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  1. Hi i am looking to hide pylons from the menu's without messing up the ID's of the locations because i am using an external mod "MELB" which has heaps of pylons and i only want to enable a few to be used, i have for the time being changed all the weapons to not use the other pylons so that they remain empty but i found it weird i could not simply change the scope on the pylon to 0-1 and have it hidden in game. below is the issue i raised with the mod owner that has heaps of details about what i am trying to do. i am curious if anyone knows of a way to hide / disable pylons from the GUI selection without having unwanted effects on pylon locations. I have a sad feeling this would require support from the mod maker to change things with the pylons in the p3d but i am hoping a simpler solution exists with the pylon system as it is new to me.
  2. @sykocrazy, great mod, i have gutted the pylon system to reduce the amount of pylons needed as we want the weapons system to feel like the cup little bird but much prefer the melb helicopter. I Have made the Cup little bird miniguns default since they are "cooler", and added ace missile guidance for a few weapons the one problem i have left which is a QOL thing is i want to now delete the extra pylons from the menu that i have made never be able to hold anything but empty but it causes all pylons to lose position and be stacked at one location when i delete all the empty pylons, any tips? Edit: Desired look except it causes the helicopter mounts to go to a singular location: code block causing the desired outcome with the unexpected sideeffect: // Melb Heli class MELB_base : Helicopter_Base_H { class Components; class Turrets; }; class MELB_AH6M : MELB_base { class Turrets : Turrets { class CopilotTurret; } class Components : Components { class TransportPylonsComponent { class pylons { class R_Rockets_12x; class R_Rockets_4x; class R_Rockets_3x; class R_HellfireRack_R_slot; class R_HellfireRack_L_slot; class L_HellfireRack_R_slot; class L_HellfireRack_L_slot; class L_Rockets_3x; class L_Rockets_4x; class L_Rockets_12x; }; }; }; }; class DRAGONFLY : MELB_AH6M { class Components: Components { class TransportPylonsComponent { UIPicture = "melb\data\ui\melb_eden_ca.paa"; class pylons { class R_Pylon { hardpoints[] = {"RightMount_MELB"}; attachment = "CUP_PylonPod_19Rnd_CRV7_FAT_M"; maxweight = 200; UIposition[] = {0.125,0.4}; }; delete R_Rockets_3x; delete R_Rockets_4x; delete R_Rockets_12x; delete R_HellfireRack_R_slot; delete R_HellfireRack_L_slot; class R_Minigun: R_Pylon { hardpoints[] = {"Right_MinigunMount_MELB"}; attachment = "Pylon_R_GUN_MELB_CUSTOM"; priority = 5; maxweight = 100; UIposition[] = {0.225,0.325}; }; class L_Minigun: R_Minigun { hardpoints[] = {"Left_MinigunMount_MELB"}; attachment = "Pylon_L_GUN_MELB_CUSTOM"; UIposition[] = {0.415,0.325}; }; delete L_HellfireRack_R_slot; delete L_HellfireRack_L_slot; delete L_Rockets_3x; delete L_Rockets_4x; delete L_Rockets_12x; class L_Pylon: R_Pylon { hardpoints[] = {"LeftMount_MELB"}; UIposition[] = {0.4925,0.4}; mirroredMissilePos = 1; }; }; class presets { class empty { displayName = "empty"; attachment[] = {}; }; delete M260HE_M134; delete M260HE_M134_GAU; delete GAU_M134_DAGR; delete Hellfires; }; }; }; }; it appears that the pylons have relative positions to each other so deleting one causes them to collapse in. I have attempted things like scope = 0; to no effect,
  3. hi i am having trouble starting the program on Arch linux. I am wondering what port and address you try to do this binding on so i can make sure its free and see if its something on my end. I also reinstalled java to no effect.