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  1. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Uh oh... FIRE IN THE HOLE!
  2. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Lot of people make requests for gear, but I wanna have fun and set a challenge! 😁 For the Devs and whoever else, winner for recreating this shot of CBS's SEAL Team gets the cheap and hollow feeling of adulation and praise from the USP community!!! 🤣 (Take this as a Joke or have fun and make the scene, your call Gents.)
  3. Sierra-G339 'Digger'


    I was just thinking about asking... We'll wait for what ever you decide, cause it's best to not overload yourself. Still, like BI is staying, try it out so that the transition into Arma 4 is seamless!
  4. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    CYTECH INDUSTRIES - [WIP] Underground Terrain

    I remember asking early on in the development if flooded sub-sections were going to be apart of it. Like entire rooms and hallways filled with water, or perhap even entire floors are cut off unless you have diving gear. Is it going in or just not in this initial release?
  5. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    CYTECH INDUSTRIES - [WIP] Underground Terrain

    This will truly claim the throne of map mods!
  6. I think that car is either Faces of War or Iron Front... something WW2
  7. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    CYTECH INDUSTRIES - [WIP] Underground Terrain

    100/10 Your group is going places @Dan Tronic, I just know it. But wise men say; It is also important maintain balance, to never grow arrogant or cocky. But that's just my opinion! 😁
  8. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    CYTECH INDUSTRIES - [WIP] Underground Terrain

    Sees new screenshots.... YYEEESSSS~!!!! Metro 2033: Artyom, "Dark tunnels, wheel rattle, and the smell of death... That's how our journey to D6 began. But, our goal seemed closer, now." Seriously! You guys make another push and we'll have a true king here!!! a map to shun all others! And I wonder, though it is premature by years maybe, that once done. What's next for Dan Tronic's gang? I seriously believe that you could do some true gems of a similar setting, even reusing assets already made with some slight tweaking. And if it's not obvious, if you were to poll out a vote to the community on what to do next; My TOP pick would be Metro 2033's post nuclear Moscow, the underground Metro, hidden or forgotten slip tunnels and depots, human catacombs predating the Tsar dynasties, The D6 bunker, Missile silos filled with Metro's own spider mutants!!! If you guys did it, I know your maps will stand on top.
  9. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP Maps 2.0

    I have a question, is Chernarus 2.0/2020 being made to the design and new standard DayZ: SA has set or your own interpertation? Another way of saying it is; Are you copying from DayZ or by your own design, wants, and needs?
  10. Sierra-G339 'Digger'


    Indeed, anything new by BI is to be either Arma Reforge or DayZ:SA updates.
  11. Sierra-G339 'Digger'


    https://tenor.com/view/j-teezie-submissions-erupt-gif-7233272 What? When? Why? How? ... Cool~...
  12. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Already knew about it, but to save megabytes I was not keen on adding all of CUP to my mod pack...
  13. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Eh *shrugs* Just be greedy and ask for both! lol
  14. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    This is all so facsinating! I ask about one small idea and people are still talking about it. lol. Really do hope the Hind-A gets added in some faction or form.