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  1. My first Tac-Ops DLC Impression

    Hmm, I couldn't log in into these forums yesterday, I thought they were hammered by people reacting to the DLC. But either every thread has been deleted, or nobody really cares ;). Anyway, the last time I've heard BIS calling a campaign "SP" was in Apex, and it wasn't SP at all. Is this DLC mission pack really SP like the original campaign, and everything else BIS had done up to Apex, or is it a continuation of their attempt at "singleplayer-online" content with no pausing nor saving?
  2. So there will be other activities than the usual Arma3 ones, which are running around and shooting :), that's nice. Personally I am not into PvP whatsoever, so unless there are PvE servers I will give it a pass. "Be the best" is a typical King of the Hill activity that I do not want to partake in at the end of a workday, I prefer to "live" in this new world together with other people against the hostile environment. Can the planned activities allow for such a playstyle?
  3. What exactly is the goal? Surviving and looting empty cans for the sake of it? I mean normally, if people went out into the wilderness it was to reach some place for a reason, or to settle someplace new, etc. So besides shooting at everything that moves with new weapons in a new scenery, which may get old rather fast, what are we supposed to be doing in there?
  4. I am not sure I understand the the kind gameplay you are shooting for. Since you are selling founders' packs like regular MMO's, I figure it will be MP only and on your servers, right, and no SP then? Also, PvP or PvE?
  5. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Yeah, I didn't want to waste my time moving my inventory from trunk to trunk just because of its size :). The vanilla maximumLoad varies from 2000 for MRAPs like the Hunter, 3000 for trucks, 4000 on offroads like the MB 4WD (go figure). You can find most of the original values on http://tikka.ws/class/index.php?b=cfgVehicles and play around with that.
  6. You have many options to switch to a teammate: Just hitting F2 to select #2 should open the action menu with the option to "Switch to unit 2". Or, on the map: If you don't have any of those, you are probably somehow not playing with the latest version. You are taking it from the Steam Workshop and starting it from "Singleplayer > Scenarios" menu, aren't you?
  7. Whatever, if you keep pressing that me wondering whether logging as Administrator into Windows will show the console in SP has anything to do with your response about hosting locally, then we can agree on one thing, let's just drop it.
  8. I know what it says, yet I don't have it in OPEX in SP until I change the =1 to =2. Just like you have to specifically set "enableTeamSwitch true;", even though the same docs claim that it is enabled by default.
  9. I saw it is 1, and it is not available in SP unfortunately. Maybe if one is logged in into Windows as "Administrator", but I am too lazy to check, and anyway nobody logs in as Administrator to play. I was thinking about something like: if (isMultiplayer) then =1 else =2 (unless isMultiplayer is broken as well :) )
  10. Don't bother, this mission seems to have been abandoned a year ago.
  11. I have two small suggestions. 1. Please enable the console for everybody (=2) in SP 2. Thanks for the TeamSwitch, but it misses a small thing imho. By default when you teamswitch, #1 remains the leader, and in the usual AI way, starts giving dummass commands especially to mess up your game, like telling everyone to disembark from all vehicles, sending someone to someplace, etc. I've been fixing this issue with the following: onTeamSwitch ( {_group = group _from; _group selectLeader _to;} ); => on the TeamSwitch event, the leader becomes the new toon to which you switched. I've been using it on mods that don't have it from the console (hence request 1 :) ) with no ill effect that I noticed.
  12. I've restarted again, thinking that the VComm AI mod had done something. So without VComm AI, at the end of the first in-game day already I started feeling a few seconds lag between the "shoulder weapon" command and its execution. When removing a bomb in pitch black conditions at around 18:50, it took about 15 seconds for the command to be performed. Worst of all was using the bed roll. You right-click on it, nothing. Then try again and again, and seconds later a few appear on the floor at once. So you pick them up and end up having 4 your inventory. Or drop one, wait patiently for it to appear, then try to pick it up. Nothing, so you try again and so on, then end up with a few in your inventory.