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  1. ▶ What do you do on Vigor? I'm the Lead Programmer on Vigor which basically means that I work with my team to bring all the systemic features which lie under everything else to the game. ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team? Nowadays, I contribute to the game mostly by enabling my team to work efficiently and without unnecessary hurdles. We discuss technical solutions together and choose the direction for individual features in the game. I'm coordinating our work with other departments, like scripters, because it is closely tied together. And I also write smaller pieces of code when I steal some time for myself (usually during the night when everyone leaves the office 🙂 ). ▶ What do you like about Vigor? I'm not very proficient in using a gamepad for shooters so I usually prefer to take a safer approach. This gives me a great opportunity to explore areas of our maps that are not frequently visited by other players and enjoy the nordic nature. That's probably what I like most about Vigor - the environment. Be it sunny forests, silent wilderness covered in snow or muddy hills under the storm clouds. ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor? When we first started working on duos it felt to me like we were able to reinvigorate the game with something new and interesting. I'm really happy we are following it by bringing other game modes focused on team play and cooperation as it brings deeper game experiences. I would like to see a bit more in this regard and it so happens that we have some additional ideas. ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor? I usually sit in my apartment, everything dark, computer screens slightly illuminating the surroundings, another bit of light coming from the streetlamps outside, calm synthwave playing from the speakers, writing experimental code in whatever programming language I fancy at the moment. The other half of my free time is consumed by social dancing. I mostly focus on Tango Argentino and Zouk but I might be able to remember one or two steps from a couple of other dances as well. I must say that social dancing is in fact an activity very well suited for (software) engineers 🙂 . ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how? Well, yes and no. Creating games and playing games are two different things for me which don't necessarily overlap. It's true that when I play a game I notice interesting technical solutions here or design decisions there and I might end up with a page full of notes. But I mostly try to let go, enjoy the game and immerse myself in the artificial world. On the other hand, when I'm creating a game my day to day motivation comes from the process of creation itself. I like to write code for the game, I like to help iterate individual game mechanics and I especially love putting release builds together. Even though it might come with some crunch time it's the time when everything falls into place and you finally see the game that was only in your head so far. ▶ Your favorite games and why? UFO: Enemy Unknown - This is where I learned my h4x0r skillz cracking save games to get a ridiculous amount of money (Pro tip: the difference between signed and unsigned long int does matter 🙂 ). Baldur's Gate II - Are any words necessary?! Go play it! Ghost of Tsushima - Beautiful visuals, wonderful stylization, and very well designed game mechanics that take advantage of both. ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book, and why? Ahh, there's too many, let me pick some in random: Music - Silueta Porteña performed by the Juan D'Arienzo orchestra from 1936 - listen to the bubbling piano underneath the main melody. Movie - Star Trek (2009) - I really liked the pacing of the movie, there was always something interesting going on (and yes, I also like all the lens flares :)) Show - I mostly hate shows so I don't watch them much but I liked the first few series of The Big Bang Theory. Book - Magician by Raymond E. Feist - I grew up reading all the high fantasy books I could. ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community? Please don't be too harsh with us because of the bugs. If there are bugs it means we've also (hopefully) added something new and fun into the game :). ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do? Finally time for a vacation! I would move to a tropical island, build a small straw hut and spend the rest of my days watching the sea. Nah! I would get bored quickly and start looking for electricity. ▶ Bonus question from Martin What do you find different about game development, compared to other kinds of software development? It's definitely the mindset of people, their interests, and the overall atmosphere in the team. In gamedev, we are all "weird" in the same way and I sooo love that. Basically, everyone here is playing computer, console, or board games, everyone is brewing a fantastic or sci-fi world in their head or is otherwise taking part in our sub-culture. We all want to play and we all want to create. And we all fit together.
  2. ▶ What do you do on Vigor? I'm working as a Lead UI/UX Designer and I'm responsible for the UI of Vigor and overall experience it creates for players interacting with it. ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team? During the playtests and gaming nights I'm quite an easy target for others so I actively increase the success of my opponents 😄 ▶ What do you like about Vigor? The tension, uncertainty, and overall atmosphere. That every encounter can be totally different. If you go with an empty backpack, you can still return with the best crate. But I need to mention the environment as I was trekking in that part of Norway and gosh! It really looks like that. Great job level designers! ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor? I'm more of a stealthy player and collector, I also like puzzles. Buried caches are a perfect example so I would like to go even further in complexity, connection to lore and required cooperation with your duo partner to solve it successfully. ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor? You would probably see me sitting by my crafting desk, fiddling with a rotary tool, wood, foam, paints that would eventually turn into a prop from the gaming world. I’ve always been a crafter but games brought this obsession to a completely new level. Being able to bring an object which you are attached to within a game into life is so satisfactory and challenging at the same time. My favorite pieces are Leviathan Axe of Kratos (God of War), silver sword of Geralt (The Witcher), and Banuk Striker Bow of Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn). When I’m tired of sitting I love to go outside. Mountains, camping and high altitude, that’s a real adventure for me. Also I like to spent a good time with my family by making a stone-baked pizza with them ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how? Definitely. I learned that so many disciplines need to click together to create such a piece of art. I often get caught in thinking about the reasons behind some mechanics, especially UI, how they were done, and how I would actually recreate them by myself. Also, I’m much more tolerant of bugs. ▶ Your favorite games and why? Singleplayer action-adventure games where shooting is not a core mechanic or is done in a really good way including aim assist. I seek games when I want to mostly relax, often I’m a backseat gamer. The Uncharted series, Horizon Zero Dawn, Witcher, Gris are my favorite from the top of my head. All of these have a beautiful environment, amazing music, and story in common. But I also enjoy Resident Evil 2 or 7 if I want to pump my adrenaline. ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book, and why? Synthwave genre and soundtracks from games and movies. I’m not a huge movie lover or book worm though. I personally prefer shows as I can have them as background while I’m crafting! Like Breaking Bad, Dexter, Stranger Things or various cooking shows. ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community? Thank you for playing, your support and feedback, please keep it coming! And even when it sometime looks like we don’t listen, be sure we do. ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do? I would build my shelter somewhere close to the water and mountains and start farming. ▶ Bonus question: What is the weirdest/best bug you have encountered in a video game? It was during the development of Arma 3 mod Argo, there was this bug with super long necks of characters, maybe 1.5 meters long. That couldn’t stop us from playtesting the game modes of course. So imagine you need to be stealthy, move carefully, report any movement of enemies to your team and be super serious. Then suddenly all you see are floating heads above the buildings, sitting on super long necks looking at you like giraffes in a zoo. 😄
  3. ▶ What do you do on Vigor? Sound design. All the ambiances and guns + lot of other effects and UI here and there. Oh yea, sound for trailers too. ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team? I record weird creaking sounds that then creep people out in our maps. I also imitate voices of some old Slovak pre-internet meme freaks to keep the morale high in our audio office. ▶ What do you like about Vigor? The rush of adrenaline and the tension it can build. The rewarding feeling when I return from the match after accomplishing something. ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor? Some really fun new game modes, ideally with teams. Flawlessly polished gameplay and gunplay. Maybe even some RPG elements? Where I could beside my shelter also upgrade and progress my character. E.g. less weapon sway, faster reloads if I am more of a marksman. Faster looting, bigger inventory, seeing loot indicators further away if I'm more of a scavenger. Hearing footsteps further, maybe even seeing them somehow indicated on the terrain. Who knows, could be a lot of fun 🙂 ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor? Producing electronic music, going to parties. Playing first-person shooters. Reading books, drinking beers, researching shitcoins.. ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how? I am now a lot more appreciative of what goes into making such a project. How much creativity, skill, and effort it takes in so many disciplines. ▶ Your favorite games and why? Neverhood comes to mind - I loved it. It was just so adorable and lovely. Hit me right in the feelz. I still have a small Clayman I did 20 years ago lying around somewhere. Most recently: Journey. Beautiful work of art in all aspects. Worked like a charm for me. Other than that, the usual stuff - Doom, Quake, Half-Life, Starcraft. Each of them brought something new and revolutionary in its time and all are timeless IMO. Nowadays it's Day of Infamy, Insurgency. Before those, I played A LOT of old Day of Defeat. Also, CS1.6 should probably have an honorable mention too as I played it on quite a pro-level for like.. 7 years? For defeaters and fu.sk. Good times :') ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why? Music: various DNB mostly as I've played and produced it for quite some time. But other than that probably The Cinematic Orchestra, Zero 7, Lulu Rouge, Burial, Trentemøller, etc. Movie: If I had to choose only one then it's nothing too original - The Matrix. It's all in there. But also things like Casino, Full Metal Jacket, Tarantino movies, etc. Show: Futurama - I loved how one could find new and new jokes there each time. Book: Anything from Alan Watts really. One of the top thinkers ever and he really knew it with words. If I had to choose one then probably The Book. ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community? It's really fun and refreshing to watch you guys play and comment and give feedback. I appreciate it a lot, don't stop! ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do? Probably just laugh with the absurdity of it all. Oh and then maybe kill myself, dunno lol ▶ Bonus question from Viktor What videogame sound, sound-cue or ambiance is the most satisfying/memorable for you? The coin sound from Mario. And now you just heard it in your mind! Great sound design. Also ambiance from Fallout 1 and 2 and Starcraft 1 OST.
  4. Pyrit.

