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  1. I reinstalled all the aircraft mod and FIR AWS now if it works, it was possibly not those addon
  2. Hello everyone, especially you If it doesn't bother, what is the VCOM AI 3 script used to deploy VANT drones from the backpack? Thank you
  3. Solved by removing these mod: @NATO Overhauled [NIA] @NIArms All in One - CUP Compatibility @NIArms All in One - RHS Compatibility I don't know which one is responsible. A greeting.
  4. Hello, comment that when I try to select weaponry of any type of plane does not change. It is left by default the weaponry that has the plane Greetings
  5. AtomicBoy

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    An error has been detected in HAL 1.23. When using the artillery "rhsusf_m109d_usarmy", "rhsusf_m109_usarmy" gives an error message. The solution is to replace in the file "HAC_fnc2.sqf" from line 2445 to 2448: if not (_subAmmo isEqualTo "") then { _ammoC = configfile >> "CfgAmmo" >> _subAmmo }; by this line taken from the "Fire For Effect: The God Of War" addon of the file "FFE_fnc.sqf", from line 1707 to 1710 if ((isText _subAmmo) and {not ((getText _subAmmo) isEqualTo "")}) then { _ammoC = configfile >> "CfgAmmo" >> (getText _subAmmo); }; To use the artillery "rhsusf_m109d_usarmy", "rhsusf_m109_usarmy" in HAL: RydHQ_RHQAutoFill = true; RHQ_Art = [ "rhsusf_m109d_usarmy", "rhsusf_m109_usarmy" ]; RydHQ_Add_OtherArty = [ [["rhsusf_m109d_usarmy","rhsusf_m109_usarmy"],["rhs_mag_155mm_m795_28","rhs_mag_155mm_m712_2","rhs_mag_155mm_m864_3","rhs_mag_155mm_m825a1_2","rhs_mag_155mm_485_2","",""]], ]; that's all folks
  6. Hello, The short answer is yes, artillery can be used with VCOM. The long answer is: NOTE: RydFFE_FOClass = advanced observer, the format is lowercase classname). RydFFE_Add_Other = artillery, classname in lowercase with the following format: [[ , ],…]; should contain always 5 positions, even if empty string - "". Best repeat same magazine class for first three positions (primary, special, secondary): OPTION 1: Create an inti.sqf file with the following text, it must be added in the mission folder: RydFFE_Debug = true; RydFFE_ShellView = true; RydFFE_FOClass = ([ "i_uav_02_dynamicloadout_f", "rhsusf_army_ocp_jfo", "pla_soldier_sl_f", "pla_soldier_tl_f", "vme_ch3", "vme_ch7", "vme_ch4b" ]); RydFFE_Add_Other = [ [["pla_phl03_des", "pla_phl03"], ["vme_PHL03_mag", "vme_PHL03_mag", "vme_PHL03_mag", "", ""]], [["vme_pla_phz10_des", "vme_pla_phz10"], ["vme_122mm_RKT_x40", "vme_122mm_RKT_x40", "vme_122mm_RKT_x40", "" "," "], [["pla_phz81_des", "pla_phz81"], ["vme_122mm_RKT_x40", "vme_122mm_RKT_x40", "vme_122mm_RKT_x40", "", ""]], [["vme_pll05_des", "vme_pll05"], ["VME_Mortar120mm_30rndHE", "VME_Type86_30rndSMOKE", "VME_Type86_30rndILLUM", "", ""]], [["vme_pla_plz05_des", "vme_pla_plz05"], ["VME_Type86_30rndHE", "VME_Type86_30rndHE", "VME_Type86_30rndHE", "", ""]], [["vme_pla_plz07_des", "vme_pla_plz07"], ["VME_Type86_30rndHE", "VME_Type86_30rndHE", "VME_Type86_30rndHE", "", ""]], [["vme_sm4_des", "vme_sm4"], ["VME_Mortar120mm_30rndHE", "VME_Type86_30rndSMOKE", "VME_Type86_30rndILLUM", "", ""]] ]; OPTION 2: add in map a unit, copy to unit init: RydFFE_Debug = true; RydFFE_ShellView = true; RydFFE_FOClass = ([ "i_uav_02_dynamicloadout_f", "rhsusf_army_ocp_jfo", "pla_soldier_sl_f", "pla_soldier_tl_f", "vme_ch3", "vme_ch7", "vme_ch4b" ]); RydFFE_Add_Other = [ [["pla_phl03_des", "pla_phl03"], ["vme_PHL03_mag", "vme_PHL03_mag", "vme_PHL03_mag", "", ""]], [["vme_pla_phz10_des", "vme_pla_phz10"], ["vme_122mm_RKT_x40", "vme_122mm_RKT_x40", "vme_122mm_RKT_x40", "" "," "], [["pla_phz81_des", "pla_phz81"], ["vme_122mm_RKT_x40", "vme_122mm_RKT_x40", "vme_122mm_RKT_x40", "", ""]], [["vme_pll05_des", "vme_pll05"], ["VME_Mortar120mm_30rndHE", "VME_Type86_30rndSMOKE", "VME_Type86_30rndILLUM", "", ""]], [["vme_pla_plz05_des", "vme_pla_plz05"], ["VME_Type86_30rndHE", "VME_Type86_30rndHE", "VME_Type86_30rndHE", "", ""]], [["vme_pla_plz07_des", "vme_pla_plz07"], ["VME_Type86_30rndHE", "VME_Type86_30rndHE", "VME_Type86_30rndHE", "", ""]], [["vme_sm4_des", "vme_sm4"], ["VME_Mortar120mm_30rndHE", "VME_Type86_30rndSMOKE", "VME_Type86_30rndILLUM", "", ""]] ]; OPTION 3: Add the artillery to see what happens. BR.
  7. AtomicBoy

