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  1. Hi Vandeanson! It looks like you are putting together my dream-script! But I guess it is a dream coming true for a lot of us. I appreciate the hard and dedicated work you are doing! Thanks to Geroge Floros and johnnyboy for their great scripts too! :)
  2. I like very much the new features!!! I am testing them continously! Thanks for sharing these scripts!!! :)
  3. Ron79


    Hi Haleks, let me take the opportunity to say thanks here as well for this fantastic mod! (I contacted you earlier on Steam with some questions about your mod for my Mad Max-like scenario.) I have spent a lot of time to learn and understand the structure of your mod: I unpacked the pbo-s, checked how the details are scripted and customized... There were a few things I could already customize for myself but did not find the way to achive a few things I wish. I would like to ask some help regarding the fn_spawnBanditCamp.sqf script and spawns of different sides. Would it be possible to spawn not only green (independent) banditcamps? (How) would it possible to get the banditcamps respawn after all bandits from that camp died? (How) would it be possible to assign certain location types to get only certain sides be spawned into (e.g. villages will be getting only OPFOR spawned in, towns only some other side, etc.)? I understand I have to unpack the ravage.pbo but as I am quite a beginner in scripting, I have no clue where and how these things could be scripted. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  4. Actually there are all different situations. Sometimes the first car is much faster and leaves the convoy. Sometimes those in the middle or the back drive ahead. Could not find any logic... And the trucks tend to get stuck. Thanks for the quick response.
  5. Hi Devastator, I am happy you made this mod, it helped me a lot in creating missions. :) But now while making a new scenario - after countless hours of testing - I am stuck with an issue. Everything seemed to be fine but then in the next test some of the convoy cars suddenly started to ignore the speed limit and overtook the other cars in the front and drove ahead for several kilometers. The order of the cars in the convoy did never get back to the original setting. I have tried already a lot of different settings to get the convoy OK, ie. decreasing and increasing the speed limit, changing cars to other ones, but nothing worked, the w_3 car overtakes the w_1 car. If more cars, several of them drive to the front and leave the others behind. I am testing several convoys simultaneously in one scenario, all of them starting with a trigger and patroling. Do you have any idea how I cold solve this problem? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!