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  1. Wow, thank you very much for all the work you guys did to bring the old content back into the game.
  2. @LordJarhead Thank you for your immense amount of work on this sound mod - it's a fantastic change over the base game sounds.
  3. I think my post was pretty clear that NO other non-BIS addon was used. CBA 3.3.1 breaks key bindings and CBA 3.1.2 works. I do not have custom addon keybindings - I'm pretty sure I said that, too.
  4. I just installed CBA_A3 v3.4.0.170627 (from Github) and now all my key bindings that include Shift or Ctrl have stopped working. I double checked with all addons disabled - vanilla Arma 3 works fine but if I enable the latest CBA release (with no other addon), all those keybindings stop working. For example, I use "Right Shift + / [NUM]" to map "Weapons -> Optics Mode" and this used to work with all earlier CBA releases but stopped now. I could remap one or two keys but I have upwards of 20 keys that use Shift or Ctrl and I also use the same keybindings in Arma 1 / 2 so I'd have to redo it all over several times. It'd also be very inconvenient to relearn all those keys after so many years. Is there a way to disable keybinding support in CBA? I don't think I have any custom addon keys bound (I didn't ever set one up for sure), only keys defined by the game. This problem is a massive issue for me, many of my keys have Shift or Ctrl (for years, going back to Flashpoint) and the latest CBA makes the game unplayable for me. Since most of my other addons rely on CBA, I can now only play the vanilla game. I have the latest release version of the game from Steam (not the dev version) with all the available DLC-s installed, on Windows 10. Edit: After further testing, I see the same behavior with CBA 3.3.1 (I haven't used this version before). I also noticed that not all key combinations using Ctrl are broken - several work but several don't; I don't know what may differentiate between them. "RightCtrl+/ [Num]" doesn't work but "LeftCtrl + 8 [Num]" (for adjusting combat stance up) does. I'll try a few more older versions of CBA to see if I can play the game with all addons until this gets sorted out. Edit 2: rolling back to CBA 3.1.2 works.
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask about this but it is related to Arma 3: I'd like to play online with a few friends of mine and I'm considering renting a game server, rather than buying and running my own. I've never tried this before so I don't have any experience with hosted gaming servers and the features / control panels and the performance of the game. (I ran my own Arma 1 server before but there I had full control of the server.) I looked at a few rental companies and found that www.gameservers.com offers servers in Dallas where we live. I'd appreciate some feedback if anyone used this service before. I looked at their site but I couldn't find a lot of information, especially about uploading addons / maps / missions. (This is not an ad for the company and I'm not affiliated with them.)
  6. Thank you, I'll check it out. I found other mentions of them on these forums now that I searched for the name and they seem to have a decent reputation.
  7. xxbbcc

    Arma 3 being upgrade to 64 bit

    I'd like to highlight this to everyone who thinks that doing everything in parallel is easy. It's very, very hard to get it right and it's even harder to properly test. I'm pretty sure that if it was easy, it would've been done by Bohemia long time ago. It's in their best interest to have the game run as well as possible on as many computers as possible - it simply means fewer bug tickets, fewer annoyed customers and more sales.
  8. Thank you for your response. I'm not sure about dedicated servers - they're clearly superior to anything shared but they're also very expensive. I only have a handful of people to play with (8 or less) so paying $70(-ish) a month is a tad too expensive for a hobby that we can't play more than probably once a week (if we're lucky - all people involved have families, some more than one kids, etc.). The shared hosting looks a lot more sensible, if it works - this is why I posted the question. Your answer somewhat reinforced what I thought: that shared hosts simply over-rent their computers. Since Arma 3 is very CPU-intensive game (even on the server), I'm worried that shared hosting (cheap as it is) will just be a poor experience. I may just end up buying a computer and then inviting people over to directly connect to it from my home when we play.
  9. xxbbcc

    When can I pre-order APEX in steam?

    Found it, thank you. It's hidden deep inside the client under account. It shows up there now.
  10. xxbbcc

    When can I pre-order APEX in steam?

    Where is that? Do I see that in the Steam client or on the Steam website? All I have is the confirmation email I got from BIS and I don't see any changes after the purchase in my Steam account so far.
  11. xxbbcc

    When can I pre-order APEX in steam?

