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  1. I did not look at much of your script, but the trigger statement works with the players. That's not good for an MP mission. Such things should only be done by the server.
  2. Pay attention to the syntax! _grp = createGroup east; _unit = _grp createUnit ["O_Survivor_F",(getMarkerPos "opfor_0"),[],0, "NONE"]; _type = "O_Survivor_F"; _here = getmarkerpos "opfor_0"; _group = createGroup east; _init = ""; _skill = 0.5; _rank = "PRIVATE"; _type createUnit [_here,_group,_init,_skill,_rank];
  3. Excellent thread, thanks @ZaellixA for your persistent questioning, thanks to all who respond to it, specifically @Dedmen, for your consistent style. I've learned a lot, hopefully I can put that learned into practice.
  4. Lucullus

    GF Explosive Objects Script - Mod

    I'm always having fun with your scripts!
  5. Lucullus

    GF Explosive Objects Script - Mod

    Looks good George, will test it right away.
  6. Give your playable units a variable name such as: P01. Replace "player" with the "P01" and you have the solution. The server doesn´t know player but P01. {_x in H1} count (units group P01) == {alive _x} count (units group P01); Player is a command that points to an object and works only on clients or client-server, not on dedicated-server. It would be better to give the different groups a name, for example: G01. Edit: ... and welcome to the Arma MP Universe, there are a lot of stumbling blocks left ...
  7. Player on dedicated is objNull. Edit: too late
  8. Just like Johnnyboy's. But I'll take a closer look, thanks.
  9. Then I'll wait for the next surprise, maybe an insect pest ...😈
  10. What a great surprise. Where did you get all the ideas from?
  11. Lucullus

    Terrain - D41_Ruegen

    Usually I go on vacation there, now I drive around with a tank on the island. 🤗 Good work.
  12. For vehicles you could do it like this: tag_fnc_used_mags = { _mags = magazinesAllTurrets _this; private _used_mags = []; { _x params ["_mag","_turret","_count"]; if (getNumber (configfile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _mag >> "count") > _count) then { _used_mags pushBack _mag }; } forEach _mags; _used_mags }; Call e.g. with: vehicle player call tag_fnc_used_mags Spits out an array of used magazines. So many ways to do something...
  13. in EdenEditor Menue >> Attributes >> Multiplayer then in window Edit: Multiplayer >> Lobby >> Summary Edit: I think that there is no possibility with the description.ext, because it is not documented.
  14. The max number is in the pylon magazine text. "PylonRack_3Rnd_Missile_AGM_02_F" edit: You can also get the max ammunition with: getNumber (configfile >> "CfgMagazines" >> "PylonRack_3Rnd_Missile_AGM_02_F" >> "count");
  15. I had done this last year: tag_fnc_PylonArray = { // predefine the return value private _returnArray = []; // read all existing magazines in the pylons _arrPylonMagazines = getPylonMagazines _this; // create the return array using the config { _returnArray pushback [ // pylon name _x, // pylon magazine _arrPylonMagazines select _forEachIndex, // amount of ammunition _this ammoOnPylon _x ] } forEach ("true" configClasses (configFile>>"CfgVehicles">>typeOf _this>>"Components">>"TransportPylonsComponent">>"pylons") apply {configName _x}); _returnArray }; Call e.g. with: vehicle player call tag_fnc_PylonArray; The function gives you e.g. the following array back: [ ["Pylons1","PylonRack_1Rnd_Missile_AA_04_F",1], ["Pylons2","PylonRack_7Rnd_Rocket_04_HE_F",7], ["Pylons3","PylonRack_3Rnd_Missile_AGM_02_F",3], ["Pylons4","PylonMissile_1Rnd_Bomb_04_F",1], ["Pylons5","PylonMissile_1Rnd_Bomb_04_F",1], ["Pylons6","PylonMissile_1Rnd_Bomb_04_F",1], ["Pylons7","PylonMissile_1Rnd_Bomb_04_F",1], ["Pylons8","PylonRack_3Rnd_Missile_AGM_02_F",3], ["Pylons9","PylonRack_7Rnd_Rocket_04_AP_F",7], ["Pylons10","PylonRack_1Rnd_Missile_AA_04_F",1] ] [ ["pylon name","pylon magazine",amount of ammunition], ...] With the help of the array you can quickly see which ammunition needs to be filled up.
  16. Or the handleDamage EH... edit: As I guess George he is already tinkering. 😉
  17. Maybe, but you can try the difference. From my ArmaArcade mission onPlayerKilled.sqf: params ["_oldUnit","_killer"]; _load = getUnitLoadout _oldUnit; // a few more lines... waitUntil { sleep 0.1; !isNull player }; player setUnitLoadout [_load,false];
  18. Since I use getUnitLoadout and setUnitloadout, this error no longer occurs.
  19. Lucullus

    Random Date help?!

    private your variable _month first.
  20. What about fullCrew? Can't test it yet.
  21. Arma vanilla? ^^^ this should give you a continual hint as you move...
  22. Use this instead: player addEventHandler ["AnimChanged", { if (animationState player == "para_pilot") then { ("SmokeShell" createVehicle (position player)) attachto [(vehicle player)]; }; }]; "para_pilot" is an action name, not an anim name.
  23. Hmm, can´t test it yet... What about... player addEventHandler ["AnimChanged", { params ["","_anim"]; hint format ["%1",_anim]; }]; ...to check anim name?
  24. untested player addEventHandler ["AnimChanged", { params ["","_anim"]; if (_anim isEqualTo "para_pilot") then { ("SmokeShell" createVehicle (position player)) attachto [(vehicle player)]; }; }]; AnimChanged EH edit: too late...
  25. Sorry, I did not know that there is a Sunday Revive script package. Unfortunately I can not start your example mission, do you already have something working? It's better to ask the author how he integrated his script package.