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  1. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    So just to name names, what lightly armed or unarmed scout/recon planes do you have or are planned?
  2. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    CYTECH INDUSTRIES - [WIP] Underground Terrain

    Are these random events localized to the player/s-(And potentially AI)-around the area they are traveling or do they just happen without any presence to trigger it?
  3. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    CYTECH INDUSTRIES - [WIP] Underground Terrain

    I Seriously wanna find that Big red button that turns the whole site into darkness! just to send in a team of my buddies to wade through the "Unnatural" to turn it back on!
  4. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    Hey, I got a smart question, with mods like RHS, CUP, and DHI bringing mid-1990s to early-2010s modern assets. If someone were to ask you devs what makes VTN distinct from the pack, in a paragraph what would be your answer?
  5. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey @PuFu While we gotchu for a moment, can I ask if there's any thought been put into adding older AR-15s? specifically the M16A1&2s for 2nd world factions like the Tanoan HDF?
  6. Sierra-G339 'Digger'


    Hey, going on the subject of detection, think something could be done with Geiger Counters? like certain "Special" Phantoms that emit deadly radioactive waves, walks on the ground, unlike his normal cousins. only can be detected, long-range that is, by a classic Radiation Geiger counter and when "angered" pulsates waves of radiation in a short-range radius. just a thought. Take it or leave it, boss! It is your mod to decide afterall!
  7. Sierra-G339 'Digger'


    Mate! Same, I'm up to Season 3. and Jbad was an interesting story arc in 2.
  8. Sierra-G339 'Digger'

    CYTECH INDUSTRIES - [WIP] Underground Terrain

    Just curious, but I had an idea that I wanna pass by the Devs. 😀 Is there or can there be a master "Control Room" where you can control some if not all major blast-doors, both in an emergency and if the situation arises; cutting off and trapping a squad, group, or Individual from the rest. I'm sure some of you can imagine the awesome tension that can come about by separating your enemy, then opening another door to let your comrades ambush the weaker force or releasing a horde of "monsters" and watching from a security cam while they struggle!