    Vigor Communities

    Hello Outlanders! You all know that the best way to stay in touch with the biggest news regarding the development is to follow our official channels, but how do you keep up with other players? Do you ask yourself "What is the best way to stay in touch with other Outlanders?" Great question! Here's a list with numerous Vigor focused communities scattered around the internet. There are quite a few you can choose from and believe me, there's a Vigor community out there for everyone. (If you find something missing on our list - make sure to let us know so we can add it) Reddit: r/vigorgame Discord: Vigor Facebook: Vigor - Official Xbox One Community ViGOR Xbox One CZ/SK (Czech/Slovak Only) Vigor Xbox one Fan Page Vigor Xbox One Duos Chat
  5. With our Update 0.8, we are newly bringing in purchasable boosters and our brand new in-game currency: Crowns. In the article below you should find everything you ever wanted to know about these along with answers to all of your frequently asked questions. Boosters Are new addition newly purchasable while waiting in the player Lobby. They come in three flavors: More Loot: will increase the amount and variety of resources you can find throughout the map. Better Crate: will increase the quality of the airdrop and change which grade of crate you can receive — the better the class of crate, the better the loot inside it. Of course, you still have to make it out alive... Insurance: is a little more personal and means you will keep whatever you are carrying with you at the time of your death (apart from the airdrop, of course...). While choosing your booster please keep in mind you have limited time to do so - ( approximate 37 seconds) after which purchase of boosters is forbidden and you continue into the encounter. Who is affected by Boosters? More loot booster and Better crate booster will apply on all players on the map - that is why even if you choose to get yourself a better airdrop crate there is NOT 100% certainty that you will actually get it. You still have to fight and you are risking losing it all - this way we are making sure to prevent unfair environment and advantages. Insurance is the only booster that applies only to the player who bought it. - With insurance, you make sure that even if you die, you will get out with everything you have on yourself (Except the Airdrop crate - that would be obviously unfair and impossible) Isn't this "Pay to win"? While we understand these concerns we are doing everything we can to prevent that. And as was mentioned before - even if you decide to "pay" for a better crate or more loot - you are affecting the whole encounter not only for yourself but for others too. There is still a high risk that you won't get the crate or that you will get killed before you can even enjoy all of that extra loot. Vigor is all about cut-throat experience and Boosters are not going to change that. Crowns Boosters can be purchased using Crowns, which are available in-game or from the Microsoft Store. While in Shelter player can interact with a stack of magazines or switch UI screens in the shelter to get into the store - From which 5 different packs of crowns are available. Is there anything else I can buy with Crowns? For now, no. There will be more purchasable items in the future but for now, players can buy only boosters. We decided to implement this system before the full release of the game to test it out, see how it works and gather as much feedback as possible. What about my Founder's Pack Crowns? Each player has already received their 1400 Crowns (from their founder's pack purchase) along with 100 Crowns for completing the tutorial as soon as they downloaded our new Update 0.8 With the full release of the game there is supposed to be a wipe of progression. What will happen with the crowns I have spent? Why should I spend them now, when my progression is about to get wiped? Do not worry Outlanders! All of your crowns that you have spent and purchased will be returned to you after the full release of the game! Thanks to that we highly encourage you to try them out now - this way you will be able to test which boosters are the most helpful for you as well as it will give us valuable feedback we need to improve and polish this system as much as we can. In my last Encounter with paid Boosters I, unfortunately, experienced server crash. What about my Crowns? We try to prevent these issues as much as possible. However, if somehow server crash still occurs your crowns will be automatically returned to you right after this unfortunate event. If you have any more questions, definitely do not hesitate to ask down below! #VigorTeam
  6. With each Update, we will give our partners an opportunity to try new versions of Vigor in advance, with our permission to stream, record and share the preview build. This will usually give you a good amount of early info on what are we working on for our next update as well as to spot early blemishes or provide early feedback so we can react to it much faster. If you're interested in learning more, here's a list of partners that currently have access to the Update Preview Program: https://twitch.tv/eskea https://mixer.com/Strongestprince https://mixer.com/hydrablast https://mixer.com/LYNZEB3AN https://mixer.com/HaTeR_Nz http://www.youtube.com/boris15 https://mixer.com/xkess91x https://www.mixer.com/wulfbee https://mixer.com/CommanderAlanJH https://twitch.tv/boaby_sanchez https://www.mixer.com/Kaponegaming https://mixer.com/ItsMysticShot https://mixer.com/JesterGxming https://www.youtube.com/user/WarpBeacon https://mixer.com/ChannelZero https://www.twitch.tv/nessacerily https://mixer.com/xVENOMISSx https://mixer.com/TheVeteranGamer https://mixer.com/meno_mk https://www.Twitch.tv/g40chris https://mixer.com/PhsycoCommando https://mixer.com/worthr32pect https://mixer.com/ExplicitCupcake https://www.twitch.tv/sin9ster https://mixer.com/HYDROxTG https://twitch.tv/surfx https://www.twitch.tv/iamstorrm_ https://Mixer.com/MightyRaider http://mixer.com/swanka https://mixer.com/LeonidasJulian https://mixer.com/Cristiferbeast https://www.mixer.com/daffykinkajou43 https://mixer.com/MizzMidnight https://mixer.com/TheYetiBum https://www.twitch.tv/mojox57x https://www.twitch.tv/xTacticool https://mixer.com/VODXA_ http://twitch.tv/xiskattyix https://www.twitch.tv/Lucy13 https://www.mixer.com/AUXdub https://mixer.com/jestergxming http://twitch.tv/xiskattyix http://mixer.com/IA_Nightcrawler http://www.mixer.com/tragik-t https://www.twitch.tv/WildAnarchist https://www.Mixer.com/Goldendexter.com https://mixer.com/honourable-bandits https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSX7GKxZrJVfXVccYeGtGXg https://twitch.tv/halfmetalfox https://mixer.com/DecoderYT https://mixer.com/JustDooley https://mixer.com/IA_Nightcrawler Https://www.Mixer.com/GameBlouses https://www.twitch.tv/elite_reclaims https://mixer.com/lordqornwell https://mixer.com/kiddemigod https://mixer.com/Hackrobatix http://mixer.com/sirsoapychicken http://www.youtube.com/c/Twisited https://www.twitch.tv/rexonpoint https://mixer.com/EnemyBritBomber https://www.twitch.tv/dizzyonline https://mixer.com/teckjunky https://www.twitch.tv/soylegend https://youtube.com/facelessknightsofficial https://mixer.com/Barcxde https://www.twitch.tv/vivixlive https://mixer.com/jas1579 https://www.twitch.tv/themarkcann https://mixer.com/Ohdeewhy https://mixer.com/DizKraze https://twitch.tv/N3RD_NYC https://mixer.com/SuperBadSB https://Mixer.com/NewporRts https://www.twitch.tv/tnthd http://mixer.com/hildish https://mixer.com/PushingOrphans http://mixer.com/tragik-t https://www.twitch.tv/WildAnarchist https://www.twitch.tv/vivixlive https://www.facebook.com/Tywan14Gaming/ https://mixer.com/jay7hejedi https://mixer.com/itsCompulsive/mobile https://mixer.com/Ricochet_Fenix https://mixer.com/Killalot77 https://mixer.com/sillymom https://mixer.com/xxmattaxx https://Twitch.tv/MaDWaSTed
  7. Pyrit.

