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  1. xxbbcc

    Cold War Rearmed III

    I wanted to thank everyone who worked on CWR3 / CUP - I just finished playing the Cold War Crisis campaign and it's a blast, even more so than it was in Operation Flashpoint. The islands and equipment all look great and the gameplay was good and I think (not sure) that I noticed a few changes to several missions that make them a lot more player-friendly than back in OFP. Thank you. I did run into a few issues (but eventually I was able to complete the campaign): The "Rescue", "Undercover" and "Hold Malden" missions didn't complete; I had to use a cheat to end them. In "Undercover" the Russian soldiers at the first checkpoint start shooting almost immediately, mowing down everyone inside the truck even when stopping the truck at the checkpoint. I got past this by driving around the checkpoint at a distance. "Escape From Prison" ended successfully during the into movie and never entered the playable part of the mission. There was another mission that did this but I don't recall which one (I think it was one of the tank / flying missions (?) because I didn't mind.) The friendly tank AI was acting very strangely - they almost never shot at anything (I can't say 'never' because they did fire a few shots in some of the tank missions but only very few) and they kept getting stuck on each other or in the terrain. I ended up doing all the tank missions solo because they just stopped following. This is not something I've seen for a while in Arma 3 (but I rarely play tank missions). My own tank crew never fired a shot in any of the missions; I had to fire all the guns by switching to the gunner position.
  2. xxbbcc

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    I just finished playing this DLC - it's easily the best of the Creator DLC line and I'd say the price is OK for the content. The story is all right and the one SP mission that comes with it (Extraction) was fun. Thank you for making it. A bit of feedback: If you plan on making another DLC, please don't make more maps - Arma 3 already has plenty of maps but fairly few very good SP missions. Most of what's out there are dynamically generated scenarios which end up being much the same - random skirmishes on largely empty landscapes and with not much point to them other than killing as many enemies as possible. Quality SP missions with a good story are fairly rare - a new DLC with story-centered SP missions would be welcome (and I imagine it'd be easier to make, too, since time wouldn't have to be spent on creating all new assets). Most of what's out there also require tons of addons that few other things require. While the new map looks cool and I'm pretty sure it's fairly authentic as far as deserts go, it's very empty and becomes uninteresting fairly quickly. I don't really see myself going back to it unless someone makes another good SP mission on it. The friendly AI is pretty useless; they got stuck in the terrain several times - this is something that I've seen all the time in Arma 2 but rarely in Arma 3 - and eventually I gave up on them and just played solo. The mission also took away their equipment at one point for no apparent reason. Enemy AI seemed excessively accurate at long distances. A few building models cannot be entered when crouched - the door / threshold prevents entry. Having enemy APC-s in several spots was completely unexpected and nothing hinted at the possibility of encountering one. It'd be better to mention this early on. Because the mission is partly dynamically generated, most locations were empty and boring. This was a major immersion killer for me. When completing some of the tasks, the location populates with civilians - when this happened, civilians, animals and vehicles appeared out of nowhere right in front of me (some of them less than 50 meters away). Nothing gets cleaned up on the map and save times got pretty long towards the end of the mission. It might be better to have several smaller missions rather than one massive one. This is the same problem that Old Man had.
  3. xxbbcc


