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  1. AtomicBoy

    Spain 2035

    AY payo, Subelo a Armaholic. please
  2. leona brunette From Arkan DOWLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-8z4elq7i2gSYfvT4kthj4xHjhu8Mzhn/view leona blonde + voice rusa - > https://gamecaste.ru/mod-leona-rus-vois-arma-3.html _jieyuyouxijiaoliujidi-server-Leona.rar https://modsbase.com/nyx2522jo5sw/_jieyuyouxijiaoliujidi-server-Leona.rar.html female_rus_voise.rar https://modsbase.com/36g3vp7k28ct/female_rus_voise.rar.html
  3. Adding between the objectives "Dynamic Marke", when a unit reaches the objective, adds a blue, red or green mark depending on the side that reaches the objective. The marker is located at NR6 SITE MARKERS -> DYNAMIC MARKER
  4. Since UGV are used, is there a module in NR6 tools? thank
  5. I have allowed myself to upgrade to use UAV. use as the original script: In the init of the soldier transporting the uav vehicle add: removeBackpackGlobal this; this addBackpackGlobal "B_UAV_01_backpack_F"; The script is added to the init of a vehicle, a soldier or an empty object: UAV only: nul = [["B_UAV_01_backpack_F", "B_UAV_01_F"]] execVM "HandleAutoDeploy_v2r0.sqf"; Combined with other deployable weapons: nul=[["rhs_M252_Gun_Bag","B_Mortar_01_F"],["RHS_MK19_Gun_Bag","B_GMG_01_high_F"],["RHS_M2_Gun_Bag","B_HMG_01_high_F"],["B_UAV_01_backpack_F","B_UAV_01_F"]] execVM "HandleAutoDeploy_v2r0.sqf"; copy the script textt to a txt file and rename to HandleAutoDeploy_v2r0.sqf /* Made by Rockhount - HandleAutoDeploy Script v1.1 (SP/MP & HC compatible) Errors will be written into the rpt and starts with "HandleAutoDeploy Error:" Call: [["B_HMG_01_A_weapon_F","B_GMG_01_high_F"],["O_HMG_01_high_weapon_F","O_GMG_01_high_F"]] execVM "HandleAutoDeploy_v2r0.sqf"; "B_HMG_01_A_weapon_F" = Classname of the backpack "B_GMG_01_high_F" = Classname of the static weapon removeBackpackGlobal this; this addBackpackGlobal "B_UAV_01_backpack_F"; nul=[["B_UAV_01_backpack_F","B_UAV_01_F"]] execVM "HandleAutoDeploy_v2r0.sqf"; nul=[["rhs_M252_Gun_Bag","B_Mortar_01_F"],["RHS_MK19_Gun_Bag","B_GMG_01_high_F"],["RHS_M2_Gun_Bag","B_HMG_01_high_F"],["B_UAV_01_backpack_F","B_UAV_01_F"]] execVM "HandleAutoDeploy_v2r0.sqf"; The backpacks of all existing units get scanned 10 seconds after this script has been called. If the backpack can be find in the script parameters, then the unit gets a loop as long as he lives. The unit gets queried wheter or not he is in a "COMBAT" Modus. If he is, then he builds automaticly the static weapon with an animation. The static weapon will get undeployed only, if the unit is no longer in a "COMBAT" Modus or 10 minutes have elapsed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gemacht von Rockhount - HandleAutoDeploy Skript v1.1 (SP/MP & HC Kompatibel) Fehler werden in die RPT geschrieben und starten mit "HandleAutoDeploy Error:" Aufruf: [["B_HMG_01_A_weapon_F","B_GMG_01_high_F"],["O_HMG_01_high_weapon_F","O_GMG_01_high_F"]] execVM "HandleAutoDeploy.sqf"; "B_HMG_01_A_weapon_F" = Klassenname des des Rucksacks "B_GMG_01_high_F" = Klassenname der statischen Waffe 10 Sekunden nachdem der Skript aufgerufen wurde, werden alle Einheiten, die existieren, nach ihrem Rucksack abgefragt. Wenn der Rucksack in eines der Skriptparameter zu finden ist, dann bekommt diese Einheit solange sie lebt eine Schleife. In der Schleife wird abgefragt, ob sich die Einheit im Kampf befindet. Wenn sie sich im "COMBAT" Modus befindet, dann baut sie automatisch mit einer Animation die statische Waffe auf. Die statische Waffe wird erst dann wieder abgebaut, wenn sie sich nicht mehr im "COMBAT" Modus befindet oder mindestens 10 Minuten seit dem Aufbau vergangen sind. */ if (isServer) then { private _Local_var_Exit = false; private _Local_var_Classnames = if ((!isNil "_this") && {typeName _this == "ARRAY"}) then {_this} else {_Local_var_Exit = true;false}; if (_Local_var_Exit) exitWith { diag_log "HandleAutoDeploy Error: Wrong parameter"; }; if (!canSuspend) exitWith { diag_log "HandleAutoDeploy Error: This script does not work in an unscheduled environment"; }; sleep 10; { private _Local_var_Soldier = _x; { if ((backpack _Local_var_Soldier) == (_x select 0)) exitWith { [_Local_var_Soldier, _x select 0, _x select 1] spawn { Params ["_Local_var_Soldier", "_Local_var_BackpackClassname","_Local_var_VehicleClassName"]; while {!