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  1. kgb613

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hope to see M1A2 SEPv2 coming too, with a good CITV / CROWS and hunter-killer / override feature
  2. Hello, I'm doing a CV90 series based on ingame "warrior" model. I want to create an amount of camera, rear, left and right. For this I will need to create a kind of pad like we can see with BWmod or ACE for example. I absolutly don't know how I'll dot this but it's not the actual problem. To create my rear camera I'm doing ingame script test. this setObjectTexture [0, "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(uavrtt,1)"]; cam = "camera" camCreate (position myVehicle); cam cameraEffect ["External", "Front", "uavrtt"]; cam attachTo [myVehicle, [0,0,1], "zadni"]; I put this script in an billboard. And I put my vehicle with variable name "myVehicle". Launching the mission, the camera is working but not like I want, because the camera is looking front of my vehicle and looks like not listening order to be in "zadni" position, the rear. Here is the ingame screenshot. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1481819255
  3. kgb613

    NLD Units

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/297112337708482560/475000384155418637/107410_20180803200122_1.png With new DLC you can easily made custom ship, like this one I made wich can be good with your mod (:
  4. kgb613

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Sure T-64 could be great for eastern rebels, ukrainian forces and Chernarus Ground Forces.But, is the ArmA I model still on the road ? ArmA II models starting to looks not so good, so I don't imagine those from ArmA I. And about the tanks, looks like it has the T-64B and T-64BU only. So yeah T-64BU can be used as ukrainian tank but they only have a few of it. T-64BV should be better (:
  5. kgb613

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    There is a screen of Stryker ICV posted here on 1st April and 3D model of LAV-25/Stryker wheel, so yeah, probably coming (: When, we still don't know. Maybe they are waiting for tank update ;)
  6. kgb613

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yeah, but actually they'll need to stop with SF. We need combat unit, infantry unit. Main combat vehicle are missing: Stryker APC, AAV-7 APC, MTLB, IL-76 for VDV paradrop that's why we need. To go more further, M240 tripods, 60mm mortar, M777 150mm Howitzer, 2S19 MSta. Not SF thing wich are in 9000 others mod. RHS has the hability to give us common forces. What I said is what are missing in my opinion.
  7. Hello guys, do you know if it will be available for rear passengers to turn out in Strykers vehicle family ?
  8. Hello, guys, girls, thank's to bring us those A2 stuff to A3. I had some request, maybe you can watch it: - on US Strykers, make the "to front FFV Seat" action menu on the back exterior of the vehicle. Actually it is on the left exterior side, not realistic. The squad leader should take this place threw the rear of the vehicle, ant not climbing the vehicle. - make hatches where transported troop can turn out: Strykers, BMP-2, BTR, Warrior, Bulldog, Dingo, Bradley. - add ability to drivers of armored vehicles to make a smoke screen using gas and motor.
  9. kgb613

    3CB BAF Weapons

    I have 3 questions : - are you thinking to make a SA80 tan version: SA80 with only tan DD RAS and SA80 in all tan paint ? - are you thinking to change the reload animation of SA80 family ? The SA80 reload animation from CUP mod is just gorgeous, can be good to make like it or maybe ask to CUP if they can give it to you. - belt ammo split is a wondeful option, but you should go further. With a 5.56 ammo belt we should make 5.56 magazines. It can be good to make as well "5.56 supply" you carrying in backpack, and with ACE interaction and repacking animation we're filling 5.56 magazines.
  10. Hello, here to report that it's impossible to spawn tanks, germans, americans and soviets. :/
  11. Sorry, I just hear that Lieutenant Meehan is reported missing.
  12. kgb613

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Will you add more version of the osprey mk2, for example IDK version showing rank? Will you add more Mk6 helmet versions ? Will you add more uniform version, like DPM combined with DDPM as we saw in afghanistan ? Will you add the kestrel body armour? Will you add more backpacks in DPM/DDPM version like you made with the MTP backpacks? I know, it's a lot of "will you add" spamming, but I like your works and like the "old style" british and we have many MTP equipment but not a lot of DPM/DDPM, so excuse my spamming :)
  13. kgb613

