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  1. frostwyrm333

    Game crash during Apex Campaign

    Well I know that much, although BI would have you think that 4 is enough. I have observed a number of games crashing lately. I guess 6 GB is minimum these days.
  2. I have tried to complete the Apex Protocol campaign mission 3 times, but every single time I complete all the tasks and I'm supposed to approach Miller (when the distance is approximately 25 meters), the game simply dies for me claiming some memory error or insufficient memory available. I have only 4 GB of RAM and I would get the occasional crash but this time I even changed textures to low and everything seemed normal until the crash.
  3. frostwyrm333

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    I have finally started up the Apex Protocol campaign, the game will crash eventually for me after about an hour and half. The game is obviously leaking memory. However, I got a crash twice just before completion of the Apex Protocol mission. When you are supposed to approach Miller, the game will stutter and then crash because of memory violation. Since you can't save in these missions I have to replay it from the start and I'm kinda sick of it already. Is it even possible to get a normal experience with 4 GB of ram now?
  4. frostwyrm333

    BHI Mods Discussion thread

    I saw this and remembered about this project. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/star-wars-battlefront-3-fan-remake-devs-say-its-be/1100-6440474/ (Valve agreed to distribute unofficial star wars game made in unreal engine) It's quite unusual and unprecedented, perhaps it will be shut down on Monday, or maybe you misinterpreted Disney's attitude towards mods.
  5. frostwyrm333

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I got 1.61 and I have noticed some framerate improvement, nothing dramatic but game feels definitely smoother . On the other hand I tried to replay the campaign and there is a blocking bug actually: -in the first mission, the sargeant is not "invincible", if he dies, the mission goes nowhere. -in the second mission, the mine that's supposed to off him does not. (because of GL armor?)
  6. frostwyrm333

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Quick question, is Huron capable of landing on water or just float with engines on?
  7. frostwyrm333

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I wasn't able to reproduce the crashes. I've tried several combinations of mods (2 crashes happened with mods),without mods too. I have restarted my PC since, not sure where the problem was.
  8. frostwyrm333

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Does anybody else experience instability on RC? The game crashes within minutes, literally.
  9. frostwyrm333

    14th anniversary of OFP:CWC

    Amazing, though I never got to see most of that stuff. And this is just "normal" mods. I remember there were addons for literally everything from middle ages to warhammer.
  10. frostwyrm333

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Water reflections in OFP were only possible with dxdll as far as I remember. Love to see people complaining less than a day before the first announcement. That was fast.
  11. frostwyrm333

    Mine Detector not making a difference

    Can't you detect a mine by just looking straight at it? Is there a difference if you aren't looking at them?
  12. frostwyrm333

    Arma 3 - Marksmen Community Challenge

    Are all of those BLUFOR weapons? Because Kir was pictured with an opfor soldier before. Why would BLUFOR need 3 new rifles?
  13. frostwyrm333

    Confirmation of new Engine in development?

    No need for emotions. The engine does use multithreading, check wikipedia to find out what that means. And it is true that some scenarios are horribly optimized. You need to understand that they can't say anything bad about their product. He acknowledges its far from ideal and that its going to fixed in a new engine. No competitors, they all failed. Big publishers care only about wide demographics. Its kinda strange that DayZ turned from polished standalone mod to engine overhaul operation but its better than nothing I guess.
  14. frostwyrm333

    Recoil Overhaul Feedback

    I like the subtle camera rotation. Makes you feel more connected. The recoil is interesting too.
  15. frostwyrm333

    -Lost Dragons-

    I don't know how I could miss this one. Definitely checking it out.