    Update 4.0 Changelog

    Hi guys, we recently started posting our changelogs to vigorgame.com since from there they are also linked directly to the game and you can access them through your Xbox as well. But some of you were unhappy with the fact that we will no longer post them on the forum - so we will continue posting them here as well. So here is the one Changelog that was missing for Update 4.0 - currently available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Main New Features New Battle Pass theme Battle Pass is now cheaper - 690 crowns instead of 900 crowns New game mode - Elimination 5 vs. 5 - team-based game mode Only random teams - friend based teams will come in the future Arcade game mode Armory Cellar Facepaints Customize your character with intense Facepaints Cover yourself or stand out! New Tools Jammer Mortar strike New Weapons Bugle F1 Uk vz. 59 M249 RM14 New Mementos: Lighters A new set of mementos Some of the lighters can be found only on a specific map Comm Station Overhaul You can find multiple (3) Comm Stations in the Encounter now The Comm Station can newly affect the airdrop in multiple ways (buffs and debuffs) It can be used up to 4 times Shooting, Weapons & Tools Fixed: Shootout - shotgun comes with no shells in the chamber Fixed: Weapon levitates when switched to the left shoulder and close to an obstacle Changed: Team kills no longer count as kills (and headshots) for player stats Changed: Weapon fire mode and ammo is now hidden for weapons/ in cases when it doesn't make sense to have them visible Changed: FakeGlint, Transmitter and Jammer are destroyable by interaction Added: Linked new generic string for suicide by contact bomb/mortar Tweaked: Semi and Autofire now aligned. Recoil slightly increased across the board. Silent weapons no longer flash their muzzles Tweaked: UK vz. 59 Recoil increased, M249 spread and recoil increased Tweaked: Adjustments to recoil to emulate older behaviour. Adjusted slight error with Shotgun spread in hipfire Tweaked: Updated weapon collisions via weapon collision tool Tweaked: Reduced speed of main heal timer, was too fast Tweaked: ADS reticle Removed: Unused score counting from Shootout based on healing - this was causing the majority of Shootout issues Looting Changed: Looting mementos no longer counts for loot X containers challenges Changed: Rarities settings of troll mementos and troll memento items Changed: Pool of troll types per map Added: Fire troll spawn points Added: Flower (suave), cave, air and fire troll spawn points Tweaked: Spawn probabilities in Bared house, Buried cache and Combination lock Shelter Fixed: It was possible to accidentally trigger Battle Pass level up during connectivity issues Fixed: Battle Pass Claim Rewards Screen could appear at certain conditions in different Shelter tab Fixed: Veteran title is now based on airdrops collected rather than matches won Fixed: Challenges - the system is prioritising new challenges above all else Fixed: There was a possibility to open a shooting range challenge with the default shooting range, which shouldn't be possible anymore Fixed: Scoreboard no more bloating memory with unused objects Fixed: Mementos section in Guide now has a correct icon (instead of a question mark) Fixed: D-pad up - Widget is visible again on shelter waiting screen (open after both, stash & level, are loaded) Fixed: Sorting of titles - now sorted by rarity, not alphabetically Fixed: Texts in the matchmaking notification now correctly differentiates between Encounter and Shootout Fixed: Warning messages about incomplete loadout are not shown anymore in the Shelter Map in case the Shootout tile is selected Fixed: Lobby onboarding is not shown anymore if Shootout is selected Fixed: BattlePass Titles are displayed with incorrect Lawless/Order side in the lobby Changed: Required killcount lowered for weapon-specific challenges Changed: Placement of trolls in the preview scene adjusted to reflect new rarities Changed: Shelter waiting screen -- implementation moved to shelter layer Added: Optimization for Leaderboards Added: Highlighting of friends in the Leaderboards Added: Timeout for read/write leaderboard requests. The lack of it caused the stucked leaderboards Added: Elemental layers for trolls in the Shelter Tweaked: Changed position of shelter camera so it reflects the new placement of Crafting Table Tweaked: Difficulty of some challenges Removed: 2D map texture from the Shelter Movement & Camera Fixed: Getting stuck in cylinders Fixed: Delaying player respawn during force respawn so players won't get stuck Changed: Interaction dots now fade in the last 40% of radius instead of just last 30% Changed: Improved visuals, applied to centre to the camera so the player's head is always in the middle of the render target Added: Blocking volume for interiors Visuals Fixed: Compass and HealthBar don't blink at the beginning of the tutorial anymore Fixed: Animation glitch which happened when swapping skeletal meshes Fixed: FPS issues occurring in Shootout Fixed: Rebuilt houses Fixed: The bugs on Luger's toggle joint animation is too slow when firing in 1st person Fixed: Offset HP bar of your teammate Fixed: Stamina bar got dizzy and moved incorrectly Fixed: Consumable - animation system gets confused (when the player is trying to use the item again) Fixed: Gestures - animations in preview get restarted by themselves before they are finished Changed: Challenges are no longer shown in UI while the player is in the tutorial Changed: Character selection in the tutorial Changed: Warehouse rebuilt Added: Contextual ping icons Tweaked: Weapon and Health UI set to always visible Tweaked: Objects placement in interiors of houses Tweaked: Ping icons in compass now distinguish ownership of the ping Tweaked: Troll positioning in the shelter menu Tweaked: Wrong combination lock chest replaced Tweaked: Garages rebuilt Audio Fixed: Troll giggle was played only once by troll lootable objects Changed: Memento preview sounds now fade out when different memento is in focus Changed: Preview sound of individual mementos is now played only if it has been previewed for at least 0.25s so that scrolling across the whole collection doesn't play all the sounds Added: Preview sounds are now played for troll mementos in the Shelter UI Other Fixed: After using a healing consumable server gets spammed and gameplay negatively affected Fixed: "Typo" caused wrong calculation of the minimum amount of items spawned Fixed: Scoreboard in shootout respawn screen now correctly shows the score Fixed: Crash when the player switches user account Fixed: Tutorial - At the start, there is a twinkle with hints Fixed: A typo which might prevent users to retry download cloud data if it failed due to the connection issue Fixed: Challenges - player character looting won't call events for other players Changed: Pings now ignore open doors, destroyed barricades on doors and open windows Changed: Phone Duel call is interrupted if calling player dies or leaves match before the duel starts Changed: Spanish translation of the "Biker helmet" Added: Optimisation in Shootout- all items which can't be moved to a corpse container (consumables, persistent) are deleted when the player dies Added: New hints for 4.0 Added: PingMarker to objects - furniture Tweaked: Added some sublevels to data table for Sawmill map Tweaked: Ping system now uses sockets on pinged actors Tweaked: End match result screen time Tweaked: Grontheim map updated Fixed: Crafting table - hovering objects throughout all LODs Tweaked: Phone duels blink on the compass when a player can see your position Removed: Consumables - get rid of unused and obsolete code
  8. Pyrit.

