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  1. Just discorvered this mod and its such a shame it's not being worked on any more. I've been looking everywhere for the documentation to defuse the bomb, but it doesnt seem to be anywhere.
  2. JFXAM


    Looking good! I've always been looking for japanese styled maps, but they always use vanilla or arma 2 buildings. I've never been to Japan but from what i've seen, the objects look really good. I can't wait for a playable release!
  3. I've already said that the same issue happens in vanilla. With no other mods loaded other than PLA and CBA...
  4. I have an issue with the mod. ECM or rather, the lack of, causes a script error to pop up every time missiles are fired at aircraft with the pod removed or aircraft that can't even equip it. Error is an undefined variable in expression _ecm, over at the incoming.sqf file. Edit: CBA is loaded. Will test with only vanilla and PLA loaded. Edit 2: Issue still happens with only CBA and PLA loaded.
  5. JFXAM

    Senkaku Islands

    I have to say that I really love this map, specially the 2035 version with the artificial island. I was surprised there was a map of the area, and even if the radar station is not realistic, it gives the map more stuff to do. It fits perfectly into my Japan vs China campaign. However one thing's bothering me, and thats that objects like trees and buildings seem to be duplicated, any fix for that?
  6. JFXAM

    Gac jsdf

    Loving the content. Is there any chance for an ACE compatibility patch? Currently the TNT charges cannot be used with ACE and the Panzerfaust, which is a single shot disposable launcher, can be reloaded. Oh also, any chance the Type 85 radio backpack will become TFAR compatible? I could help with that if you want!
  7. Hey look, yet another vanilla retexture mod All jokes aside, this mod originally was called "Spanish Army Strike" (or SAS for short) and was created by Fermox, who sadly retired from the modding scene and left me in charge of the project. This mod follows the footsteps of its predecessor and aims to provide a lore friendly Spain faction by using only vanilla items, however, external assets may be introduced if they fit the 2035 theme. While the assets contained here attempt to make sense within the ARMA 3 lore, there might be some that are also included just for fun. This mod is still a work in progress and things are subject to change. However its developent stage has reached the point where I am comfortable sharing it and promoting it. Does it sound good? You can get it on Steam! FEATURES Four factions with Desert, Woodland, Winter and Black equipment, with several variations. Vehicles also have plenty of different textures to choose from by using the Virtual Garage. Units have european faces Units have Spanish names and surnames CBRN and stealth uniforms and helmets Much more! Down below I'll list the most noteworthy items included in the mod and provide a brief explanation of their function within the lore. CONTENTS: Vehicles: Land Helicopters Planes VTOL Naval Drones Weapons Units and other noteworthy entities TO DO Add Marines and rework the Navy faction Add and fix some textures Add the Caesar's new avionics suite (*) Smooth the Bobcat's plow and Gorgon waterbreak's animations Restore the Medevac vehicles' commander seat Add other vehicles Fix the bugs shown below BUGS/ISSUES Armed Huron will spawn with US door gunners. I currently don't know how to fix this Textures might be a bit distorted in some places. There's nothing I can do since it's due to PAA compression. Medevac vehicles don't have custom interiors (yet) Nothing I can do since that would require editing the 3D models and it's not allowed. Inventory icons need to be replaced by custom images as they are using the vanilla ones. Some item names might only be shown in English. CREDITS AND AWKNOWLEDGEMENTS -=FerMoX=-, for developing the original project, helping me with coding and for introducing me to ARMA 3 modding Jove Chiere, for his texturing tips and overall help with the project. Buckweiser, whom I comissioned the commemorative Ala 20 tail art from.
  8. The custom antenas work, however I'm having an issue... They appear on the Spectrum Device but they play no sounds. I have triplechecked that the Signal ID is correct. Any ideas? Also, it looks like you can only have 1 antenna per net. As in, you can only have one "NATO Net" spawned in.
  9. JFXAM

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    I think that the surefire option would be redoing the model from scratch. But I can imagine that it must be a real pain to start over
  10. JFXAM

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Well, since my buddy FermoX decided to share his work, I might as well show mine! I released this skins a while back, and I just realized I need to rework them, but here they are non the less!
  11. Incredible work! I can't wait for the release! Now, I have a question for you guys; will you release the psd templates with the mod? That would make retexturing much more easier!