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    oo, nice man! I will try it when i get to PC. so hideObject and hideObjectGlobal won't work, or what is that mean?
  2. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T130564 Already posted on feedback, post on reddit and forum for visibility. I found a way to reproduce this bug with low fps, even if literally nothing is happening and map is empty. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124746 One of the biggest reason why its happen is bug with “ssAdv”. Even after I delete everything from map, I still have low fps (40 from 120 at start) and everyone on the server, until they restart their clients or just randomly fps goes instantly to normal. I think that everyone encounter it, because it happened after every firefight. Fps suddenly drops, and goes down with every minute. Sometimes after some time it goes back to normal fps, or “just enough”. EDIT: WORKS ONLY ON SERVER! Probably cause is sounds are not cleared on clients. steps to reproduce: 1. Download mission file from first link (works fine with mods/ vanilla, same results) 2. Play scenario in eden / on dedicated server. Bots will spawn after 15 seconds. 3. Wait until bot counter reaches 1000-2000 (best way to force it to happen early, it could take some time. Just leave game with camera pointing at every bot. No worries, only spawn max 40 bots at same time. I think this could be skipped to just 100-200 bots and fps should go to lower values too.) 4. Watch your fps goes from 120 at start, 60 from spawning bots to 20-40 after couple of minutes 5. Stop spawning script when you see 20-30 fps (in my case, depends on PC), delete every bot from map with this command (exec it on server): testing = false; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach allDeadMen; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach vehicles; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach allUnits; 6. Watch your fps stay at similar fps that was with bots, and goes to lower values with each minute. 7. If you have “profiling - Performance Profiling Build” enabled, use command: diag_captureFrame 24; and see what causes it. https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/8rdfag/arma_3_low_fps_and_degrade_over_time_because_of/
  3. Just test this again but with every bot with its own group, same results. but i found another thing. After i delete everything from map, wait ~10 minutes to unlock fps from ssAdv fps still was lower, this time becuse render time stays twice as high at start / restart client and join back to server. after delete everything from map: restart client and join back to server: after standing still for ~30 minutes, fps still stays between 90-100 fps.
  4. don't want to push it, but... Any ETA to fix / workoaround to this problem? yesterday play was a nightmare for everyone in my unit. While bots count were decreasing, so was FPS. From 30-50fps to 3-5 fps.
  5. You test in eden or dedicated server? I tried on dedicated and works for me, also for someone else according to reddit post:
  6. Oh, i see i don't mention it. Of course you need to see it and hear! alt tabbed won't work. :D
  7. @Dedmen well i thought that your was considered liberation bug, and i found a way to reproduce this in vanilla. I don't know how exactly feedback tracker works. I think it could be related to gunshots, not unit count. Probably the same will happen when if i made units invincible rather than infinite respawn, but i was testing something else and i find this bug. And i will be happy to see workaround if you could easily make one, in our unit we don't use BattleEye anyway :)
  8. As in title. Recent i discovered with my group and our own server (i7 6700k, so not problem here) that fps slowly takes down after couple of minutes, probably tied to units count. At start we have 50-70fps, and after a test fight (with disabled damage for us) in 15-30 minutes we all have 20-30fps, and after a while it goes down to 5-15fps! No matter if we play with mods or not. It stays at low fps even if i remove every unit on the map, disconnect from the server etc. still low fps in menu/editor, for everyone on the server. Its just arma being arma, or what the hell is going on? Its frustrating af, make me wanna unistall this game and throw the server out of the window.
  9. just test it again, with 10 people on server. Every 10 minutes we got minus 5-10 fps after each restart mission.
  10. Hi all. I have problem with spawning weapons without attachments, magazine etc. for vanilla weapons/items i can go with: createvehicle {[ "weaponholdersimulated",[getPos _loc select 0, getpos _loc select 1,0],[], 0, "can_Collide"]; addweaponcargo ["arifle_SDAR_F",1]; }; and its working. but for RHS, CUP etc moded weapons, as example "rhs_weapon_ak103" i don't know what to place instead of "weaponholdersimulated" or where i can find it. if i only change weapon name, it give me error. Any ideas?
  11. As in title. Any solutions? Its super annoying. It only happens when im in vehicle and select gunner position. 10% of the time after this i lose remote control.
  12. Hey @Psychobastard, great mod! :D I was testing only solo for now, and i have little suggestions to make this mod perfect (for me ;) ): 1. Is it possible to lock player rotation when he is in agony? I can rotate like as fast as i can when im down, what looks off for me. 2. I would love to see in mod settings time to revive for each class (medic or not), possibility to shoot in agony, move etc. Keep up good work! :D
  13. How to reproduce: Just get killed when controlling gunner
  14. HI. Im new to arma 3 scripting language. Im trying to do a simple task with triggers. what i need to type in initialization, to set my objective as succed if i heal a teammate(pilot1)? im trying something like if (damage pilot1 < 0.25) then {this}; its my last attempt, and i have many wariations of it, but i failed every time. I would appreciate any help! :)
  15. Thanks for reply, but im affraid its not what i want, or i simply dont understand it. i need something like this: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/824567239163670420/C539A87F87E460F9CADA0C8602A552E27376782F/ Warunek = initialization. i want to do it with triggers.
  16. Hi. Im new to Arma 3 and of course to eden. I want to do a simple script. I have one unit who is patrolling, and i want him to run to specific place, when he is in "combat" or "aware" mode (or when any unit in specific area detects enemy). I can easily make him go when he is standing still (target1 doMove position box1), but when i have waypoints, or have to detect his behaviour... i dont know how to do it. im using arma wiki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/behaviour , but i dont know exactly how to execute it. English is not my first language, so i have hard time to understand scripting from english sites. Thanks for any help :)
  17. i think i have it working now, thanks guys :) TAG_fnc_move = [this,getposatl box1] spawn { params ["_target1","_box1"]; waitUntil {behaviour _target1 in ["AWARE","COMBAT"]}; group _target1 lockWP true; _target1 setSpeedMode "FULL"; _target1 domove _box1; }; But i still need to learn what does mean "local vaiable" and "global space"
  18. "Local variable in general space" (google translate :p) |#|params ["target1","box1"];
  19. And i deleted post... so again. Thanks for fast reply, but im affraid it's not working for me. I think it will be easier to do with triggers. Condition - when "target1" is in behaviour AWARE/COMBAT. on active - delete all waypoints of "target1", and go (as fast as possible) to item "box1" i try with this, but for sure i make some mistake here: TAG_fnc_move = [this,getposatl box1] spawn { params ["target1","box1"]; waitUntil {behaviour target1 in ["AWARE","COMBAT"]}; group target1 lockWP true; target1 domove box1; };