    Update 3.2 Changelog

    Main New Features Troll Mementos (collectible items) You can find the 90s Trolls in the maps If you collect one, it is displayed in the Shelter menu and also on the rocks above the water stream You can find hints in the Shelter menu D-pad up takes you to the Outlands menu Introduced for easier and quicker matchmaking Ability to set the Shelter appearance based on a level Ping System Changes Contextual system Interaction fades Interaction dots do not just pop in and out - they fade in and out with distance It is less distracting New target types in the Tutorial The bottles were replaced with more diverse target types (cans, traffic signs, etc.) Titles are 20% bigger in the lobby and reward screen Shooting, Weapons & Tools Fixed: Weapons - Shotguns are not loaded from the start of the Encounter Fixed: Exploit of double usage of painkillers Changed: Fire mode is now indicated by an image instead of text Changed: Shooting restrictions loosened (the red cross was removed) Added: Weapon image was added to the Weapon info Tweaked: Semi and Autofire are now aligned. Recoil slightly increased across the board. Silent weapons no longer flash their muzzles. Looting Fixed: Missing airdrop after killing the looter in a precise time Fixed: Dummy cache no longer completes the challenge of being first to interact with buried cache Changes: When aiming at ping a hint of action is displayed to the player Changed: Players cannot ping empty lootable. Contextual pings are placed on the middle of the object. The player cannot ping the same item twice Changed: Added Ping Marker to objects Changes: Contextual ping can now show the rarity of the pinged item Tweaked: Shootout rewards were increased (to 100 and to 50 pieces of food) Tweaked: Places with Combination Locks were updated Shelter Fixed: Battle Pass notifications, Welcome Back notification and Onboarding messages in the Shelter can no longer appear during the loading screen Fixed: Reset Onboarding in "Options -> Game" now correctly initializes onboarding sequence for the first time shelter visit Fixed: Character no longer jumps after player closes First Shelter Entry Onboarding message Fixed: Focusing Replay Tutorial button in-game options no longer changes the layout of the UI by collapsing the hint widget Fixed: Clicking the Replay Tutorial option will no longer close the game options widget Fixed: Crafting Booster - The player is kicked back to the splash screen when the player does not have enough money for it Fixed: Texts in the matchmaking notification now correctly differentiates between Encounter and Shootout Fixed: Warning messages about the incomplete loadout are not shown anymore in the Shelter Map in case the Shootout is selected Fixed: Lobby onboarding is not shown anymore if the Shootout is selected Fixed: BattlePass Titles are displayed with incorrect Lawless/Order side in the lobby Fixed: Battle Pass Reward Screen now shows the correct amount of items in the slots Fixed: Remove second Friends List for players in the same game (engine bug) Fixed: Onboarding welcoming message was being played again and again and again on each level change Fixed: Level-up screen in the BattlePass UI shows only when it should Fixed: Loaded meshes and materials in Titles UI are now stored so that they don't get stuck Changed: Onboarding that appears when the player visits shelter for the first time now appears only after the player is greeted by a voice-over message Changed: Welcome Back notification no longer appears the first time player enters the shelter Changed: For new players who have not visited shelter before, What's New screen is postponed until the second shelter visit Changed: Unified way of the Battle Pass Rewards Screen and Encounter Reward Screen set and get the data from the Battle Pass slot Changed: Single and double press for ping was added to controller scheme Changed: Preview images in Shelter UI look better thanks to additional light sources Added: 3.0 dashboard icon Tweaked: "Interact with the world map" onboarding message was removed Movement & Camera Fixed: Interacting with doors right before using ladders breaks the climbing animation Fixed: Traversal bugs (movement on the map, overcoming obstacles) Changed: Riverbank Erosion assets no longer block the interactions Changed: Moved prone cam slightly down to accommodate the 3pv discrepancy Tweaked: Spawn probabilities lowered Visuals Fixed: Rotation of pumpkins Fixed: Offset HP bar of your teammate Fixed: Stamina bar got dizzy and moved incorrectly Changed: HUD visual polish replaced textures with higher resolution ones Tweaked: Update welcome screen SFX Tweaked: Render distance of interiors in garages was changed Tweaked: Buildings in levels rebuild Tweaked: Depth of field Tweaked: Phone Booth visuals Audio Fixed: Shelter music can no longer start playing during the loading screen Fixed: Removed footsteps in Shootout countdown Fixed: Wolves were removed from the match start animation Fixed: Dial phone duel sound was lowered Tweaked: Round Start sound changed Tweaked: The volume of the wind in Batterie Snodekt was increased Other Fixed: The game crashes when the player switches a user account Fixed: Scarecrow challenges do not miss the description in Russian Fixed: Player Controller has it's input disabled when winner screen starts Fixed: Typo which might prevent users to retry download cloud data if it failed due to connection issue Fixed: Set Rich presence text as a normal text by default Changed: Spanish translation of the Biker helmet Changed: Challenges are no longer shown in Game Info while the player is in the tutorial Changed: View Profile action in Shootout scoreboard is now mapped to RS (Right Stick press) Changed: Increased "Save Game" size Added: Connection error delegate to Session System Tweaked: Maps were updated Tweaked: Onboarding texts were updated Tweaked: Outlands onboarding line was tweaked
  9. ▶ What do you do on Vigor? I'm a scripter / technical designer. ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team? A steady supply of pancakes! And as a thing on the side, I turn design docs into technical solutions and implement them. ▶ What do you like about Vigor? Exploring the world. ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor? More non-combat and/or cooperative activities. Shooting shouldn't be the answer to every situation. ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor? Sleeping, gaming, and acroyoga. ▶ Did game dev change your view on games and how? I find it difficult to enjoy a game as a player, once I've peaked behind the curtain. So I avoid working on genres that I enjoy playing. ▶ Your favorite games and why? That changes a lot Right now my favorites are Horizon Zero Dawn on console and Battlestar Galactica Deadlock on PC. ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book, and why? Anything sci-fi or fantasy. I like delving into imaginary worlds. ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community? Found all the trolls yet? ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do? I head for Norway. I heard it's a-ok there. ▶ Bonus question from Petra: Are there any games that inspired you or had an impact on your profession? Journey: Great example of storytelling without a single line of text.
  10. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.8.37667

    Added: Server priority for Matchmaking Added: Blueprints are now available in all types of crates including the common crate. Changed: Stack sizes for weapon parts is now 5 instead of just one Changed: Proper collision material for bushes Fixed: No weapons showing in stash when going into Equip tab from Store or Crates Fixed: Switching camera from lobby back to the character Fixed: Booster icons aren't visible in particular case Fixed: Multiple Server crashes Fixed: Insurance marker is no longer displayed on items owned by other players (in the lobby). Fixed: Insurance markers are properly updated when the player activates/deactivates insurance (in lobby). Fixed: Orientation of characters in the lobby Fixed: Loading music should be playing in lobby. Again. Fixed: Character face expressions ( Bunny face ) Fixed: Target cans in shelter making a sound when idle
  11. Pyrit.


    Fixed: While in the tracksuit uniform the weapon appeared in the wrong position with deformed hands Tweaked: Recoil changes - Fixed: Crosshair not returning to center after firing a weapon Changed: Tracked loot is now tracked from the start of the match, not from the moment tracked item is looted from airdrop container.
  12. Pyrit.

    Changelog - Update 3.1

    Fill out this survey and let us get to know you: https://forms.gle/SNPTZPYtaRWDVHPj9 Changelog: Main New Features Skill-based Titles Based on airdrops optained Kill based Based on Shelter improvements Special Title for Founders Ping System Players can now visually ping a location or a material It is displayed on their duos screen Phone Duel Event There are several phones on the map Players can interact with it and call to the other phones When someone picks up, they become Rivals in a duel - they can see each other on the map New sorting of weapons, ammo, and consumables in Stash Owned Craftable Unavailable Consumable Selection Wheel Improvements It newly contains only consumables that the player has in their loadout Shooting, Weapons & Tools Fixed: Weapon doesn't process reload automatically when the player picks it up from the ground Fixed: Near Miss indicator was too sensitive Fixed: Weapons - Shotguns are not loaded from Encounter/Shootout start Fixed: State machine - Players can start sprinting while reloading, resulting in an empty mag Fixed: Sniper Rifles – SKS, SVD, Mosin Nagant, SSG-82, vz. 52 Reduced rate of fire Fixed: Disabled Aimpoint socket and manually placed Aimpoint Added: Missing compatible ammo information Tweaked: Added LODs with Morph targets Tweaked: Vz.52 reload animations polish Tweaked: VSS reload animations polish Tweaked: SKS reload animations polish Tweaked: KK 62 reload animations polish Removed: Autofire UI for M21 Looting Fixed: Consumables - The tools and meds stays in hand when returned to stash Fixed: Com station - changing the airdrop location changes direction of radiation -- if radiation is already initialized do not reinitialize it on drop change Fixed: Consumables - Consumables are still visible (even when they should be in "bag") Changed: Loot amount increased by 12 - 18% depending on a map. Changed: Tweaked loot screen Shelter Fixed: Shelter - Starting position changed when switching from the user in the tutorial Fixed: Shelter upgrade - After upgrading to next shelter level the default bag appears on the outlander's outfit set Fixed: Titles - Missing shortcut to battle pass for unavailable titles Fixed: It is not possible to close the Rewards by spamming A during the green Level Up animation Fixed: Loot Crate - Background & Loot Card Colors Change After Crate Is Opened Fixed: Titles were missing in the guide in-game menu Fixed: Caffeine pills and iodine tablets are no longer usable in the shelter Fixed: Scrolling in the Shelter Builder's details panel Fixed: Shooting range MessageBox that could remain stuck on the screen at certain conditions Changed: Encounter - When a player dies after his teammate left the game, he is awarded teammate protected Changed: Action to equip previously used consumable no longer equips other types of consumables if the player no longer has any consumable of the previously used type Changed: Made it so gloves do not rotate in buy scene Changed: Items in Shelter stash are now sorted by craftability (descending) then by rarity (descending) and finally by name (ascending) Tweaked: Updated Box of Herbs description as we changed the position of improvements Tweaked: Shooting challenge volume to no longer allow the player to get in front of the wooden pallets during a challenge Movement & Camera Fixed: Bugfix when player get under the stairs Fixed: Bugfix when player get stuck between trains Visuals Fixed: Reward screen - Visible transition animation from default stand to the death Fixed: Tracers have become invisible Fixed: Afroamerican archetype female – hair clipping with caps Fixed: Rotation icon inconsistent Fixed: Lobby - visual effects -- no more snow cover nor weather lighting in the lobby Fixed: Lobby - Incorrect female gesture animation Fixed: Machine gun - Stock clipping with chest Tweaked: Grip position, replaced socket Tweaked: Safe return animation updated Tweaked: Backpack straps clipping with uniform „Hunter“ female variant Tweaked: Head collision Audio Fixed: Gesture audio still playing after death Fixed: Other-player-threat hint won't play for the player when he is the threat already Other Fixed: Tutorial - Missing archetypes Fixed: Consumables - hold RT prompt visible after death Fixed: Several typos in onboarding messages Fixed: Typo in one of gameplay event descriptions ("Box of Valubles Retrieved" => "Box of Valuables Retrieved") Fixed: winner screen now shouldn't let you switch back to your character Changed: Updated Replay Tutorial Localization and UI button functionality Tweaked: Timer in lobby increased from 42 to 60 seconds
  13. Pyrit.


