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  1. Are you planing to add T-80B/U and BTR-80 variants?
  2. ktos

    BRDM-2 pack

    The best BRDM-2 model, which ever made for OFP! :cheers:
  3. ktos

    Pack of RAF-2203 "Latvia" microbuses

    In RCWC mod: http://www.flashpoint.ru/threads/real-cold-war-crisis-%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%B4-v-2-5.53059/
  4. ktos

    An open letter on basic ARMA:CWA support

    My sugggestion is intoduce support for multi-core CPUs.
  5. ktos

    Indian Army Addons

    Could you release Tu-160 with larger textures size (1024 instead of 512)?
  6. ktos

    OFP Addon request thread

    In this mod: http://www.flashpoint.ru/threads/real-cold-war-crisis-modpack-v-2-2.52347/page-13#post-1967399 http://cs618820.vk.me/v618820796/20cd0/UfkuMbpDQ4o.jpg (146 kB) http://cs618820.vk.me/v618820796/20cc7/TnDy8gGI4KI.jpg (148 kB)
  7. ktos

    pook_SAM Pack v1.0

    Could you upload this version to other server? http://play.withsix.com/Arma-2/mods/Pxq6vXBACEefi0m6JHvIUA/pook-SAM-Pack
  8. ktos

    Bundeswehr 1985 Addon

    Are you planing any armor viehicles in '85 camo??
  9. ktos

    Indian Army Addons

    Great news:cheers:
  10. ktos

    OFP Addon request thread

    This is it: http://hostuje.net/file.php?id=e3080a287c1a18ed683820744963374a
  11. ktos

    OFP Addon request thread

    I'm looking for soldiers from this picture: http://cs319223.vk.me/v319223349/8ebb/4SwjUBOxkQM.jpg
  12. ktos

    Indian Army Addons

    Nice plane! I can't wait for your Tu-160!
  13. ktos

    OFP Addon request thread

    LWP Kamaz: http://freakshare.com/files/3g2r97by/LWP_kamaz.pbo.html
  14. ktos

    Scrap mission won't end

    You've to steal vehicles and go to Mokropsy. On the way you can meet enemy's T-72 and BMP.
  15. ktos

    BMP-1 Pack

    Are you planing to release other unreleased SFM's addons (BRDM-2, BTR-60/70, BMD-1/2)?
  16. ktos

    Indian Army Addons

    Thanks! What about your Tu-16 and Tu-160?
  17. ktos

    Indian Army Addons

    Could you re-upload the last version of LCA? If I click on the link, there's billingsoftware instead of lca.
  18. ktos

    Indian Army Addons

    Great:thumb: What will be next?
  19. If I start mission with unit with rpo "shmel", computer freezes.
  20. ktos

    Indian Army Addons

    I see MiG-21/23/27. Are you planing MiG-29?
  21. ktos


    Plane has a cargo bug - cargo is visible outside of plane.
  22. ktos


    Finally a nice AN-26. Congratulations:thumb:
  23. Are you planing more vehicles (tanks, APCs, aircrafts)?