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  1. Oh, that was kinda counter-intuitive. Thank you :)
  2. I'm having strange bug with addon version, where I can't see visual FX of anomalies, though they do kill or teleport me, as well as I can see some light effects when hitting with a bolt.
  3. Looks noice. Toxic anomalies would be a great addition as well. Also I've heard Russian speech, is that a mod?
  4. But this feature doesn't need a custom key. The bolt needs to be actually a grenade with custom model. Look at this, for example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2uu6ry18saw1xf4/Bolts_and_anomalies.rar?dl=0
  5. Would be nice if bolts were a throwable item like grenade, with "unlimited" amount, so you could just press G.
  6. Ask and you will be heard. This is good news, @shelestov!
  7. That's not good enough. The purpose is to be available to pick up from ground.
  8. What's the way to add OPFOR units to BLUFOR side, so I could wear their clothes as a player of BLUFOR? Damn Arma restrictions.
  9. So god damn sorry this is discounted. Even after two years I am still waiting for full release. It's just too good, it needs to be complete! So much potential, so much beauty. Damn.
  10. "The Hunt" sounds awesome. Just don't forget to make it MP and Dedicated compatible! I mean, the whole project, not only this part :)
  11. So I was fiddling around with area triggers and custom CfgMusic (track are used as ambient). And I couldn't make to work one simple task: when a player enters trigger zone, specific track starts to play in a loop. When a player leaves the zone, track stops. There should be different zones with different music on the map. Can you help me, please? P.S. For SP, MP and dedicated.
  12. MJRamon

    Raptors, Zombies and more!

    Can you show an example how to adapt it for wild dogs packs? Thank you, learning things.
  13. This is awesome, finally good working script for actual Arma 3 version. VERY looking for MP compatibility. And, what is needed too, a method to create packs of wild dogs that will attack everybody else.