressive" for player. I would like to remove the red/green/yellow dots and keep the incoming AA missile dots and the gunner/pilot heading V-shape indicators. I tried something with the newest script commands without success. I tried disable/delete all controls to see if there is a way to control them but the radar dots are still displayed: screenshot { _x ctrlSetFade 1; _x ctrlCommit 0 } forEach allControls (uiNamespace getvariable "rscunitinfo"); { { _x ctrlSetFade 1; _x ctrlCommit 0 } forEach allControls _x; } foreach alldisplays; "" { { ctrldelete _x; } forEach allControls _x; } foreach alldisplays; "" (uiNamespace getvariable "rscunitinfo" displayCtrl 148) ctrlSetFade 1; (uiNamespace getvariable "rscunitinfo" displayCtrl 148) ctrlCommit 0 Most of the radar elements are defined in ui_f.pbo > config.bin > CA_Radar which I can easily make invisible but I still can't find the element corresponding to the colored dots. They must be controlled by a script that I couldn't find. Thanks in advance for any help with this.