(isNull _Local_var_Soldier) && {alive _Local_var_Soldier}} do { waitUntil{sleep 5;!(isNull _Local_var_Soldier) && {alive _Local_var_Soldier} && {(behaviour _Local_var_Soldier) == "COMBAT"}}; removeBackpackGlobal _Local_var_Soldier; sleep 4; _Local_var_Vehicle = createVehicle [_Local_var_VehicleClassName, getPos _Local_var_Soldier, [], 1, "NONE"]; if(getNumber(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeof _Local_var_Vehicle >> "isUav")==1) then { _NearestEnemy = _Local_var_Soldier findNearestEnemy _Local_var_Soldier; [_Local_var_Soldier,""] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0, false]; _Local_var_Vehicle setDir (getDir _Local_var_Soldier); createVehicleCrew _Local_var_Vehicle; _Local_var_Vehicle setskill 1; _Local_var_Vehicle engineOn true; _Local_var_Vehicle flyInHeight 100; _Local_var_Vehicle domove (getposATL _NearestEnemy); } else { _Local_var_Vehicle setDir (getDir _Local_var_Soldier); _Local_var_Soldier assignAsGunner _Local_var_Vehicle; [_Local_var_Soldier,_Local_var_Vehicle] remoteExec ["moveInGunner", _Local_var_Soldier, false]; }; _Local_var_Vehicle lock true; private _Local_var_Time = time + 600; waitUntil{sleep 5; !(isNull _Local_var_Soldier) && {alive _Local_var_Soldier} && {((behaviour _Local_var_Soldier) != "COMBAT") || {time > _Local_var_Time}}}; if (!(isNull _Local_var_Soldier) && {alive _Local_var_Soldier} && {!isNil "_Local_var_Vehicle"} && {!isNull _Local_var_Vehicle} && {alive _Local_var_Vehicle}) then { _Local_var_Vehicle lock false; private _Local_var_CurDir = getdir _Local_var_Vehicle; moveOut _Local_var_Soldier; _Local_var_Vehicle lock true; [_Local_var_Soldier,"MOVE"] remoteExec ["disableAI", _Local_var_Soldier, false]; [_Local_var_Soldier,"Acts_TerminalOpen"] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0, false]; sleep 4; [_Local_var_Soldier,_Local_var_BackpackClassname] remoteExec ["addBackpack", _Local_var_Soldier, false]; deleteVehicle _Local_var_Vehicle; [_Local_var_Soldier,""] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0, false]; [_Local_var_Soldier,"MOVE"] remoteExec ["enableAI", _Local_var_Soldier, false]; }; }; }; }; } forEach _Local_var_Classnames; } forEach (allUnits - allPlayers - allDeadMen); };
  6. Hello, issue detected when the uav drone is deployed the following error appears. postscript: Congratulations on the mod, it greatly improves the playability of the ARMA3, it should be canon and add it in the next patch of the game
  7. AtomicBoy


    Hello, After testing the addon, I have detected the following isse: - R3F VBMR 12.7 and R3F VBMR LG40mm vehicles will not fire when approaching an enemy. - PVP vehicles, to put them in the editor appear without a driver. - The drivers of the vehicles R3F VBMR are not R3F infantry, they are vanilla infantry of ARMA 3. Regards.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Postscript: @armaholic, please update the addons on your website.
  9. Hello, the website of https://www.ffaamod.es/ is down. It has disappeared? it's under maintenance? Regards.
  10. AtomicBoy

    Sahrani Conflict 2020

    Hello, Can you change the side of the RACS forces to the Resistance side? Thank you
  11. AtomicBoy

    Project RACS

    you are right, but sometimes in this same section, addons are published to be able to test them before publishing the final version.
  12. AtomicBoy

    Project RACS

    Hi Is it possible to download the mod to try it? If possible, from where is it downloaded? Thank you.
  13. Discovered how to use mortars: connect the mortar to the HAL RHQ STATIC WEAPON module
  14. Since mortars are used, is there a module in NR6 tools? thank Discovered how to use mortars: connect the mortar to the HAL RHQ STATIC WEAPON module