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Hide Extra Unwanted Dynamic Pylons

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Hi i am looking to hide pylons from the menu's without messing up the ID's of the locations because i am using an external mod "MELB" which has heaps of pylons and i only want to enable a few to be used, i have for the time being changed all the weapons to not use the other pylons so that they remain empty but i found it weird i could not simply change the scope on the pylon to 0-1 and have it hidden in game.

below is the issue i raised with the mod owner that has heaps of details about what i am trying to do. 



i am curious if anyone knows of a way to hide / disable pylons from the GUI selection without having unwanted effects on pylon locations. I have a sad feeling this would require support from the mod maker to change things with the pylons in the p3d but i am hoping a simpler solution exists with the pylon system as it is new to me.

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