    Tweaked: Daily challenge distribution - this should prevent getting challenges of the same kind (we also implemented a system gathering and analyzing data from this) Fixed: Localization of "select row" in Shootout Tweaked: Facewear morphs
  14. Pyrit.

    Changelog 2.2

    Main New Features New Featured map added: Batterie: Snodekt (snow version of Batterie: Draug) Quick Play + Featured Map (Instead of map selection, to shorten waiting times and prevent teaming) Leaderboards in Stats screen added Season 2 Extention (Season 2 will be extended for 1 week) New weapon stats added Occupied Slots in Customizations Bullet damage over distance revised Challenges distribution tweaked Camera improvements Russian localization Shooting, Weapons & Tools Fixed: Hits from dead players weren’t ignored, therefore they resulted in a larger number of trade kills Fixed: Machinegun stance, machinegun arm additive for aimed Fixed: Tools - Player's position shifted after placing a Tool Fixed: Tents are now more penetrable Added: Aimpoint adjustment for weapons Tweaked: Camera Aim point of ADR Updated: Aim assist on regular scarecrows is disabled Looting Fixed: Deconstruction - Stash UI not updated after deconstructing Fixed: Spawned loot is now distributed correctly Shelter Fixed: Survival rate in Personal Stats is displayed as a percentage instead of a decimal number. Fixed: Charity box - rewards are now properly ordered Fixed: French localization of the Battle Pass level indicator Changed: build shelter improvement challenge will no longer be given to players with a maxed out shelter Changed: Enabled localization and fixed layout related issues from long strings Changed: Added sale label to individual list items Changed: Made sale labels look better Added: Discount Label on Selling Point Button Updated: Craft X consumables challenges now properly responds to tools Movement & Camera Fixed: Initial prone angle is wrong when entering prone in ADS Changed: Move camera further back Changed: Tweaked exit 1PV camera transition to clipless with the uniform whilst left shoulder Added: Female versions of some gestures Visuals Changed: Different pose in the lobby after buying the first booster Tweaked: PA md. 86 reload animations polish Tweaked: Skorpion reload animations polish Added: RPK reload animations polish Added: Steyr AUG A1 reload animations polish Added: M16A2 reload animations polish Added: Silver Pigeon shotgun reload animations polish Added: New animations for different match outcomes (won, died, crushed etc) Added: A new set of prone animations for new prone behavior for RFL PST and UNA Audio Fixed: Lowered volume on waterfall in the Shelter Added: Female variant for some gesture sounds Added: Sounds for headgear and outfit sets equip Tweaked: Audio volumes in the Shelter Other Fixed: Crashed fixes (memory) Fixed: Player stuck in spectator when killed on match start Changed: A map is now correctly showing teammates movement on the map too
  15. Main New Features Battle Pass Season 1: Preppers Tools (Contact Bomb, Transmitter, Alarm Trap) Crafting Boosters Teamkiller Looting Disabled Charity Box Rewards Shooting Range Moving Targets Colour Blind Options New Guns (SVD, Gewehr 3 SG1, A-KM, GFK, KDV-1) New Challange Types Weapon Destroying Faster Radiation Christmas Assets Shooting & Weapons Fixed: WeaponState - full auto fire shows unnecessarily when the player is killed during fire Fixed: Maschinengewehr 3 magazine clipping with left arm Fixed: There are no bullets coming from PPSh-41 and PKM Fixed: Shooting for too long lowers your weapon and you stop shooting Fixed: State machine - Crash when finished action evokes another action Fixed: Colt Python pushback to prevent wall-peaking Fixed: Melee and ranged damage does not interrupt the application of healing consumables Fixed: Melee does not work in waist-deep water Fixed: Misaligned weapons in 1st person view iron sights (or scopes) Fixed: RPK-74 reload animations desynchronization Fixed: Unwanted delay present before player switches from weapon to consumable Changed: Aim assist slows the aiming sooner than before when close to overlapping with character Changed: Lowered stack sizes for all weapons Added: HUD message which informs the player that ADS is only allowed in prone (KvKK 62, M60 E3, PKM) Tweaked: PPSh-41 Recoil lowered slightly, readjusted stack sizes and weight Looting Fixed: Barricaded House planks no longer block interactions on the client when falling off Fixed: Looting some containers can cause a crash on other clients Fixed: Buried cache - Player is able to interact with the buried cache from a distance Fixed: Buried Cache no longer has an interaction dot, for real this time Fixed: Character is no longer stuck in looting pose when canceling interaction with buried cache Fixed: Buried Cache no longer has dirt out visuals when not yet excavated Changed: Loot in tutorial fixed Changes: Airdrop and spawn fixes Changed: Food placement Tweaked: More loot attached to Tourists Rest point of interest Changed: New buried cache photos for Grontheim Added: Objective items in inventory are now displayed with special effect Tweaked: Loot containers added to several locations, fuel removed from Cabin in the Woods point of interest Tweaked: Interaction volumes tweaked to be intractable from all stances Shelter Fixed: Leaderboard now shows all players correctly Fixed: Unlocked Shooting Range Challenges went back to being locked if the player didn’t own the challenge weapon Fixed: Shooting range could be reset after completion of a challenge Fixed: Weapon In 1PV view becomes invisible at a shooting range after completing a challenge Fixed: Targets remain in the shooting area if you take a challenge during an active one Fixed: Friends in global Leaderboards now has their rank visible to each other Fixed: Friends are now highlighted when browsing leaderboards Fixed: Shooting Range Challenges - Cancelling a challenge by MENU interaction keeps the challenge loadout Fixed: Shooting Range - Leaving during animation will keep character holding weapon Fixed: When player is at the bottom of the leaderboard, he is no longer shown twice Fixed: 3D character preview in wardrobe - smooth transition from main menu to submenu Fixed: Generators now show correct "material" icon Changed: Shelter builder progress bar now shows more comprehensible values Changed: Shooting range challenges HUD improvements Changed: Shooting range challenges are now grouped per weapon Changed: Gesture wheel on Customization > Gesture slot enlarged so long names fit better Changed: Destroy action in Loadout UI can now be performed on any item Changed: Assigned new photos to challenges Added: Moving targets on Shooting Range Added: Thematic sale labels added to both Stable and Exclusive shop Tweaked: Position of the countdown in Shooting Range Tweaked: Graphics of Shooting Range challenges UI Added Challenges: Be the last player to leave the encounter Craft X amount of weapons Deconstruct X amount weapons Heal a total of X amount of health points Loot X amount of resource/item (just loot, not bring back to the shelter) Be the first to interact with the buried cache Deal X amount of damage to Players (team members excluded) Kill X amount players, with a minimal/maximal distance of Y Use X amount of consumables Leave with the airdrop with 0 kills Visuals Fixed: Pinky finger clipping on Pistols and Scorpion Fixed: Typo in Portuguese localization that resulted in the text not being displayed at all Fixed: Weapon magazine was disappearing too soon and not synced with the left hand Fixed: Spectator Target Name did not refresh when the Spectator Target changed Fixed: Maschinengewehr 3 position was slightly adjusted so it doesn't clip with the left arm Fixed: Threat and team killer marker didn’t disappear when the marked player left the level Fixed: Health post-process shouldn't be visible in the spectator anymore Fixed: Insurance markers are once again correctly displayed on all relevant items Fixed: Hand interacting with a magazine looking off during reload animation of M1 Carbine Fixed: Hand pose when grabbing the radio during the tutorial cutscene Fixed: When using the PKM, it's chamber door is not animated when empty casings are ejected from the weapon Fixed: Hand is not interacting with a magazine while reloading Zastava M72 Fixed: PA md.86 Magazine reload animation was playing twice Fixed: Hand was not interacting with the magazine during reloading of Luger Fixed: Holding of rifles was not correct when the character is in deep water Fixed: PKM - Wrong grip when looking down with the gun Fixed: Localization - Spanish Language: Rubik's Cube - Background Gradient Shorter Than Text Fixed: Localization - Spanish Language: Button Tool