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  1. mamasan8

    Lack of good usermade SP content

    My 2 cents 1. I don't play without addons, ever. Haven't done since OFP days. So a mission has to allow my addons and it can't contain addons I don't like. So just there a lot of missions go out the window. I'm not going to download 2 gigs of addons to try some mission I might not even like. Maybe a 5 minute intro video about the mission would be a solution so I can see what the mission is like. Bottomline: Addons are devisive. Divides users/missionmakers/community 2. I make my own missions for me and they are always MP/Coop. Because of respawn. I can't take on hundreds of units on my own and expect to live. At best, maybe 30 with a sniperrifle. The world feels dead if there is only a small squad on the map to find and kill. It is made for huge scale war. 100s, not 10. This also means I always have friendly AI soldiers, tanks, air. But AI...don't rely on them to solve any of your problems. 3. Artillery/air support It is so bugged. I can play the same mission 30 times and half the time artillery gets bugged first time I call it, bombs never come and that option is now greyed out til I restart. So I have 4 arties. Half of them get bugged at 1st time usage. Air support, when they do finally come in a plane, almost never drops the bomb at first flythrough so they get shot down. If they don't they will circle around the area and drop bombs on the same spot til the plane runs out of bombs. Not an expected behavior either. 4. Scripts What scipts does your mission use? Would I enjoy it? I use a carpetbombing script I found somewhere. I like it. It is only used once in my mission. It is supposed to be timed with planes flying over a town but of course it rarely triggers at the right time. The planes don't generally follow the flightpath I have put down for them, they don't fly in at the right angle etc. If they fly in over the town at all. Neat idea but AI is too random for any planned sequence. Do you have VAS? It is a requirement for me. Heavy script usage is a no no for me, because it will slow down the game and the game is already running poorly out of the gate. 5. At the start, I didn't find any nice SP-missions so that is my expectation now. First impressions last. So I don't look at SP-missions at all. Back in OFP/Arma-days, I played a lot of SP. And a lot of Coop. Not so much in Arma3.
  2. Rename the folders to something shorter, like @ACERUS;@ACEUSAF; And if you are using Linux server or client, everything is case-sensitive meaning 'ACE' is not the same as 'ace'
  3. mamasan8

    No Grass Mod

    Thanks for the mod, nograss is a must for me, because of the AI's unimpeded vision.
  4. I have this annoying issue where 50% of the time, when I stop crawling, my character stands up. Of course I die almost every time because of it. Coz AI seem to have a special propensity to spot prone figures, it seems. So what gives? I'm crawling in the middle of the forest, no objects near me.
  5. I would start by have the DAC-zone disabled at game start. Then have a trigger zone which players activate and in that trigger you call "DAC_Enable" (can't remember the call exactly) on that DAC-zone. I had my zones setup like that. 1/3 of the DAC-zones would be enabled at start and the other 2 would get enabled later by 2 different timers. So it seemed like AI got reinforcements. Worked well.
  6. mamasan8

    GPU Repeatedly Crashing

    Have you checked here? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2665946 TDRDELAY. Your issue might not be what I had on Nvidia. I tried just about everything. In the end there was 2 solutions for me. Underclock GPU clock or raise voltage to max (which wasn't much).
  7. mamasan8

    Arma 3 Apex - content predictions?

    Apex will have an ice-hockey rink. Canada vs Russia playing. With Bazookas. Last man standing wins. BIS confirmed it to me in a private webcam strip chat. To anyone who questions this, check the date!
  8. mamasan8

    AWC Arms Release Thread

    Says "You need permission"
  9. mamasan8

    Arma 3 being upgrade to 64 bit

    Multi-thread well? Lots of games. Crysis, Far Cry, Assassins Creed to name a few. The other games I can think of that has singlethread problems like Arma are the Fallout series, including Skyrim. If you watch the Vulkan presentation last week (was it last week?) Dan Baker, who works on the AoS engine explains that their engine is built around multi-threading from the start and that DX11 just wouldn't work like they expected for their game. Everything is a job instead of a thread. And as benchmarks show, the game scales extremely well with number of cores, up to 8 cores I think. It is a very interesting presentation. Heres a link to it: http://youtu.be/xXyZ4YaktyU?t=54m1s
  10. mamasan8

    EDEN destroying Headless Client setup

    I have DAC, Alive and Werthles now. HCs function as they should. I get load balancing on 2 HCs (thanks to Werthles). Server has no local AI usually (except mission start obviously). But performance seems to be worse with 2 HCs than with just one. Overhead maybe? I'm using arma3server monitor to check on server + HCs. Occasionally one or the other HC stops reporting to servermonitor. HC doesn't crash or anything. Logging stats pick up again after 10+ seconds. It's like HC gets swamped. Which is weird cause both HCs have the same amount of AIs but only 1 stops reporting. All running on one machine, 16 gigs of RAM. Running client + 2 HC + server I end up with 12+ gigs of RAM used. If anyone is curious to try.
  11. mamasan8

    Arma3Profile on Linux server

    Been playing around with Linux and hope this helps someone. About that /home/<user>/.local/share/Arma 3 - Other Profiles\ Annoying to CD into it. I had to type: cd Arma\ 3\ -*
  12. I have the same problem. Ever since mission was converted to EDEN, artillery stopped working. I tried deleting artillery and placing new ones, syncing to Arty support module and Alive, still the same problem. Arties have always been wonky for me. When I press for example 0-8-1 (Let's say Mortar), then pick explosive shells, half the time I don't get the option to choose how many shells to fire. That window just doesn't pop up. So I have to redo it all again and hope I can the next time. I'm not going to disable my addons. Too many to mention. Besides, it worked fine before latest patch.
  13. mamasan8

    EDEN destroying Headless Client setup

    Update: I tried my mission with just Server+Client. Worked as expected. So theres something happening when I add HC. It seems like the server and/or HC start buffering packets and then release them all in a short amount of time. That's what it seems like for me looking at it from the outside.
  14. mamasan8

    EDEN destroying Headless Client setup

    Fix doesn't work for me, it seems. What happens is: I launch server+HC+client. I use DAC and Alive. DAC to spawn most mobs. I have a pretty number of editor placed units as well. Anyway, I type in #monitor 2. Within 5 minutes both outbound and inbound data goes crazy, 3-4000kbps (from roughly 400kbps on both) , server is running at 0 fps and monitor updates every 1-2 real minutes. Basicly, server slows down to a crawl, doesn't crash but even client freezes occasionally, nothing happening on screen, can't move. Game just freezes, no crashes on anything, client, server, HC. Choppers come to a stand still in the air, nothing moves. 1 AI soldier in my group was firing but I'm not sure it wasn't looped. This can happen before DAC has finished initializing and spawning initial mobs. I only tested twice. First time DAC didn't have a chance initing, second time it finished and shortly after Slowdown.
  15. mamasan8

    Arma 3 flinching mechanics

    Aren't ragdolls done with PhysX just like the vehicle physics (which are really awful)?