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    thanks and best regards
  8. AtomicBoy

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Good Morning, Can you tell me in the ADDON of HETMAN where the artillery script is? thanks and best regards
  9. AtomicBoy

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    now the artillery if it shoots thank you
  10. AtomicBoy

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Hello I would like to use Pook ARTY Pack artillery in HETMAN. The Magazine Names of the artillery I want to use are: + pook_2S19_OPFOR ["Pook_152mm_40rdHE" "pook_ARTY_12rdSMK" "pook_ARTY_30rdILM" "pook_ARTY_12rdAP" "6Rnd_155mm_Mo_mine" "6Rnd_155mm_Mo_AT_mine" "2Rnd_155mm_Mo_Cluster" "2Rnd_155mm_Mo_LG" "50Rnd_127x108_Ball" "SmokeLauncherMag" "Laserbatteries"] + pook_9K58_OPFOR ["pook_9M55_mag"] To use it with HETMAN the configuration I created the following configuration: RHQ_Art = [ "pook_2S19_OPFOR", "pook_9K58_OPFOR" ]; RydHQ_Add_OtherArty = [ [["pook_2S19_OPFOR"], ["pook_152mm_40rdHE", "2Rnd_155mm_Mo_Cluster", "pook_ARTY_12rdSMK", "pook_ARTY_30rdILM"]], [["pook_9K58_OPFOR"], ["pook_9M55_mag", "pook_9M55_mag", "pook_9M55_mag", "", ""]] ]; It doesn't work and I don't know where the fault is, can you check it and correct it.? Thanks for all
  11. AtomicBoy

    Pook ARTY Pack: v4

    Thank you so much for everything
  12. AtomicBoy

    Pook ARTY Pack: v4

    with this information can be used ADDON POOK ARTY PACK artillery to use in Vcom (use the FFE scritpt) and in HETMAN. thanks
  13. AtomicBoy

