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    Changelog 0.5.27963

    The progress that's being made on this game isn't very encouraging if the full FTP release is coming in January... There's much to improve. Good luck with everything!
  2. Danowan

    Maps switching every 3 days!

    Sounds good to me!
  3. I am reporting on the same bugs that I experienced during the Xbox Insider "Beta." I picked up the Game Preview thinking that some progress would have been made with the game being down for a week. What I experienced tonight almost made me want to get a refund. I am disappointed. Are you, the devs, actually utilizing these forums and taking in the heaps of feedback we are giving you? Camera is janky. When I am running around, the camera has the micro shakes that don't seem intentional. The camera bugs out if I crouch and stand up rapidly. Not sure what it's trying to do, but again, this does not seem intentional. I cannot tell if gun jamming is a feature of the game or not. It feels incredibly frustrating when it happens. If it is a feature, why not give some type of audial cue that it has happened, and please make the trigger pulls consistent to get my gun firing again. Trying to loot cars is problematic because I have to go to the other side of the car that shows the 'Hold X' prompt. Why not have a prompt on both sides? Or what about making the whole vehicle a prompt? Increase the volume of the footsteps, and how far away the character begins to hear them. Decrease the gunshot volume. If I have to turn up my headphones to hear footsteps, then the gunshots will make my eardrums bleed. This game needs serious audio balancing. Nerf the knives or make it so I can shoot someone point blank without them making my gun aim to the sealing because they are too close trying to knife me. This is unbelievably frustrating, and soon, people are going to exploit this even more than they are. Why did you remove the player count when I am trying to join a lobby? I appreciate seeing how much time it's taken since I started a queue, but why remove the other information. Baffling. Can we get a description for all the options that we have under 'Advanced Controls/Settings?" I wonder if anyone, besides the devs, know what they mean. Add an audio cue to switching firing modes on all guns. A simple "click" would suffice. Sometimes ammo looks like it doesn't leave my inventory. This has resulted in me joining a match without any ammo because I thought I had 90 rounds in my backpack. Putting a gun on my character and then putting it back in my stash will result in the gun still appearing on my back. Add a strong epilepsy warning at the start of the game because, my god, the muzzle flash on any fully automatic gun is insane. Like a fast paced strobe light. Fix the spawns! I spawned within 50 feet/15 meters from a person and he rushed me with a knife and subsequently killed me because I couldn't shoot down at him. Activating the vault mechanic is very inconsistent, and sometimes my character will "high jump" to get over a small ledge. This can reveal my position unintentionally. Please, please, PLEASE show a stronger visual cue that I actually hit someone during a firefight. The current experience is spray, pray, and wait til either party dies, which is NOT a good experience when that's a huge aspect of this game. Fix the shooting! Get help from MS or something. An audio bug can be found at the waterfall next to the safehouse. It sounds like a generator is running, or one of the sound effects of water crashing on rocks is looping too soon. The shotgun doesn't align right when ADS. From what I remember, the tip of the gun is pointing slightly left. That's all I can think of, for now. You may want to establish a template for bug reporting, sooner than later.
  4. Danowan

    Changelog 0.5.25128

    Can we get a report at some point of the bugs you have acknowledged and are working on? Also, maybe a roadmap? Please be more communicative and transparent with us.
  5. Danowan

    Can we make melee less robust

    I just died to someone exploiting this. I couldn't shoot him because he was too close, not to mention he pretty much spawned right next to me. I'm playing the Game Preview, right now! Just about started the process to get a refund.
  6. Danowan

    Cant upgrade house fast enough

    I'd also like to see a substantial boost to this.
  7. Danowan

    (Sugestion) Duo's and possibly squads

    I just experienced this a matches ago. I almost managed to take one of them out, but I couldn't understand how they were teaming up. I thought I missed out on a "team-up" feature. Without coop, I don't feel like this game will pick up a large player base. With coop, I am not sure how this game will play out, splitting the player base over different modes.
  8. Danowan

    Muzzle control & bullet grouping.

    This is by far the most frustrating thing for me. I've resorted to just exploring the game with Luger only, and minimal bullets. Just finding resources, and seeing if I can get easy kills via "sloppy seconds." The shooting mechanics need serious work. There's no substantial feedback on when I actually hit another player.
  9. This just happened to me, and I was forced to Dashboard and restart the game. It's unfortunate because I was finding some good loot, and then I get stuck in some dresser drawers after I looted to close. Who would have thought!
  10. Danowan

    About constructive criticism.

    Curious how this game will develop. Hopefully MS will support it somehow... This currently feels like an Alpha. Far too many bugs to share, and rough around the edges.