    @haleks Thank you, I was able to download it.
  4. xxbbcc


    @haleks I never realized your mod existed - do you have a working download link to the latest version? The Google Drive links are dead and so is Armaholic. Thank you.
  5. Wow, thank you very much for all the work you guys did to bring the old content back into the game.
  6. @LordJarhead Thank you for your immense amount of work on this sound mod - it's a fantastic change over the base game sounds.
  7. I think my post was pretty clear that NO other non-BIS addon was used. CBA 3.3.1 breaks key bindings and CBA 3.1.2 works. I do not have custom addon keybindings - I'm pretty sure I said that, too.
  8. I just installed CBA_A3 v3.4.0.170627 (from Github) and now all my key bindings that include Shift or Ctrl have stopped working. I double checked with all addons disabled - vanilla Arma 3 works fine but if I enable the latest CBA release (with no other addon), all those keybindings stop working. For example, I use "Right Shift + / [NUM]" to map "Weapons -> Optics Mode" and this used to work with all earlier CBA releases but stopped now. I could remap one or two keys but I have upwards of 20 keys that use Shift or Ctrl and I also use the same keybindings in Arma 1 / 2 so I'd have to redo it all over several times. It'd also be very inconvenient to relearn all those keys after so many years. Is there a way to disable keybinding support in CBA? I don't think I have any custom addon keys bound (I didn't ever set one up for sure), only keys defined by the game. This problem is a massive issue for me, many of my keys have Shift or Ctrl (for years, going back to Flashpoint) and the latest CBA makes the game unplayable for me. Since most of my other addons rely on CBA, I can now only play the vanilla game. I have the latest release version of the game from Steam (not the dev version) with all the available DLC-s installed, on Windows 10. Edit: After further testing, I see the same behavior with CBA 3.3.1 (I haven't used this version before). I also noticed that not all key combinations using Ctrl are broken - several work but several don't; I don't know what may differentiate between them. "RightCtrl+/ [Num]" doesn't work but "LeftCtrl + 8 [Num]" (for adjusting combat stance up) does. I'll try a few more older versions of CBA to see if I can play the game with all addons until this gets sorted out. Edit 2: rolling back to CBA 3.1.2 works.
  9. Thank you, I'll check it out. I found other mentions of them on these forums now that I searched for the name and they seem to have a decent reputation.
  10. xxbbcc

    Arma 3 being upgrade to 64 bit

    I'd like to highlight this to everyone who thinks that doing everything in parallel is easy. It's very, very hard to get it right and it's even harder to properly test. I'm pretty sure that if it was easy, it would've been done by Bohemia long time ago. It's in their best interest to have the game run as well as possible on as many computers as possible - it simply means fewer bug tickets, fewer annoyed customers and more sales.
  11. Thank you for your response. I'm not sure about dedicated servers - they're clearly superior to anything shared but they're also very expensive. I only have a handful of people to play with (8 or less) so paying $70(-ish) a month is a tad too expensive for a hobby that we can't play more than probably once a week (if we're lucky - all people involved have families, some more than one kids, etc.). The shared hosting looks a lot more sensible, if it works - this is why I posted the question. Your answer somewhat reinforced what I thought: that shared hosts simply over-rent their computers. Since Arma 3 is very CPU-intensive game (even on the server), I'm worried that shared hosting (cheap as it is) will just be a poor experience. I may just end up buying a computer and then inviting people over to directly connect to it from my home when we play.
  12. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask about this but it is related to Arma 3: I'd like to play online with a few friends of mine and I'm considering renting a game server, rather than buying and running my own. I've never tried this before so I don't have any experience with hosted gaming servers and the features / control panels and the performance of the game. (I ran my own Arma 1 server before but there I had full control of the server.) I looked at a few rental companies and found that www.gameservers.com offers servers in Dallas where we live. I'd appreciate some feedback if anyone used this service before. I looked at their site but I couldn't find a lot of information, especially about uploading addons / maps / missions. (This is not an ad for the company and I'm not affiliated with them.)
  13. xxbbcc

    When can I pre-order APEX in steam?

    Found it, thank you. It's hidden deep inside the client under account. It shows up there now.
  14. xxbbcc

    When can I pre-order APEX in steam?

    Where is that? Do I see that in the Steam client or on the Steam website? All I have is the confirmation email I got from BIS and I don't see any changes after the purchase in my Steam account so far.
  15. xxbbcc

    When can I pre-order APEX in steam?

    I pre-ordered Apex and "redeemed" it through the BIS store - when I click "Detail" it says it's already redeemed through Steam but I can't see anything in my Steam account. Should I see anything in my Steam account right now? (Or only after release?)