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    ArmA Wargames - Next campaign starts soon

    Blufor is looking for some good pilots for the ArmA Wargames campaign. Pilot should be excellent at low levels. QUick landings and solid decison making skills, in all ArmA3 Airframes. DLC not required but encourged. If you think that you have what it takes to be a Savior in the Air. Contact Hooves at ArmA Wargames!!! http://forum.arma-wargames.com/index.php?board=4.0 See you on the battlefield!!!
  2. Thanks man you're the heat!
  3. Hey all, just wondering how to force the helo advanced FM in my missions or server I find it hilarious that if i cant. Whats the point if everyone can just opt out. (Thats rhetorical btw)
  4. jumpartist

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hey guys i loomed around but couldnt find a thread. Is any one working on an MQ-9 port fro. A2 to A3? That would be alot more realistic than that wierd lookin one in A3. RHS if you read this can you please consider a port or a fresh model if you need good pictures or have questions about specifics (unclass of course) please PM me.
  5. Hey there. Does anyone know, are there any TvT campaigns remaining. There was Theatre of War, gone. INTERNATIONAL CONFLICT, gone. Charlie Foxtrot, gone. Last one i saw is Arma Wargames but its suffering serious player numbers issues. Are there any that i dont know about that are doing well? Say battle with 50 on 50 on the weekends? Thanks, Jumpartist
  6. jumpartist

    Ivory Aircraft

    Ha, I was an F-15 E avionics specialist at Seymour Johnson, and I have actually worked on that tail number in RL!!! DLing your mods now!
  7. So, noob question here, I created an init.sqf, dropped the null = [] execVM "tgpalpha6.sqf"; line in there. and I dropped the actual script in the mission folder, but when I start the mission it says it cant find script "tgpalpha6.sqf" EDIT: the script is named wrong the script has the p and g transposed so tpgalpha6 as opposed to tgpalpha6 try a little more attention to detail there lol EDIT2: I cant get the pod to "lock with Ctrl-T" nor can I see a screen up that has the TGP image. what am i doing wrong. This is for A3 right??
  8. jumpartist

    Update is out

    No planes in this update? I could have sworn that they said it was going to be in this update. I gotta pay more attention. :\
  9. Hey there Devs, what ever happened to the MP Gui that we could log in and out of server admin, deal with players and roll the maps from? Why are we back to ARMA 1 functionality of using the chat bar to input these commands? Can you please re implement this ASAP. Im tired of the server PW being accidentally released to the pubs by a fat fingered inputting of the PW. (I know I know be more careful) but honestly it was a good tool and I cant honestly believe that you let this game release with out that simple GUI to help admins run their servers more effectively. Salute, JA
  10. AWESOME!!! great to see this release! Its been a fun afternoon of ARMA3 PvP!! TY, TAC BF team!!!!
  11. jumpartist

    Speed Of Sound

    Like I said before this sound mod is Great but it seems to be trying to accomplish other things than just sounds. Which makes it go bad with Other mods. Maybe if things were a bit more modular, or completely different mods all together that you could dl as a pack? I don't know but those two things (the mortar and the ambient sounds) are the only killers for me with this mod. Otherwise its rivaling JSRS, which is no small feat at all!
  12. jumpartist

    Speed Of Sound

    HAve you noticed Pickle, that the mortar no does not hit where its aimed the rounds fall significantly short. This lead to me not being able to complete teh arty part of the campaign mission. I had to kill all of the enemy with my rifle. Its kind of a game breaker. ---------- Post added at 02:21 ---------- Previous post was at 02:18 ---------- Ah OK, I'm glad I'm not the only one. the rest of the mod is great! I wish the ambient sounds could be taken out as they just don't make sense. I'm listening on a hill for enemy gunfire and I hear some but the enemy isn't shooting. Leading me to do a bunch of things that aren't needed (like walk into the town I thought I heard the gunshots from. a 30 minute exercise in frustration. than I learned that they were "ambient".............. again jsut not needed. the sound speak for themselves when they are heard for real.
  13. Thats a shame about the doors, My friends and I were totally stoked to see it finally getting going. I'm bummed they have decided to pull it, as I seriously doubt it will ever make it back onto the front burner at BIS HQ.
  14. jumpartist

    MP Lags out to CTD

    For me this game lags like it did in Arma 2 Pre 1.6 patch. I cant even ride in a vehicle with someone, with out wanting to yack. How have they gone backwards this far from 1.6 ArmA2?? A bit frustrating.