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  1. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/screenToWorld With [0,0], [0,1], [1,0],[1,1]
  2. Make a symlink to the place you want it to be at? (I use directory junctions for stuff like that, so /J)
  3. stanhope

    How do I add a cooldown to a script

    Server stuff is not something I'm good at
  4. stanhope

    How do I add a cooldown to a script

    The code he put in his reply sets the cooldown to the player. This has the side-effect that once the cooldown is active it's active for all the crates. If you want the cooldown for the crate replace _caller with _crate in the code of the addaction and _this with _target in the condition
  5. stanhope

    Weird shadow textures

    Does this also happen if you don't have any mods active?
  6. _veh setVelocity [0,0,0]; private _units = nearestObjects [getPos _veh,["Man"],15]; { private _unit = _x select 0; moveOut _unit; _units pushBack _unit; } forEach (fullCrew _veh); {_x setPos (_start getPos [2, 180]);} forEach _units; uisleep 0.2; if (alive _veh ) then { deleteVehicle _veh }; Untested If that still doesn't move the copilot try adding {_units pushBackUnique _x} forEach crew _veh
  7. stanhope

    How do I add a cooldown to a script

    In the condition of the addaction so: vuilnisbak1 addAction [ "<t color=""#0EEBE4"">Verzamel Vuilnis</t>", "Vuilnisjob\vuilnisbak1.sqf", nil, 1, true, false, "", "time > nextRunTime" ]; Be sure to initialize nextRunTime in initplayer, either set it to 0 or to the current time.
  8. stanhope

    How do I add a cooldown to a script

    put this somewhere in the execution part of the script: nextRunTime = time + 120; put this in the condition of the action time > nextRunTime untested
  9. Are you trying to troubleshoot an issue or are you saying that there's a bug in the game?
  10. stanhope

    Darter Controls

    Assemble the darter, open the terminal in the top left there's a dropdown, select the darter, either take control manually or shift (or ctrl, I don't remember) left click on the map, right click to alter the settings of that waypoint. Once the darter is in a position you're comfortable with, take control of the gunner seat, press N to cycle between vis, NVG and IR, numpad + & - to zoom in and out (iirc). Left click to activate the lase Spoiler ahead:
  11. stanhope

    addaction and trigger conditions

    Easiest is probably to have the addaction set a variable to a certain value, have the other trigger set another variable to a certain value and in the trigger check for those 2 values
  12. My inventory clean function is called from inventory closed, take, arsenal closed & fired event handlers (the last one doesn't really have to be there)
  13. stanhope

    New player: Situation normal

    Spoilers ahead: Additionally, I don't know which difficulty you play on but you could try to lower it.
  14. See Combine that with typeOf unit or roleDescription or something.
  15. stanhope

    All mods settings restore

    In either of these folders: C:\Users\yourUser\Documents\Arma 3\*.Arma3Profile C:\Users\yourUser\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\yourProfile\*.Arma3Profile There will be 3 files ending with .arma3profile. Those are where keybinds etc are stored. But you probably want to back-up those entire folders with all subfolders of them, as they contain mission progression etc.
  16. What causes the save file to get bigger and bigger?
  17. stanhope

    Warlords missions erros

    The link you posted requires us to ask for permission. Did you edit the mission at all? Or did you just take it and host it?
  18. stanhope

    Warlords missions erros

    You have 2 undefined variables and 1 param that's a string while a number is expected.
  19. private _flr = (format ["F_20mm_%1", _color]) createvehicle (_pos getPos [10 + random 90, random 360]);
  20. Use the alternate syntax 2 of getpos with random.
  21. Do you need to be able to access the data in game again or just export it? If you need to be able to access it again: saveProfileNamespace is indeed the way to go. Using profileNamespace setVariable ["your_prefix_dim",[x,y,z,...]]; and then saveprofilenamespace, to load it again, use profileNamespace getVariable ["your_prefix_dim",[]; If you do not need to access the data again: diag_log to write it to your RPT or copyToClipboard to copy it to your clipboard
  22. How does it not work? Does it give a script error, does the variable not get updated, ...?
  23. Set velocity is to have it move downward upon spawn, _area is a misleading name (so is _pos btw) as it's used by modelToWorld to determine where in relation to the player the flare will spawn. In this case, 200 meters above the player and 100 meters in front (I think, might be off to the sides as well)
  24. What have you already tried? Does it give you any kind of error? Does it show the loading thing or does it go to full screen? If it goes to full screen, do you see the loading screen or just black? Have you verified your game files? (Steam, right click on arma, properties, local files, verify)
  25. Which flares? The ones from the starter pistol, the ones fired from under-barrel 40mm grenade launchers, modded ones, ...?