Tip Is Not Centered On Map Fixed: Display name of Vz.52 rifle now starts with upper case letter, making it consistent with other weapons Fixed: Encounter notifications that are received while in spectate mode are no longer displayed in the shelter (or possibly even new encounter) Fixed: Healing progression wheel is visible when using consumables in prone Fixed: Spectator Target Name did not refresh when the Spectator Target changed Fixed: The chamber door for empty ammo casings was not animated Changed: Airdrop parachute falling - visual improvements Changed: New photos for Buried chase Changed: Additional text displayed next to "Invite Friend" action in Game Menu no longer mentions Shelter while the player is in Tutorial Changed: Leave area message is now displayed in the upper half of the screen Added: Missing recoil animations (PH_M82 / ZA M76) Check if its to be released in 1.2 Added: Wounded post-process effects Added: Missing RPK-74 Hands reloading animations Added: Shortcut button to details panel of the exclusive shop to buy HC when the player doesn't have enough Added: New option that allows the player to change the color of their crosshair to one of predefined colors (White, Aqua, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Magenta) Added: Colour palette table which serves for defining different colors based on the player's color vision deficiency setting Added: New options for players with color vision deficiency. Players can now optionally select one of 3 modes (Deuteranopia, Protanopia, Tritanopia) as well as strength of the selected mode Tweaked: Added missing chambering and weapon fire animations Movement Fixed: Movement network refactor. This should fix multiple bugs, such as characters bugging out on ladders, position desync, also some occasions of the character getting stuck in prone near objects Fixed: Crouch/Standing transitions with sidearms makes hand overlap with the body Fixed: Transitions running sideways with the rifle had the wrong ending pose causing some sliding (Stand to Prone) Changes: Fall damage updated Added: Transitions running sideways with the rifle (Prone to Stand) Tweaked: Gesture animations polish Audio Fixed: Shooting range target plays multiple bullet hits at the same time Added: Sound for stamina male character Added: New music for loading to Brodalen Bridges Added: Sound layer for more boosters bought Tweaked: Heartbeat volume lowered Tweaked: Ambient sounds in Trainstation Tweaked: Ambient sounds in Brodalen Bridges Tweaked: Volume up on water bullet hits Other Fixed: Encounter Hint 'Player Near Airdrop' Fixed: Encounter Hint 'Other Player has picked up the airdrop' Fixed: Daily challenges - UI does not refresh when opened, the countdown goes below 0 Fixed: HUD message informing the player about possibility to hold/release breath is now correctly displayed in multiplayer Fixed: Translation of "Team killer" in the French localization Fixed: Taking another challenge during an active one keeps the challenge loadout Fixed: Threat player does not become a team killer after killing his teammate Fixed: Consumables - Healing continues during interaction (and looting UI) Fixed: Low Health Post Process remaining in Spectator Changed: "Leave Team" action in Game Menu is now activated on hold (used to be press) Added: Plugged in the new health post-process (Hit, Miss and Damage indication) Added: Unique Spawn in Shelter after Tutorial -- radio lady & achievement Added: New Credits category and names of employees
  16. ▶ What do you do on Vigor? I work on Vigor as a Game Designer, working on various aspects related to gameplay & content. Things such as game mechanics, challenges, tools and overall providing content for players to engage with. ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team? As a Dutchman, I am working hard on making the Vigor team culturally diverse. ▶ What do you like about Vigor? I like the tension in Vigor and always having to deal with the risk of losing everything. There is always something on the line as you traverse the Outlands and one mistake is all it takes. As for the development approach, I like how we try not to always follow what other games do and not shy from trying things we find interesting. It does not always work out, but it makes Vigor unique. ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor? I would love to see more progression systems to expand our meta & provide more goals to pursue outside of your Encounters. Things such as character progression and weapon upgrading. The more things to grind at for me, the better. ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor? I like to be outside & see places. I travel a lot around the country and neighboring countries, go on hikes, mountain trips, visit national parks. Other than that I mostly play games, write/read poetry and love me some wine & cake time. Also, the gym, to balance out my excessive wine & cake time. ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how? Oh yes, certainly. It is really difficult for me to immerse myself in games, unlike before. I now always look past the game as a whole and analyze every single mechanic, decision and how the game as a whole makes me interact with its systems. I would wonder why certain games did something in a certain manner, or write down clever ways how another game tackled an interesting problem. Rarely I can pick-up a game and just play it without thinking of it. But I played “A Short Hike” recently and that was very refreshing. ▶ Your favorite games and why? Strategy: Civilization VI, as it just brilliantly captures everything I seek from a strategy game. Shooter: the Battlefield series, for just always being superb. RPG: Skyrim, as this was the first and only time a fictional world felt real to me. CCG: Magic: The Gathering, for the endless freedom it offers to find your own playstyle. Guilty Pleasure: anything Pokémon, cause growing up is hard. ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why? Music: My music is all over the place and it varies greatly on my mood, also nobody ever seems to appreciate it the majority of it, but if I’d have to point out my favorite artist, I’d say Keaton Henson. Movie: I recently saw Little Women and that got me crying pretty good so... good job movie. TV show: Friends and I don’t feel bad about it (talking to you Roman). I’ve re-watched it 12 times now and I will re-watch it till the day I die. There is something about it that makes me feel deeply comfortable from within and I’ve decided it will be my coping mechanism in life. Book: The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman, as it is the only book that ever truly changed my way of experiencing the world around me and be much more aware of how things are done and how I interact with them. And Gnomes by Wil Huygen & Rien Poortvliet, for making me want to believe there might be more out there than we can see. ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community? Thanks for being with us, and please, keep on with your feedback. We are always looking at Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Mixer, and other platforms to see what you guys think about the game. What do you like, where Vigor can improve, what would you love to see, etc. We appreciate it 🙂 ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do? I greatly enjoy being in the outdoors, camping and enjoying the solitude. I’d find myself a handful of friends to join our ventures to the edges of the world and enjoy it as long as it lasts. But only after we had our fun plundering pretty much everything which would now be considered public property (; It is all about seizing opportunities after all. Bonus Question from Andrej ▶ What makes good game design and what games come to mind first and why? That is a very tough question and I’m not sure it has one answer to it, or even a correct one. But for me, a good game never needs to explicitly tell the player what to do, and inherently guides the player through the experience. Many times I play games and find myself lost, follow confusing quest markers, struggle with unclear mission objectives or fail while not understanding why. I look up to games such as Mario, Tetris, Uncharted, or Doom, where the game can take you through huge amounts of content without you ever feeling lost or struggling to find out what you are supposed to do. Another big thing for me is when games can me feel like every decision of the game is impactful and every second of it matters. Games like Darkest Dungeon where every action is permanent or Stardew Valley where you can only perform a limited amount of actions per day. When one decision rules out another, that is when I feel the most engaged in a game.
  17. Pyrit.

