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    3CB Factions

    PVS-5A is not visible when in active use, making it look like the user doesn't have nods at all. Is that on purpose to simulate the fact it was usually head-mounted? Also would be nice if it had gen 2 tubes when ace is in use.
  2. ThePointForward

    3CB BAF Weapons

    @evrik Pretty much since Tanks DLC we've had problem with the BAF Javelin being rather ineffective against at least RHS tanks - even older T-72s take Javelin top down attack like champs, sometimes leading to disabled turret or main gun. Sometimes it's not even to able to destroy an IFV like BMP-2. Seems like it doesn't apply enough damage to Hull, which to my knowledge is the important part for vehicles to go critical. I'll do some further testing with only 3CB Weapons, RHS and ACE3 in various configs to see if it's not caused by something else by any chance.
  3. ThePointForward

    Why Contact is not like other DLC?

    Well, the part of Contact that is like rest of DLCs actually is like them. You don't have to load it manually. The checkbox is essentially for the Campaign as there's some fairly heavy background stuff and for the extra assets that are not fitting for canon Armaverse.
  4. ThePointForward

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Lingor & Dingor for A3

    @icebreakr We found an issue with Lingor/Dingor and new DLC buildings and namely the Livonia map. When Lingor/Dingor is loaded some buildings stay up when destroyed while still spawning debris, having both at the same time. After that I checked the Workshop page to find out diwako independently confirmed it with his message (quoted) I then manually deleted lingor_objects.pbo and loaded onto our server where we have Livonia Zeus template and even though I deleted it only on my client side it still made the buildings destructible (I now assume the building destruction is similar to how AI works in Zeus mode).
  5. ThePointForward

    3CB Factions

    I'm replaying East wind and Adams in first mission refers to riflemen as pilots. Just a handful of mods loaded (JSRS, Enh Soundscape, ...), 3CB Factions not among them. Sounds like vanilla problem, not mod. Tagging @evrik to let you know.
  6. ThePointForward

    3CB Factions

    Couple of bugs: RPK currently weights 0.00 kg M16A2 and M16A2 M203 (the one with UGL) have exact same weight. Lee Enfield Mk III with Rails weights twice as much as non-railed version. Seems a bit too much for the addition of top rails, bottom rails for bipod and threaded end of the barrel.