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  1. Hi, A lot of the features in this scenario have been inspired by other mission, like Rydigier's Pilgrimage, but some function differently, I'd like to know how the "Old Man" world is supposed to function. 1/ Fast Travel. It's not implemented as a teleport since it takes time to go from place to place. But for some reason I can't travel together with a vehicle. In Pilgrimage for instance the last vehicle you were in travels with you, so we know there is no technical issue that would prevent such a functionality. Do you truly only "fast travel on foot" or am I missing something. 2/ Is there a way to truly destroy a roadblock? In Pilgrimage again, once I kill everyone at a checkpoint it remains empty for the duration of the mission, which lasts a few hours to a couple of days max anyway. If such a feature exists, i.e. it stays empty for a couple of days at least, is it enough to kill everyone there or one has to C4 something else there? 3/ Helicopters. Pilgrimage has those pesky on call helicopters as well, about 1-2 on the island, but if I shoot them down or do to an airfield and destroy them on the ground, there will be no more of those for the remainder of the mission. Is it the same in Old Man or do they keep respawning? Thanks.
  2. neofit

    Old Man: insurgents issue

    Good to know one doesn't need to compulsively loot everything in sight anymore then :).
  3. neofit

    Old Man: insurgents issue

    BTW, is that level, +3 or something, when you have -20%/+20% and accommodations at 100 (when Samjo says "lowest prices"), the highest one? Because I've given them about 1K-2K for the first three levels, then about 20K worth of weapons after that but I didn't get any other message from Samjo.
  4. neofit

    Old Man: insurgents issue

    Thanks. To me "Not Available" sounds like the "N/A" in Excel, which means that one has an error somewhere. I'd rather they replaced them by zeros.
  5. neofit

    Old Man: insurgents issue

    I've received a phone call from Samjo telling me he was happy with me blowing up the house, his first mission. After that I got the "Insurgents" button on the map screen. But I'd still appreciate an answer to my questions: 1/ Where do I see the reputation level? 2/ Is it normal to have the 'Not available' "figures" on my insurgency screen or should I start over?
  6. Hi, From the help I got in-game, I guess there are two ways to use the weapons I am looting: 1/ Sell them at the insurgents' camp for money 2/ Put them into a box at a stash house for about half the money plus some kind of reputation with the said insurgents Where do I see this reputation level? Also, I've got this when looking at the insurgents screen: Does this mean that my game is broken and that I should restart? Is there any way to figure out if it will be broken again, before wasting my time playing for another hour before this screen becomes available again? Or is this "normal" and will start displaying proper figures as soon as I interact somehow with this faction? I've already sold weapons to their quartermaster and put some into the stash box, do I have to go on an actual assault with them for this box to fix itself? Thanks
  7. neofit

    (Ravage) Virus X - Patient Zero

    If you could read, you'd see: "Joined: March 10, 2007". And no, you can't in your mission. All I've seen were sprinting ones. Not fun. Brain dead creatures with rotting muscles having the coordination and strength to run? Does not compute. Yes, Einstein, I did read the notes. That does not make these idiotic restrictions fun. If you played Arma 3 a bit longer, you'd know that these things are managed in settings, so each player can manager them on their own, instead of having some arrogant mission maker force his views onto them. Yay, I'm stuck inside a vehicle with much less situational awareness than in real life, of what a difficult challenge, oh what fun. Everyone is looking for a challenge according to his limited capacity I guess, heh? Succeed at what, genius? In having fun in a crappy mission? Not wasting my time on that. Look, you started personal insults first, so the general tone is now on you. I admit to making one mistake though, I misread: I understood it as if a grown up actually meant it, not a kid who'd go all butthurt at the first criticism. Anyway, thread and user /ignored.
  8. neofit

    [SP-Campaign] Codename Phalanx

    I think it's Arma3. I don't remember being that POed by AI driving. I remember being driven by AIs and my only complaint being that they were rather slow. I remember being flown by AI teammates in choppers as well.
  9. neofit