    Changelog 2.1

    Main New Features Personal Stats New Reward Screen Wardrobe Shop Ready Button Fake Buried Cache Shoulder Mirroring Shooting, Weapons & Tools Fixed: Gameplay - After using a consumable, it should load "Last Equipped Weapon" and not "Primary Weapon" Fixed: Hit indication is displayed even though the player doesn't receive any damage Fixed: Crossbow - 'Near hit' SFX are not triggering correctly Fixed: Fingers obstructing the view in 1ps view Changed: Less occurrences of the red cross, only showing when ADS or attempting to fire Changed: Melee damage now counts as a valid kind of damage for challenges Changed: Improved ADS transition Tweak: Melee should now hurt players in prone more effectively Tweaked: Damage over distance values adjusted - min damage now between 40-50% of full Looting Changed: Added "for everybody" to loot booster description Shelter Fixed: Shelter Builder - focus disappears after Shelter level up screen Fixed: Charity box - don't skip lines when paging Fixed: Charity box - when showing the first rank, really start with first Fixed: Charity Box - Player's position not visible in Leaderboards first page Fixed: Charity Box - Donating in rapid succession kicks to the Title screen Fixed: Reward Screen wasn't displayed and the player was moved to Shelter after exiting a match Fixed: Shelter Stash no longer stops updating after switching sub-tab to 'Deconstruct' Fixed: Rate of fire value in the Shelter UI is correctly updated even for weapons that have the full-auto mode only Fixed: The Reward Screen is Blackened when leaving the encounter Fixed: "None" in character customization screen is now properly localized Fixed: Broken slot focus in Battle Pass UI Changed: Battle Pass screen will now hide information about buying/owning battle pass when it is not owned but the premium product is not available Changed: Battle Pass ui moved to left by 10px to match with other screens, reward icons in tile moved up Changed: UI - animated arrows tweaked, description position tweaked Changed: Shelter builder screen X-alignment unified with other screens, obsolete background textures removed Added: String for Waiting for server timeout added Added: Challenges for fake glint & portable detector + fixed some improper difficulty parameters Added: Displaying killer's stats to the Reward Screen Leaderboards Added: Onboarding to the Shelter Leaderboards Updated: Set up the difficulty for challenges & adjusted challenge prerequisites Movement Changed: Disabling pushing when unable to leave prone (connected to prone changes) Changed: Change of prone behavior, the head doesn’t sink into walls, blocking the player from going on back, allowing for proning anywhere but pushback only under condition Added: Chambering for prone and crouch Tweaked: Carry more, run further, the stamina limits have been lessened Tweaked: Tweaked mesh and collision to make toilets more accessible Visuals Fixed: Camera adjustment at steep angles Fixed: Camera smoothing on desync Fixed: Disabled rotation for item types which should not rotate Changed: Stash scrollbar styled, stash UI moved to the left to match other screens Audio Added: Arrow shot whizzes Other Fixed: Button for reset onboarding tips doesn't work Changed: Onboardings positions tweaked to fit new screens layouts Changed: Blocking volumes bug fixing (maps related)
  18. Pyrit.

    Season 2: Hunters

    Main New Features : Season 2: Hunters New Weapons Crossbow Mosin Nagant The John New Tools Fake Glint Portable Signal Detector Permanent Price Drop Bullet Penetration revision Character, Camera and Combat polishing Shooting, Weapons & Tools Fixed: The situation where contact bomb could trigger twice if triggered by player & bomb at the same time Fixed: Disabled Hold Breath hint on weapons without a scope – only scoped weapons have this mechanic Fixed: Can't fire indicator while jumping Changed: Damage of contact bomb to 45 Added: Portable detector now filters out broken/in-active transmitters & dead outlanders Added: A hit indicator when damaged by contact bomb Tweaked: Recoil action speed lowered, spread cooldown lowered, adjusted recoil sequences, recoil sizes, and axis altered Tweaked: Screen shake upon contact bomb explosion Tweaked: The damage range of contact bomb Tweaked: Removed stagger from low rarity knives, adjusted roll on scoped weapons, reduced 9mm damage slightly Tweaked: Aim points adjusted Updated: Detonation radius of contact bomb no longer visible in-game Looting Fixed: Interaction markers invisible for dead player bodies Fixed: When the player dies with insurance, he should be getting his experience from looted things aswell Changed: Reward screen now shows new looted gameplay events Tweaked: Airdrop location is updated after 6 seconds instead of the previous 3 Shelter Fixed: Charity Box leaderboards show another Gamertag marked as you - filling order and rank detection reworked Fixed: Charity Box does not refresh in-game after the season ends Fixed: MessageBox informing about insufficient funds doesn't appear in the Stable Store anymore Fixed: Charity Box - Leaderboards - Fast page switching breaks leaderboards Fixed: Targets can't be destroyed after entering the shooting challenge Fixed: Battle Pass - Infinite looping of claim reward Fixed: Daily challenge choosing algorithm can no longer pick Story category as the least used category and therefore find no challenge to pick Changed: Added new challenge condition for when the player leaves the encounter as a threat Changed: Featured Store - Behaviour when you don't have enough currency Changed: Matchmaking can no longer be canceled in the "Waiting for server" state Added: Autorotation & rotation of item in the preview Tweaked: Ui elements position in the charity box due to long texts Tweaked: Battle Pass - Position of onboarding messages to fit the new layout Movement Fixed: Movements attenuation - movements are now centered when ADS Fixed: Prone body angle Added: Collision for the side of stairs Visuals Fixed: Prone camera allows for clipping Fixed: Better left-shoulder camera Fixed: PPSh-41 - Left-hand movement during reload animation Fixed: Knife hands rotation Changed: Rotation for Pukko knife Changed: Proper card item images set for tools Changed: Moved the spectator to be free look camera Tweaked: Thompson SMG reload animations polish Tweaked: The birds are spawned more often for hunters season Tweaked: Suomi KP/-31 reload animations polish Tweaked: Spectator can now rotate around a killer Removed: fog from aurora borealis weather Audio Fixed: Removed looping sound cue of creaks from farms Fixed: Footsteps attenuation and volume Added: New jingles for reward screen Hunter season Added: New wolf howls to start the match (in map animation) - all maps Tweaked: Slightly higher footsteps volume Tweaked: Explosion volume lowered Tweaked: Faster spawning of bird sounds for hunters season Tweaked: Footsteps volume Other Fixed: The player must discover all the places again in every encounter Fixed: Xbox logo in splash screen no longer flicks white Added: URL for changelog added to the game Added: Killer statistics should be now part of the match result structure to be able to show values in reward screen
  19. Pyrit.

    Changelog 1.2.1

    Main New Features & Fixers Updated: Santa took Xmas back to the North Pole Fixed: Connection - leaving with unstable connection doesn't start exit countdown Fixed: Interactions - Player unable to interact with a dead player's crate. For example when it was inside a bush Changed: Interaction markers significantly improved - more visible, easier to interact Added: Welcome notification Added: New loading screen hints Added: Welcome notification now shows discount for items that are currently on sale Tweaked: Adjusted recoil on RPK, PKM, and A-KM Tweaked: XP can be gained through new activities (Looting the vault, Looting the Buried Cache) Tweaked: Higher rarity items are rewarded with more XP Shooting & Weapons Fixed: Weapons remain hanging in the air after the player leaves the encounter Fixed: Sway not working on weapons equipped at the start Fixed: IK for pistols Fixed: Bodyposture in ADS moving Fixed: Tools - Alarm Trap and Contact Bomb don't interact with each other Fixed: Tools - Contact bomb can damage you for the 2nd time after destroying it Fixed: Alarm Trap - the range of the trap is not displayed Fixed: Killing yourself by contact bomb no longer counts as kill/headshot for match performance stats Fixed: Contact Bomb Suicide is now displayed correctly Changed: Fixes to aiming, ragdolling, IK for animations Changed: Aiming better suited for closer camera Tweaked: Increased damage for GFK and KDV-1 Tweaked: ADS of most of the released weapons has been improved Tweaked: Removal of stagger from most weapons Tweaked: Changed ADS and aim point position on Thompson Tweaked: Adjusted roll-on scoped weapons Tweaked: Reduced 9mm damage slightly Looting Fixed: Interaction not possible with Barred house safe and Comm station Fixed: It is no longer possible to Interact with cupboard through the wall Fixed: Second interaction with combination lock container to open the loot UI after solving the code is no longer required; it opens immediately on its own Changed: More buried cache locations in maps Tweaked: Exit volumes rescaled, buried caches added to Ridge and Snow Forest maps Shelter Fixed: Player is displayed in both the global leader board and in his friend’s leader boards as well Fixed: Overlapping of improvement image and build timer when the time is long Fixed: It is no longer possible to initiate crafting of a weapon or consumable if the remaining time to craft previously queued item is 0 seconds. Fixed: Player is no longer kicked out of Shelter to start screen while crafting weapons/consumables in rapid succession. Fixed: Interaction point of Battle Pass Mailboxes is better positioned Fixed: The option to buy premium battle pass no longer disappears when at maximum level Fixed: Purchasing max level of battle pass no longer always results in an error message being shown Fixed: Battle Pass Daily Login notification should now correctly appear when entering Shelter Fixed: Repeated Building Of Same Improvements is allowed and sometimes kicks players to the main screen Fixed: Player can't exit the Battle Pass Rewards Screen if the claim request fails Fixed: Row marking friends in Leaderboards stayed on the same spot even after moving the leaderboards Fixed: Shooting range - Targets can't be destroyed after entering the shooting challenge Fixed: Correct slot is now selected when changing focus to the left in the main Battle Pass screen Changed: The navigation in the main Battle Pass screen. It now allows the pages to cycle Added: Onboarding messages now appear for Battle Pass shelter screen Movement Fixed: Character getting up from prone when reloading Fixed: Prone body bending Changed: Disabled behavior forcing the player out of prone Changed: Crouching behavior made more consistent when climbing and vaulting Changed: Adjusted collision geometry so the player is not getting stuck in the corner Changed: Cleaned up some spots in interiors for better movement Added: Can change crouch stance in mid-air Tweaked: Gestures behavior when other player inputs occur Visuals Fixed: Spectator Teamkiller Status Replication Fixed: Spectator Target Name Replication Fixed: Stuttering movement of spectator camera Fixed: Hair clipping females with certain caps Fixed: Damage Post-Process being visible within Spectator when a player pawn dies from 'one-hit' Fixed: Animations - Interaction - Left-hand gets broken after repeated interaction with an object Fixed: Gestures - Female archetype disjoints left-hand elbow in Thumbs up gesture preview Fixed: Gestures - Slots display mannequin in idle pose after switching tabs Changed: Upon dying to tool “You were killed” message is displayed Added: Destructible mesh for headshot flipping target Added: Headshot target photo for shooting range challenges Tweaked: Ambiences in Bridges map Tweaked: Reward Screen now shows rewards that player gets for leveling up and correctly shows it's experience and achieved actions that rewarded him with the XP Tweaked: Headgear render target preview has hidden some parts of the face Audio Fixed: Sound: rattrap -The ambient sound doesn't stop when collecting the rat trap. Ambient volume changed to make sound hearable only on a given floor Fixed: Attenuation set for cookie timer on the start of the match Fixed: Issue where the wrong sound FX were played when running out of breath to hold Fixed: Switched loop sounds and interact with sounds on all things I previously worked on. Added different sounds on unequipping ammo and consumables (looted sound). Added: missing sounds into onboarding, challenge, shelter builder, crafting table and spectator Tweaked: Made sure other hit sounds cannot play while the last one is playing Tweaked: Audio layers of gunshots now raise volume and pitch with depleting ammo Tweaked: Attenuation for all firearms Other Fixed: Losing 1PV when out of ADS and the network connection is poor Fixed: Ammo name set to wrap to work properly in all languages Fixed: Collisions of several versions of the outbox improvement are incorrect Tweak: Adjusted the tutorial airdrop land location bit up so the airdrop clips into groundless Tweaked: Made the base XP progress show instantly when the player enters reward screen Tweaked: Airdrop position in Reward Screen Scene Removed: Option to swap controller sticks in Controls settings
  20. Pyrit.