    I pre-ordered Apex and "redeemed" it through the BIS store - when I click "Detail" it says it's already redeemed through Steam but I can't see anything in my Steam account. Should I see anything in my Steam account right now? (Or only after release?)
  12. Thank you for your work on CUP - it's an excellent project.
  13. xxbbcc

    Mk 1 eyeballs

    Thank you for your mod - works really well.
  14. Solano and serjames: thanks for your responses, I'll give that a try.
  15. xxbbcc

    ASR AI 3

    Robalo, thank you for this excellent addon.
  16. Solano, thank you for your work on this - in general, the changes you made make Arma 3 a lot more visually appealing. I just recently installed v6 after using v5 for a while. In general, I like v6 more than v5 but there are some things that bother me a lot - some of them were already mentioned in earlier messages. One is that midday vegetation seems overly red. (Actually, most colors seem highly oversaturated on clear sunny days.) It feels almost cartoonish, just like one of the other posters mentioned. Is it possible to tone it down? Another is: the red rooftops of buildings take on a very deep, intense dark red color (perhaps with a hint of blue) during overcast weather; they look almost alien. I like the brighter, fuller colors of your addon but v6 feels over-saturated. I think the most natural colors (appearance?) would be the saturation of v5 with the brightness fixes you applied in v6.
  17. Sorry for not reading through 45 pages of comments. I don't like the new color scheme of the forums - low contrast and poor font / size choices make it hard to read the pages. Individual comments are somewhat hard to tell apart because the comment title doesn't separate well enough from the comment body. I also dislike the large amount of wasted vertical whitespace - I'd prefer a bit more condensed, somewhat denser view. The top toolbar (where it says "Rules") is way too high and wastes a lot of space for nothing. The first comment on a topic page starts at Y=600 (or so) - on a 1080 display, 60% of the screen size is wasted on toolbars, pointless images, etc. The red link color is really poor on the gray background. A color scheme with better colors and better contrast would be preferable to the current one. I also see various labels with black text and white background and overlap other elements all over the place (one example is next to the comment where it says "xxbbcc's Photo". I can't describe this element other than a label (or a tooltopi?) but it looks really out-of-place with broken layout and invalid overlaps. This is especially bad on the topic listing pages.
  18. Kronzky, Thank you (again :) ) for this addon. I have a feature request for it (if you're still maintaining it): would you mind adding scopes to the list of weapons or support equipment? I just started using it for Arma 3 and I can only request weapons without scopes (unless I missed all the scopes in one of the lists).
  19. Undeceived, You may still want to take a look at the beta patch because if that's the cause of the errors I'm seeing, your campaign will be buggy once the beta turns into the final release. I also removed several of my addons and tried that way but I still get the bugs - this is what made me think that it could be the beta. Unless, of course, someone else used the beta and played without error.
  20. Is anyone else using Arma 2 OA beta build 112555? I'm seeing a number of problems in missions - I listed the ones found earlier in this post: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?167080-SP-CAMP-Black-Lands-(resistance-campaign)&p=2591046&viewfull=1#post2591046 but now I ran into more problems. All of the issues that I'm seeing are in scripted in-mission scenes where characters are interacting with each other. I have a number of addons but I've seen Tonci87's message about the ones he used (ASR_AI, TPWCAS, JSRS) - I have these and some others but I really have a hard time seeing weapon addons breaking a scripted scene. I also tried disabling some addons, to no effect. I'm trying to see if this is related to the beta patch perhaps.
  21. Awesome campaign so far, thanks for making it. I did run into some issues: I use a number of addons: JSRS, ASR AI, CBA, PvpScene, FNC Scopes but usually these don't have an ill effect on most missions. (Plus all other missions in this campaign worked fine - if anything, ASR AI made it a lot harder/fun to play it.)
  22. Celery, Thanks, I managed to play the mission anyway - I just went Rambo on them. It's a good mission - I really like the tight town layout you created. (I cheated in a weapon using Kronzky's support call addon.)
  23. Is it normal that a guard immediately shoots me if I pass them by? I tried several times now but I can't enter any street / alley where there's a guard (no suspicious behavior) because if I have to pass by them they shoow immediately. I can't even walk to the market because there're several guards there and I get shot immediately.
  24. xxbbcc

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    LJ thank you very much for the fix. It's very much appreciated that you still release fixes for A2.