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. First I want to say you that I love your mods, I'm british army lover so I love your work (can't wait for the WMIK and the Snatches). I like the "old" afghanistan style, so is there any plan of add the P226 and Browning GP as side arm? Any plan about adding the Oerlikon LM01 to the L85A2? Any plan about adding the L85A2 with UGL but fitted with a STANAG magazine? Any plan to add the L118 light gun? Thank you for answering, and keep this way, it is good :)
  14. kgb613

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello guys, I'm doing for a scenario a VDV platoon. I found some intel but not totaly sure due to poor info. I know how works MSV but absolutly not VDV. So why I'm using RHS mod to do that (better mod on arma 3 Of course, GG guys :) ), and you developped VDV settings, maybe you''ll can help me :) This is what I found for a modern VDV platoon: 3x squad with one BMD each Typical squad: - Sergeant with one AK74M - Efreitor/Junior Sergeant/Sergeant assistant with one AK74M - Machinehunner with a PKP - Machine gunner assistant with AK74M - Rifleman with AK74M + GP25/GP30 - Rifleman with AK74M - BMD gunner - BMD driver some of these guys can be equiped with a SVDS sniper rifle. Some guys can be equipped with RPG-26/RPG-16 rocket launcher, and it's possible to see more than one GP-25/30. Possible to see leaders with optics. It looks like for example the RPG-7 is now a support weapon like ATGMs, MANPADs, because it is to heavy for its use. But how works the platoon, how is working the platoon lead. Is it working like MSV platoon lead ( one platoon leader, one platoon leader assistant, one machine gunner, one machine gunner assistant, one sniper, all mounted in the BMP/BTR of their platoon) or the platoon lead is different? Is the vehicle number and radio callsign of the VDV units working like MSV units? For example 111, 112, 113 for the first, second and third squads of the 1st company, 114,115,116 for the fourth, fiveth and sixth squads of the 1st company, 117,118,119 for the seventh, eighth, ninenth squads of the 1st company, so 110 is the name of the 1st company. What is today the main used BMD, the BMD-2 or the BMD-2M ? I know AK74M, SVDS, RPG-7D is carried by VDV when parachute dropped. But how it is for the machine gunner with PKP. Is the PKP carried by the paratrooper like AK74M, is the PKP dropped in the BMD, is the PKP dropped in a big bag before of after dropping from the plane, is the PKP carried by the paratrooper in a special bag attach to him wich is released ~10meters before touching ground ? Thank you for reading, and all kind of answer :)
  15. You should add this things next: - Cars: some cars/4x4 with mg, missile/rocket launcher or may be Grenade launcher. - Trucks: transport, transport covered, ammunition, medical, repair, fuel. The Shaanxi 2190 looks good for this - IFV: ZBD-97/ZBD-04 you can take a BMP-3 as a base and maybe modify it - IFV: ZBD-86, you can take a BMP-1 as a base. - Helicopter: Mi-17 transport helicopter - New weapons: machine gun turret, QBZ-81, Type 69 RPG, WY-91 grenade, mine, explosif, mortar, smoke grenade. I know PLA is using a rocket systeme without tube, they put it on the ground, aim and fire, can be nice to see this kind of stuff. - New stuff : chinese NVG, desert backpack, type 07 tropical/green camo. Future vehicles: - J-10/J-11/Q-5 Fantan planes - WZ-10 attack helicopter - ZTZ 99/98 MBT New improvements: - remove glasses from the eden editor, many glasses for character are "too much". - add the compatibility to use QBZ-95 magazine in QBB-95, vice-versa. - improve the underslung grenade sight when changing range - In inventory, it saying that the vest doens't give armor, but in customization it has armor. Request: - add a tuto to how aiming with PF98/PF89 sight and night sight. I'm using your mod wich I found very nice and very original. The problem is no vehicle, for the moment. So on my side I'm creating new vehicules retexturing some vehicles, for example the Zamak to Shaanxi 2190 and T-72 Moderna from ArmA II in ZTZ-99. Next is BMP3 and BMP1 in ZBD-97 and ZBD-86. I'm not expert in texturing but I do my best waiting better stuff :)