    Changelog 1.2.48851

    Most Important: Tweaked: Radiation speed was lowered by 1/4 and starts after 12 minutes now Tweaked: Amount of loot in all maps was increased Tweaked: Content of airdrop Crates was improved (higher chance to obtain consumable plans, higher chance to obtain tools..) Changed: Weapon parts crafting Value = This makes deconstruction of weapons yield more materials as well Added: New Type of Pack - Outlander Armory pack available in Store - Includes: • 5x M21 + 50x ammo • 5x A74-K + 300x ammo • 5x AUR Para + 150x ammo • 5x ZA M72 + 200 ammo • 5x Combat Magnum + 36x ammo • 650 crowns - This pack may only be purchased once per account and is available for a limited time Other changes: Updated: Player must now own plan for respective tool challenges Tweaked: Made SVD better Tweaked: Sniper rifles nerfed a bit (except for SVD) Tweaked: SVD Textures Tweaked: Pressing retry lets you start from where you stand in shooting challenges Fixed: Player could remain stuck in the Battle Pass Reward Screen under certain conditions Fixed: Rewards for leveling up now use the correct level rewards in Rewards screen Fixed: Crowns bundles are no longer marked as owned Fixed: Suspending game during loading should work better now
  21. ▶ What do you do on Vigor? I do them levels. From sketching ideas on paper, sculpting the terrain and arranging houses to placing individual trees, flowers and also bushes (and to prevent speculation -> I'm not the one who made them bulletproof! :D) ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team? Right now I am working on a cool new map while occasionally maintaining and bug fixing on the current ones. I also personally make sure the coffee maker doesn't get a minute of rest. ▶ What do you like about Vigor? The freedom you have at the start of every encounter when you're figuring out what your approach is going to be. Also, the fact you can go in empty-handed and still come out on top. ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor? Maybe an additional quicker game mode á la team deathmatch... something to soothe the nerves after you get out-camped by some [edited] for the third time 🙂 ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor? One adorable two-year-old emperor makes me devote all my time running a railway operation around our couch for the Little Mole & gang... and occasionally when I'm not doing that, I like to design houses. ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how? As a kid, I always kinda suspected its not all fun & games as it might have seemed to be. Now I can tell that it is definitely more fun and more games than most other lines of work, though the enormous scope of these projects can be overwhelming at times. ▶ Your favorite games and why? Half-life is one of the all-time greats for me. Producing custom maps with its Hammer editor sparked my interest in game dev in the first place and no other game will ever have such a massive place in my heart as its mod, the original e-sport, classic Counter-strike 1.6 After some 20 years of playing it and countless keyboards snapped in half, here I am still a regular on my local deathmatch server 🙂 ▶What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why? Music - definitely my all-time favorite is the electronic duo Boards of Canada I also really enjoy diving into the obscure subgenres of vaporwave, drone, and ambient. Favorite artists: Nmesh, t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, HKE, 猫 シ Corp., cv313, Patâgoniå, Sport3000 Movies - apart from the obvious Matrix/Inception/Taxi Driver stuff I also love me some cruel old middle ages in Markéta Lazarová (1967) and for something not so deadly serious there is Sideways (2004) to rewatch once every few years... Show - trying to avoid the popular ones right now 😄 It can become very time-consuming once you're in... looking at you, Mad Men! Book - Magician by R.E.Feist ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community? Thank you for the feedback & all the memes! ❤️ ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do? I'd have a blast on those empty roads. ▶ Bonus (From Kamil) If you had to live in a videogame level, which one would you choose? The Citadel Island (the city at the beginning of Little Big Adventure 2) - it has the best atmosphere of any videogame place from my recollection. ▶ Viktor also has a Youtube channel so make sure to stop by 😉 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_DHBHnqPbPNF0ZmBUwQxhw
  22. Pyrit.

    Changelog 1.1.46963

    Fixed: It's no longer possible to peek through walls with a revolver Changed: Lobby multiple boosters - Player can buy multiple boosters of the same kind - new feature (Insurance is not influenced, only Better Crate and More Loot) Changed: The Better crate booster is now cheaper (From 45 to 30 Crowns) Added: New weapon PKM machine gun
  23. Fixed: Weapons: poor network latency leads to autofire.
  24. ▶ What do you do on Vigor? Senior Graphic Artist ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team? My specialization is the graphic part of weapons, props and other assets. ▶ What do you like about Vigor? As a person who doesn't like cold weather in real life, I'm really into the Norwegian setting of Vigor. ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor? More game modes would be cool! ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor? Right now I'm participating in Inktober. It is a drawing challenge where you're supposed to do one ink drawing a day during the entire month. And I'm also part of the Blood 1 modding community for a looong time. ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how? Throughout the last few decades, video games have become a cultural touchstone and extended their relevance way beyond the early years. And with almost 18 years in the game industry, while becoming an important part of the team that creates games I would say yes 😉 ▶ Your favorite games and why? Blood, Duke Nukem 3D & Shadow Warrior - the Holy Trinity of the Build engine. Doom, Quake, Half-Life series, Ion Maiden and many more 3D shooter deserves a mention. I'd put them on the same level. These games are as much fun now as they were back in the nineties. And why? Because you can mod these games. In some way, you can alter the game and how it's played creating your own unique experience. Plus I have met many dedicated people that rally behind modding certain games for either technical help or even just encouragement and inspiration. ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why? I finally got my hands on Blood, Sweat, and Pixels book. I like books about the game industry overall. When it comes to music, I like Tool, Deftones, Dälek, Death Grips, Nine Inch Nails and many, many more. It is hard to pick just a few 😉 And you should check the Brutal Assault festival if you are into metal music. Best festival in the world! When it comes to shows - Robot Chicken, Rick and Morty and South Park. ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community? Feedback is an important part of game development. It's a tool that is used to build things up, not break things down. Ask questions and make memes! ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do? I would grab a guitar and start a post-apocalyptic hardcore band! Bonus (From Radim) ▶ What's your favorite video game soundtrack? This one is easy - Quake II
  25. Pyrit.


    Thank you for this interesting discussion guys, your ideas will be passed to the team so we can further discuss them