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    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    I have been following this thread for some time now and as an ex service man of the blues and royals who use this scimitar it looks amazing keep up the brilliant work and you never no i might make a come back and make a guarsd milsim who would like to take full advantage of the mod :) Kind Regards M.Poole
  2. HCR Regiment

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    all the weapons on the land rovers are white ?
  3. HCR Regiment

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    thast funny i have done the full install and it doesn't seems to connect over TS Task Force Radio Status (1.-1.0.245):Connected to Game: No Playing: No Plugin version: 1.-1.0.245 Addon version: unknown thast what i am shown with in Teamspeak
  4. HCR Regiment

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    is V1.00 out yet or are we still using V0.9.8
  5. HCR Regiment


    i was thinking about Frech Legion is there any mods that has French Uniforms and Weapons
  6. Welcome Everyone, Here at the Household Cavalry Regiment we serve as one of the Eilte units for HM Queen, we have served in Afghan,Bosnia, and many other operations throught the world. Here there are many roles from , Anti Tank , Tank Commander , JTAC , Heavy Weapons IE Mortars... We strive of ex serving men that served in the Blues and Royals which in this unit. we have 3 Squadrons * RHQ * Life Guards * Blues and Royals we look for leaders that are able to lead we look for soliders that are willing and dedicated to there unit.. any information feel free to PM or visit the Forums @ householdcavalryregiment.co.uk or Ask for the TS and if your thinking of joining then we can discuss in detail.. Moto "Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense"
  7. HCR Regiment

    RHA Light Gun

    Is there anything like a Royal Horse Artililary light cannon for Arma 3
  8. HCR Regiment

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    How does the AI get to use the ILIAW or NLAW and motars when attacking
  9. HCR Regiment

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    thanks i found it theres nothing worth the update for apart from 64bit compat thoguht there might be some new stuff
  10. HCR Regiment

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    is there a link to the BETA V1.0 and also a change log so we can see what is changing and also updated or added
  11. HCR Regiment

    3CB BAF Equipment

    what about the DZ Patches ?
  12. HCR Regiment

    3CB BAF Equipment

    o right and where can you get the beta and also is there a change log ? also HI Apollo just another Q different matter how do i add DZ Flashes to flash patch on uniforms
  13. HCR Regiment

    British DZ Flashs

    Hi all, i am wondering apart form using a patch mod that doesn't show on every players arm in game how do i get all my online unit to where different flashes on the shoulder where there regiment flash/DZ would go ???? the 16AA have nailed it not no reply from asking them
  14. HCR Regiment

    3CB BAF Equipment

    What do you mean TFAR 1.0 ?? thought task force was already at that version
  15. HCR Regiment

    3CB BAF Units

    i think im having issues as im placing units down on my map and for example im using a JTAC Operator and his backpack doesnt show in the editor but everything else he would wear does appear
  16. Where do you place this code within the game
  17. HCR Regiment

    Eden Objects

    yeah been playing with it but it drops a tc down in a random pace and doesnt show on the monitor i want it to on the wall
  18. HCR Regiment

    Eden Objects

    NM dont have the brains to sort this lol also now need ot get video on to a flat tv
  19. HCR Regiment

    Eden Objects

    yeah just copying that int othe GCU terminal doesnt work throws an expression up
  20. HCR Regiment

    Eden Objects

    yeah that code seems pretty good downside is he doesnt explain what needs to go where also i want to just use the GCU to control the drone fully as in fly it but doesnt connect to the drone
  21. HCR Regiment

    Eden Objects

    What or which script did you use on the Screens
  22. HCR Regiment

    Eden Objects

    Would you please be able to send out a full working scirpt for the UAV terminal that you made would please
  23. HCR Regiment

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Do you need Apex as some of my unit dont have it and those that do it works those tht dont can not connect ?
  24. o well looking at the images and looking at the map i download V1.1 it looks very messy as there isnt anything in the map what so ever mate sorry to say was looking forward to using this