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  1. Hello. It would be nice to include new parameters, such as lobbyIdleTimeout etc.
  2. DjangoFreeman

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.20.0419

    Hi LJ, While using your mod, i found problem with GM Lynx and M320 rifles - they are going full-auto, shooting as fast as you're squeezing the trigger. I'm happy, your great mod is finally on workshop :) Keep up good work!
  3. DjangoFreeman

    L.E.A.P -- HALO / ParaJump Operations

    Hi, To everyone who have problems with oxygen - in mod there are two types of rebreather. First one (non functional one) is in the crate with equipment. When u take it, jumpmaster says you have no oxygen. The second one is visible in Arsenal. To get it working, just take the wrong rebreather, then go to Arsenal, select Vests and take another one. Next step is to put oxygen bottle inside rebreather. VonQuest, your mod is awesome, if you fix the problems and clear scripts and configs from things like double rebreather and obsolete/not used stuff, it would be great. Many of us, i think, are waiting for dedicated server compatibility. For groups like mine it would be great improvement. Keep going with good work!