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  1. [SP/MP] Siege of Athira

    Apparently a DLC is needed, the one with the Courier Bag. I don't have it and was quite frustrated with the first kills, since all of the ones that had a bag had the Courier Bag :).
  2. [SP/MP] Siege of Athira

    Also, I am not sure I understand the gameplay. I exit my mancave on a raid, and as soon as I get through the door, I instantly forget where I came from and then have to waste time trying to find my way back? Then, from what I see there is also no way to save during the raid either. So if I have played 80 minutes for instance and have to leave, I have wasted 80 minutes of my life? I suppose I need to win vs Alzheimer's, get back home, and only then my progress will be saved?
  3. [SP/MP] Siege of Athira

    Hi, As the description says it is playable in SP, I started it from SinglePlayer>Scenarios. Haven't left my cellar yet. First observation: the Esc>Save option is disabled. Not very good. Second observation: the only other option is "Abort", not "Save and exit". Of course, when choosing "Abort" the game issues a message stating "Your progress AND all saves from this mission will be lost". So how does one save progress in SP here?
  4. Pilgrimage - Ported

    Now that was an epic trip back to the boat (Tembalen). It was the first time I used this Medevac vehicle, it looked sturdy. I got attacked bu a Kajman literally 100m away from the boat. I managed to hide in that small compound up the hill, bring the Kajman down with 2 AAs and still manage to bring the Medevac home, just on the rims. The Medevac's status was all white, with only the wheels in red, and that after 2 passes and about 4 bursts.
  5. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Hi, That "shop" thingy (NPC vendors) is a feature if 1.95 or it was already there in the 1.95betas ? In all my playthroughs I never saw it, but then I tried using the minimum of civilians. Now, if I start a playthrough with Major Stiffy's Tembelan port, that is still v1.95beta1, should I try and find the shop? Thanks.
  6. [SP] Armed Fallout

    But how many times have you played it yourself? It was very fun, but now it's a "been there done that" thing for me, unfortunately. I don't know if you have played Pilgrimage, if you haven't then please do yourself a favour and try it. It's been here for years, it has a very dedicated following, and people are porting it on new maps "every day". You can play it 10 times in a row and and it will play differently, simply because the starting location, target location and side-mission strongholds are randomized. (plus it has every quality of life enhancements I can think of, after years of development/tweaking ans hundreds of posts of nagging). Let's hope you one day get the itch to work on it again.
  7. [SP] Armed Fallout

    It was quite fun. Some feedback: Replayability: I've played the start, up to Castro city, 3 times with different versions. It was always the same, and the locations I discovered at Castro City were the same as well. So at this time I do not feel like making another playthrough. Even though the water treatment device may be at another location, I will still be visiting the same places for the first 9 hours. If you could completely randomize all locations it will make this mission infinitely replayable like Pilgrimage. Weather: for an alleged hot climate, as a reason for the rarity of water, there is surely a lot of rain an fog :). Locations: you may want to rename some locations. When I read "Vault Tech", I am expecting more than just a few weapons. So maybe you could rename some places so that "Vault Tec" indicates a location with data about other places, while others will be like "weapon caches" or something. More places would be welcome, like sidequests. Roadblocks: the way back to the Vault was quite boring. Crossing half of Altis, and seeing only one raider group in front, and hearing a couple of shots in the back, did not provide a lot of excitement. Maybe you could add roadblocks like in Pilgrimage? NPCs: maybe some rebel camps could have prisoners that you can free, who could give you some intel, and even be hired optionally? Objectives: maybe more objectives, like find the Device, plus find out about the 3 dwellers that were went before you? (liberate or find dog tags, etc.) In any case, great mission, thanks. Edit: oh, and I keep forgetting, please change the starting backpack. It requires a DLC, and will nag the player until he finds or spawns another himself.
  8. [SP] Armed Fallout

    I have more complexes on the map. My question was about one precise complex. One opened some new places for me, that's what I was expecting. But the one I am asking about had only a couple of weapons, no control center with data. I was asking if it was normal or if I had missed something obvious.
  9. [SP] Armed Fallout

    I am not sure if I found all there is to find at
  10. [SP] Armed Fallout

    I was wondering why I was seeing so few car patrols, saw only one in my very first attempt. Then I got this facepalm moment: Of course, with the AI still getting stuck on a single rock in the desert, and all these wrecks acting like magnets :).
  11. [SP] Armed Fallout

    Всё OK.
  12. [SP] Armed Fallout

    Both new versions, with and without filter, are again throwing me back to the main menu as soon as I try start to them. The previous one starts and restarts OK.
  13. [SP] Armed Fallout

    Nice. Damn world cup taking up all free time :). Re: raider camps, forgot to add to my previous post. When I liberated the first one by the vault, the map said something like "you have discovered some new camp locations" and indeed I had the football field and the other one closer to the airport appear on my map. Then I liberated the football field one, the map said the same thing, but no new raider camp appeared. I'm not sure if new camps were supposed to appear, of if the mission is supposed to only show the same camps from both maps. The 10 or so repairable cars spawning at the entrance to Kavala are just a statistical fluke or they are indeed supposed to all spawn there? (with probably nothing else in the rest of the map?)
  14. Pilgrimage - Ported

    Question, or more like a request. We have blue markers above the heads of civilians who can help. We have a white one above the brother's corpse. Now I think there is one missing. When we liberate a warlord base, we then need to spend a LOT of time looking for the one recruitable NPC that we liberated. Can we have a marker above his head as well? Oftentimes it takes more time to find him than to liberate the stronghold. All I know is that, as Ryd said, he is in a 300m radius from the stronghold. But from which end of the runway? An when it is next to a city, I just move on and don't bother :).
  15. [SP] Armed Fallout

    That's where it was, it started when I reached the suburbs of Aggelochori on my way to Castro. Constant shooting, locals shooting some zeds or each other. But maybe something else was broken. One one spot I could count 6 repairable vehicles on one screenshot: Plus, on the other side of the garages to the left: Plus a couple more behind the houses on the same road, and one slightly farther in the dry river bed. Maybe these could be spread more uniformly along the road? Also, maybe you could spawn the player with a Bergen backpack from the start? Since cars are rare, and almost nothing is gotten from scavenging, materials come from corpses. But Ravage rather annoyingly despawns human corpses with loot or not (no problems with despawning empty zeds). So I cannot leave a toolbox, a wheel or a jerrycan on a body then come back when I have a car, I have to carry it on me. Plus ammo, and a couple of days worth of food and drink. Only a Bergen can let me do this, just tested in the field.