    Pook ARTY Pack: v4

    yes, more or less list classnames of list of arty pieces classnames (lowercase)],list of magazines for these classes in order: primary (HE), rare (WP, Cluster…),secondary (used instead of HE – guided, laser…),smoke, illum]], … BR. AtomicBoy
  14. AtomicBoy

    Pook ARTY Pack: v4

    Would you be so kind as to add the list of custom magazines artillery by type of artillery? As this information can be used ADDON artillery to use in Vcom (use the FFE scritpt) and in HETMAN. It is used like this: 1.-VCOM: The format is RydFFE_Add_Other ([]) - here you can list classnames of other custom artillery units (lowercase only!), That are being controlled by “FFE”, if are using custom magazines (classes added here shouldn't be added to any other “add "Array). EXAMPLE: Create an init.sqf file and add: RydFFE_Debug = true; RydFFE_ShellView = true; RydFFE_FO = ["vme_CH4B", "I_UAV_02_CAS_F", "I_UGV_01_rcws_F", "CUP_I_RACS_SL"]; RydFFE_Add_Other = [ [["pook_2S19_OPFOR"], ["pook_152mm_30rdHE", "pook_152mm_30rdHE", "pook_152mm_30rdHE", "", ""]] ]; 2.HETMAN The format is In HAL this is RydHQ_Add_OtherArty, which should be used instead of RHQ_Mortars (RHQ_Mortars is for mortars, also custom, but only those using vanilla ammunition). Rest works same way. EXAMPLE: Within the init.sqf file created add the following lines (NOTE, this scrip is much more complex, this is only to add artillery): RydFFE_FOClass = ([ "O_mas_afr_hd_recon_JTAC_F", "O_mas_afr_recon_JTAC_F", "I_UAV_02_dynamicLoadout_F", "I_UAV_02_CAS_F", "I_UAV_01_F", "I_UGV_01_F", "I_UGV_01_rcws_F", "CUP_I_RACS_RoyalCommando", "CUP_I_RACS_RoyalGuard", "CUP_I_RACS_RoyalMarksman", "CUP_I_RACS_SL" ]); RHQ_Art = [ "rhsusf_m142_usarmy_wd", "rhsusf_m142_usarmy_d", "rhsusf_m109d_usarmy", "rhsusf_m109_usarmy", "B_MBT_01_arty_F", "B_MBT_01_mlrs_F", "CUP_I_M252_RACS", "CUP_I_M119_RACS", "pook_2S19_RACS" ]; RydHQ_Add_OtherArty = [ [["CUP_I_M119_RACS"], ["CUP_30Rnd_105mmHE_M119_M", "CUP_30Rnd_105mmLASER_M119_M", "CUP_30Rnd_105mmWP_M119_M", "CUP_30Rnd_105mmS_MM_MM_MM_MM_MM_MM_MM_MM_MM_MM_MM_MM_MM_MM_MM" [["pook_2S19_RACS"], ["pook_152mm_30rdHE", "pook_152mm_40rdHE", "pook_ARTY_12rdSMK", "pook_ARTY_30rdILM", "", ""]], [["rhsusf_m109d_usarmy", "rhsusf_m109_usarmy"], ["rhs_mag_155mm_m795_28", "rhs_mag_155mm_m712_2", "rhs_mag_155mm_m864_3", "rhs_mag_m," rhs_mag_m_5 " [["rhsusf_m142_usarmy_wd", "rhsusf_m142_usarmy_d"], ["rhs_ammo_m26a1_rocket", "rhs_ammo_m26a1_rocket", "rhs_ammo_m26a1_rocket"] ",", " // [["" pook_2S19_OPFOR "], [" pook_152mm_30rdHE "," pook_152mm_30rdHE "," pook_152mm_30rdHE "," "," "]] [["pook_2S19_OPFOR"], ["pook_152mm_40rdHE", "pook_152mm_40rdHE", "pook_152mm_40rdHE", "", ""]] ]; Thanks in advance Atomicboy