    [SP-Campaign] Codename Phalanx

    I am not worried that AI driving will break this very mission. It's a general thing, more like a principle for me at this point. Most missions I play are not the military type ones that we get in the stock campaigns by BIS. Besides the various Pilgrimages, I mostly play Ravage-type or the Patrol Operations types of missions. I wish I could get into an apoc Altis and NOT find most, if not all of the intended to be scary AI bandit patrols all burnt and dead sticking from some wall or wreck on the road. I wish I could use more people in my patrol that would fit inside a single vehicle, because nurturing the second one is hair-pulling frustration, what with them getting stuck in walls at most turns or a single tree or rock in a field, without the AI brains to back off an extra meter so they can move around it. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to say "#2, driver, get in", pop onto the passenger seat, click somewhere on the map, and enjoy the scenery, trusting #2 will actually get you there. When I am seeing how well AI is driving in otherwise silly games like the Far Crys and the GTAs, it's like I'm watching super pro code compared to "Hello world" level AI coding in Arma3. Then we had the disastrous, no-save, allegedly SP campaign in Apex. And then BIS is telling me: "hey, buy more vehicles, they are fun. Buy more campaigns too, we are good at them!". Sorry, I don't feel like it for some reason. Edit: /rant off, sorry :).
  10. neofit

    [SP] Ravage Breadcrumbs (WIP)

    Debug console: in the "description.ext" file, add "enableDebugConsole = 2;" (for everyone, or =1 if only for SP and MP admins). It's in here. Have a nice and safe vacation.
  11. neofit

    [SP-Campaign] Codename Phalanx

    The Workshop page says that it also requires the Tanks DLC. I will absolutely get it as soon as the AI can drive one without getting stuck on a single rock in a desert :).
  12. Tried it today finally. It does make things better, but it is still too dark, even with the in-game brightness to the max. When I run around, I see a light brown circle on the ground all around me at about 30m, it moves with me, and beyond the ground is nearly black. Outside this circle, if I am shooting at AIs that are among trees with the sky in the background, the latter is so bright and the trees so dark that it's like shooting at a black silhouette on a black background. Even with all lights in the room turned off. Also, when I look at the same scene through an SVD scope, I am getting some nice shades of green instead of shades of black and everything is visible. Trees are not green without the scope, they are different shades of black. I haven't seen such an effect on any other map. It's like night time ground with day time skies. I depboed and derapified the Sullen skies config.bin, but I have no idea what to change in there. 🙂
  13. neofit

    (Ravage) Virus X - Patient Zero

    Gave it a try. It sounded exciting from the description, but there are too many quality of life restrictions for fun. From the 10 minutes I managed to endure it: * You can save in SP, but not only there is only one save slot ("autosave.Arma3Save"), there are also many restrictions on when it can be used: you can't save in the car, not inside a house, only outside in (acid?) rain. Doesn't add anything to gameplay, on the contrary, it makes it frustrating, the antithesis of fun. * You can't drive in 3rd person. * You can't shoot when walking backwards, what we usually do when kiting zeds * and the worst, what actually killed it for me: running zombies. So, first village, 5 zombied Hussein Bolts around me, and I can't even kite. Not a mission for me unfortunately. Just remembered: * You have a GPS, but the key you have in the game settings doen't work * Apparently you are a professional in a very important mission, but you went into a zone with without an extra fuel, so you start with barely a few pixels in your Skoda. I thought I'd play until I run out, they I'd see if I should continue depending on the scarcity of the important resources, but the running zombies decided for me :).
  14. neofit


    Awesome! Then I hope someone will port Pilgrimage onto it, if you'll allow that.
  15. Hello, I've been playing this SAS scenario using IFA3, then Pilgrimage ported to '44. There is this German sniper rifle, Kar98k ZF39, which is way harder to use that its British equivalent (whose name escapes me atm). Not only the K98 has much less magnification, which is probably authentic, but the worst thing is the automatic reload. While reloading the British one you keep looking through the scope and see where the bullets land, which is very helpful in this pre-laser era. With the German rifle, as soon as you've pulled the trigger and if it wasn't the last bullet in the clip, you automatically take your eye away from the scope to reload. So basically unless it's point-blank, you have idea where the bullets land and you are shooting blind. Is this normal? Is there a way to remedy to that? A manual reload would have been awesome.